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#1008017 Double XP Event + 50 Levels!

Posted by BigGrim on 19 July 2022 - 18:01

The following Master Realms are now active:
Name: The Durmeth Sewers. Level:  5101
Name: Benart City. Level: 5126
~ Grim

#1007965 New Titan Items!

Posted by BigGrim on 01 July 2022 - 15:53

I vote for doing nothing till we get more info about the rework for Epics

What more do you need to know? We'll slowly work through older Epics, bringing their Stats in line with the new formula as seen on the new HCTitan. This shall be done via Inventing, combining 2 or more original items with other items in the game. These could be from GvG, Arena, PvP Ladder, etc.


~ Grim

#1007925 New Titan Items!

Posted by BigGrim on 28 June 2022 - 16:55

Thank you. 


Now, if Epics DIDN'T switch off COA/COD, would that change this for you? I'd rather it not work with those buffs since we've now made the Epics MUCH more powerful.


~ Grim

#1007915 New Titan Items!

Posted by BigGrim on 27 June 2022 - 16:04

It's no like they're going away. It's just down to they're new, they require items that are hard to come by. That's all.


~ Grim

#1007883 Storybook Forest Returns!

Posted by BigGrim on 24 June 2022 - 15:21

Hi there Everyone.
The lost portal to the Storybook Forest has reopened for the first time in recent memory!
The Portal can be found in the Mountain Path leading to The Grimmnor Forest.
All the old classics are there, joined by 3 new twisted up stories:
'The Story of the Golden Haired Girl' Level : 1450
'The Story of the Murdered Queen' Level : 1600
'The Story of the Bullied Troll' Level : 1750
The Forest will be open until 15:00hrs (server time) on the 30th of June.
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1007875 New Titan Items!

Posted by BigGrim on 23 June 2022 - 17:11

Excellent. :)


This is what we're intending to do with older Epics, for example, on the August Roadmap Epic Rebalance. 


For those, we'd be using 2, maybe more of the original Epic, and other items from across other parts of the game (Arena, Ladder, etc. suggestions welcome.)


~ Grim

#1007805 GvG - The Rejuvenation

Posted by BigGrim on 15 June 2022 - 10:04

Instead of restricting gameplay for players, you should focus on improving your GvG strategy and planning skills :)

Not what is happening in this suggestion. Just stopping Guild Hopping from happening in the same way other Guild activities have a 7 day start up wait for new members.


~ Grim

#1007796 GvG - The Rejuvenation

Posted by BigGrim on 14 June 2022 - 14:28

1. The first proposed change to combat this would be a notification system; the game could send an “Admin Guild Mass” PM to all members notifying them of the incoming conflict. A separate idea could potentially be to enable notifications for incoming conflicts the way they are now for when opposing guilds take relics. Anything that helps notify individuals of incoming conflicts would be better than the way it currently functions. “The Guild ‘Minions of Mirkwood’ has initiated a conflict against you! You have X hours to prepare for incoming hits!” of which the “X” hours COULD count towards the 24 hour conflict timer, or it could be its own separate timer prior to the 24 hour window.

Agreed. Been asking for that since Conix told me notifications were being added to the app.

2. Another issue that was a general consensus is that if there’s a target who’s offline for a few days, then they were likely one of the prime targets. The idea here would be to decrease the inactivity timer for targets. It’s currently a seven day timer, however, most have said to decrease it to 48 hours and under.

I can see this.

3. The last general consensus idea was to have some GvG level ranges expanded more. Similar to how the PvP ladder scales and works now based on level, the idea would be to do something more in line with that as well. While leaving the lower brackets as they are (50-300, 301-699), the idea would be to have scalar level ranges to provide more activity. 700-1000 (+/- 100), 1001-2000 (+/- 125), 2001-3000 (+/- 150), 3001-4000 (+/- 175), 4001-5000 (+/- 200), 5001-6000 (+/- 225), etc. The minor change in level scaling would provide a boost in activity in the middling ranges that are barren at the moment provided the compression at the bottom at the “race to EoC” at the top.

Again, I can see this.

4. The RP packs need to be updated, and there are other ideas that could inject more life than Epics currently do. Crystalline gear across all the levels available in FS, perhaps some niche potions that are distributed to each guild member at the time of purchase, etc. Having the items available as consumables that aren’t just a “one time purchase” here also helps with the demand of gaining RP as well.

Been needing to update the RP packs again for a while. As for the potion idea, I've wanted that exact feature for years.

