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In Topic: Character upgrade: Name Change

03 October 2020 - 19:56

Hey, I can't find the link to the post/rules.
But I read that name change amongs others(stamina gain) will not be added/changed.


Changing the name would be too annoying when it comes to knowing the player...
Imagine you or someone is being not a fun to play with player, so they change name pretending to be a different person.

What if I change my name from "Tarnos" to something else and some random guy starts using my old name "Tarnos"?
That would be bad, especially that some people might come back to the game years later thinking that it's me.

It's like changing your identity, not gonna happen and it's one of the few things I agree with...


@Edit, maybe if you send a ticket they will allow you to terminate/delete your current account so you can make a new one or something...Idk tho, but you can try in a ticket.

In Topic: Deleted

27 September 2020 - 03:04

I might be expecting too much then...

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