5. The below are the RP Packs that have been brought up in discussion:

  • Enchant Pack - 100 RP
  • Move Levels to 200; Change to Contain ALL Enchant Buffs (No Cursed)
  • Fortune Pack = Stays Same


  • Mastersmith Pack - 5 RP = Mastersmith 200
  • Titan Pack - 300 RP
  • Titan Doubler 200
  • Light Foot 600
  • Avert Gaze 200
  • Teleport 200
  • Leveling Pack - 300 RP
  • Stalker 400
  • Sacrifice 350
  • Overkill 350
  • Animal Magnetism 400
  • Defense Pack - 300 RP
  • Avenger 300
  • Stalwart Heart 300
  • Healer 300
  • Fortitude 300
  • Bounty Pack - 300 RP
  • Anti Deflect 400
  • Spell Breaker 300
  • Retaliate 300
  • Undermine 300
  • Buff Provider Pack - 20 RP
  • Buff Master 250
  • Guild Buffer 250
  • Extend 250
  • Buff Enhancer 300
  • Fighter Pack - 200 RP
  • Fist Fight 250
  • Critical Strike 250
  • Side Step 250
  • Riposte 250
  • Sharpen 250

Seems cool. Can be discussed.


In addition to the minor quality of life type changes mentioned above, another change mentioned would be the resetting of the GvG rating every three months or so akin to the PvP ladder with the reward being a simple guild achievement displaying “1st Place in a GvG Season” with the reward potentially being an additional relic slot, or base stamina gain so as to incentivize actively pursuing 1st place repeatedly to keep others from achieving the same.

The ability to provide individuals a competitive aspect to partake in while being rewarded for doing well, coupled with multiple opportunities, over time, to climb and attempt to make the most of a “fresh start” at the start of the three months will also help inject that liveliness into an otherwise humdrum aspect. We already have the resetting of rating present in the game, as mentioned, so transitioning that into the GvG area seems like a relatively easy and feasible way to go about helping bolster individuals’ pride in their ability to conduct themselves at the pinnacle of guild activities.

I have no problem bringing this to the guys to discuss the possibility of these reasonably straightforward changes.

~ Grim

#1007761 25 Level Content! 5076 - 5100!

Posted by BigGrim on 07 June 2022 - 10:15

Appreciate the update to the guide! Only a few items missing - those from the Thieves In the Night Global Event we just had. The recipes are there for the sets, but the sets themselves are MIA.

Oh, good call. Thanks! They have been added, along with a handful of other missing items.


~ Grim

#1007718 Epics: Not Looking so Epic

Posted by BigGrim on 27 May 2022 - 15:06

For instance:

Level 1000 Epic = 4000 stat points
Level 2000 Epic = 8000 stat points
Level 3000 Epic = 12000 stat points
Level 4000 Epic = 16000 stat points

Obviously all allocated accordingly. The stat points don't and shouldn't include the max Stam as they don't hold value in the day to day play.

Moving towards a y=4x system for epics only helps all future releases maintain value as well as give value to preexisting epics as well.

Yea what Toreth said. Having Epics give 4 stat points per level will be a great benefit to epic tier items. This won't make them really that viable in PvP/PvE due to buffs and scaling but in arenas they will be sought after.


Huh. That's slightly less potent than out right doubling their stats. But given the information presented, I think we could move in this direction. We'll try this on a few new epics and see what happens. Then, who knows what we might do in the future.


*Looks at Roadmap*




~ Grim

#1007655 New Super Elites Released!

Posted by BigGrim on 13 May 2022 - 14:10

Stats are as the players asked for. If you disagree, feel free to get a Top 10 position next time we run this competition. ;)


~ Grim

#1007589 Legendary Assault!

Posted by BigGrim on 29 April 2022 - 14:50

Hi all,
The following creatures have been spotted stalking the Realms! The heroes have to step up and defend the innocents!
Count Ragf Lokor (Legendary)
Count Ragf Lokor is an ancient friend of the Morbidstein Family, allying with them in battle over the centuries of his existence and keeping close (sometimes blood) ties with the twisted Morbidsteins. He currently amuses himself watching the good Doctor creating his monstrosities and supplies him with a steady flow of (drained) corpses for his evil experiments.
Recommended Level : 12+
Gogmor Mancrusha (Legendary)
The marauding giant Gogmor Mancrusha has awoken from his 100 year slumber in the mountains and gone on the rampage once more. Never yet defeated, Gogmore has been known to batter cities to dust his huge club and devour whole populations of people with his never ending hunger.
Recommended Level : 120+
Night Wyvern (Legendary)
The dreaded creature known as the Night Wyvern has escaped from its cell in the dungeons of castle Valk. Lord Valk wants the Wyvern destroyed before it begins to hunt his people. The lord is renowned for his generosity and will reward this evil beast's killer well.
Recommended Level : 300+
Argus (Legendary)
Argus is the avatar of vengeance that the evil wizard Xinderoth unleashed as a curse upon the world with his dying breath. Argus is a multi eyed giant hell bent on destroying all in the name of his fallen lord and must be stopped...
Recommended Level : 400+
Kobold Looter (Legendary)
The Kobold Looter orchestrated the now infamous Great Vault Heist. It made off with a vast amount of wealth and was never caught. Now, a vast bounty has been placed on his verminous head! Track him down and enact justice!
Designed by : Undjuvion
Recommended Level : 725+
Mantikhoras (Legendary)
Mantikhoras, Father of Manticores is a vast leonine monster with fur the colour of cinnabar and a long, heavily armoured scorpion tail capable of firing thorn-like stingers coated in poison. This creature delights in devouring men and woman whole, leaving no remains. He stalks through the darkness, leaping great distances as, unlike his progeny, he does not have wings!
Recommended Level : 925+
Cucu Cyanide Hero (Legendary)
A former bardic troupe leader who poisons his victims with tormenting sounds from his supernatural lute, while shielding himself with his long hair. His disposable guise (long hair, hide jacket and fake lute) makes him untraceable. However, he must be found and stopped... who will put an end to his torturous sounds?
<b>Designed by : cucubaubau</b>
Recommended Level : 1350+
The Smiling Assassin (Legendary)
The Smiling Assassin has become something of a myth. This assassin has been said to pass unopposed through high society, charming and manipulating to her targets. These targets are not aware of the danger until the Smiling Assassin has manoeuvred them into a quiet spot and feel her twin curved daggers slide between their ribs, eyes widening as they look into the smiling face of their killer. She faces death without fear and has never been caught, honing her lethal arts to a razored edge.
Designed by : EvilTrace
Recommended Level : 1948+
Shanaraq (Legendary)
Shanaraq is a grotesque creature that rose from the nearby swamps looking for warm flesh and hot blood to quench it's hunger! This strange, slithering creature is remarkably fast on land and is an utter nightmare if you are unfortunate enough meet it in the waters of his home.
Recommended Level : 2075+
Jebat the Vengeful (Legendary)
Jebat was regarded as one of the greatest warriors in the realm. Together with his childhood friends, they served their King with absolute and unfaltering loyalty. After one of his friends being accused of having an illicit affair with one of the King's court stewardesses, he was put to death without trial for the offence. The King then bestowed the rank of head of palace security upon Jebat. With this came an ancient magical weapon, believed to grant its wielder invulnerability. Jebat, believing his friend had been killed unjustly, decided to avenge his friend's death. This vengeance became a palace killing spree. Unable to calm his anger and hatred, he continues his amok in the realm.
Designed by : Profumo
Recommended Level : 2450+
Byaphros (Legendary)
Byaphros is a strange beast. The upper body of a man with a truly monstrous face which, from the waist down is actually the front legs and chest of a horse terminating in a vast, powerful fish's tail. This is a vile and malicious creature who will rear out of water near prey and to the surprise of all, will chase his target onto the land before beating them and dragging them back into the soon to be bloody surf!
Recommended Level : 2880+
Calagroo the Unchecked (Legendary)
Calagroo the Unchecked is a vast draconic beast, horrendously powerful and wreathed in green fire. Once locked away in a magical void due to his destructive ways, he has broken out through sheer bloody minded determination! Now he has renewed his quest for supremacy over all of creation!
Designed by : Groosalugg
Recommended Level : 3275+
Druugkiel The Annihilator (Legendary)
Far from Erildath, there is a dead land that goes by the name of Scorn.  This land was ravaged by war and famine and is uninhabitable.  But, there is one creature that lives there, the dreaded Druugkiel.  Massive in stature, and brutal in nature, Druugkiel is profoundly savage.  This monstrosity moves from realm to realm devouring all Chompers as it survives off their life force.rnrnChompers are an unsustainable food source for Druugkiel, so it always searches far away realms for more life energy.  Recently, there have been whispers that Druugkiel is on the hunt for a more, accessible, food source. As Druugkiel approaches Erildath, we must prepare for the coming onslaught of destruction, malice and pain. To Arms! To victory!
Designed by : iceman66
Recommended Level : 3550+
Bhakti the Royal Warrior (Legendary) (NEW)
Bhakti belongs to an elite group of warriors called the Royal Warriors. They are known to be fearless, bloodthirsty, and loyal to their King. While on their latest conquest, Bhakti's squad was ambushed, and he awoke to find himself as the only survivor. Filled with vengeance, he now roams Erildath to find his King and will eliminate anyone who gets in his way!
Designed by: Tehmelons 
Recommended Level : 3700+
Spirit of the Sanitarium (Legendary)
The wounded and weary travellers of Erildath are often entranced by the welcoming false front of "Mr Inqs beverages and biscuits". Once inside, the heavy door closes behind the traveller and it is too late to escape. Most succumb to the Spirit of Sanitarium almost immediately. Gone are the days of battle and bravery, now the days are filled with happily eating Jello and tying shoelaces over and over. Nobody ever leaves and, strangely, nobody even wants to.
Designed by : Plexus37
Recommended Level : 3969+
B Machine (Legendary) (NEW)
In ages past, the B-Machine was constructed and pressed into the service of a Sect of Gurgriss worshipers. During a particularly fierce battle against the undead hordes of a necromancer, B-Machine fell in battle and his sect was destroyed. His story may have ended there but for a travelling merchant caravan stumbling upon its battered form under ages worth of dirt and detritus. Crowing over such a bounteous discovery, the merchant tried repairing the machine, soon realising his error when B-Machine rampaged through his camp, killing everyone. B-Machine is out there still, attacking all in its confusion.
Designed by: Terrordog
Recommended Level : 4900+
Additionally, the Scavenging Caves are playing hose to the following creatures:
Illuyanka the Poisonous (Legendary)
The Treon Venom Swamp was once a lush forest but a foul evil grew within one of its many fertile glades. This evil matured into the serpentine Wyrm now known as Illuyanka the Poisonous. The effect Illuyanka had on the forest was epic, as the poisonous fumes the Wyrm exhaled quickly rotted the forest into a deadly quagmire and Illuyankas hunger for the people who lived in the dying Glade grew. Now Illuyankas food source is gone, the beast is moving onto pastures new looking for victims, rotting the land as it goes...
Recommended Level : 500+
Recommended Gold: 23,000+
Red Annis (Legendary)
The Annis were a sisterhood of dangerous outlawed Elves that practice all kinds of black magic and evil experiments. Red Annis found her pleasures in the sisterhood through the skinning of her victims, generally making them into one of her many dresses. To help aid her in this debased act she replaced her own hands with magically built claws that allow her to cut her victims and stitch their skins with ease.
Recommended Level : 780+
Recommended Gold: 29,000+
Baelsae the Forest Guardian (Legendary)
Baelsae the Forest Guardian is an Elvish Warrior without peer and, unfortunately, she will kill any and all trespassers to her forest. This mindset has been nurtured by her since everyone she cares to remember passing through has caused damage or outright devastation to her home. She listens to and trusts no one.
Recommended Level : 850+
Recommended Gold: 29,000+
Ira Heketoro (Legendary)
Various stories have been passed down through the ages , though none create more excitement and fear than the story of Ira Heketoro. Legend speaks of an ancient forest where the mythical Taniwha Ira Heketoro lives and protects a mysterious stone of uncanny strength. Only the strongest and bravest of warriors would seek out the ancient forest. Few have ever returned. Those who return, while battle scarred and weary, possess treasures imbued with strength and spirit, enough to make many a brave man run in fear.
Designed by : Evilbry
Recommended Level : 1600+
Recommended Gold: 45,000+
Wily Minions (Legendary)
Wily Minions came to the realms innocently enough but in their naivety, soon fell under the pall of the Shadow Lord's dark agents, who corrupted every member of the clan. These minions have been imbued with the darkness of the Shroud, granting strength only the greatest of warriors can best. Beware, for they will corrupt you in their never ending quest for dominance.
Designed by : zizzwyly
Recommended Level : 3100+
Recommended Gold: 45,000+
The Unforgiven Queen (Legendary)
The Unforgiven Queen is a tragic figure. A proud monarch who lead with a firm, though fair hand, she was beloved! Such people gain enemies however and the Queen was no exception. She had turned away and banished a powerful witch from her kingdom. This vile creature would not allow this slight to stand, so cast a mighty curse against the Queen. She was bedevilled by visions and maddening sounds and, eventually, she snapped. Seeing enemies everywhere, she rampaged through her castle with her sword, slaying all who stood against her and those trying to escape. When she slew her own family, the curse lifted, allowing her to see what she'd done in the clear light of day with an untroubled mind. It broke her and she fled. Now, maddened and raving about bloody hands and lingering spectres only she can see, she roams the realms, seeking forgiveness but being utterly unable to forgive herself!
Designed by : Vaelian
Recommended Level : 3450+
Recommended Gold: 45,000+
Additionally, the following Potions are now available as drops: Watch Your Back Brew, Potion of the Canny Gather, Flask of Death, Potion of Unbridled Aggression, Titan Hunters Lesser Brew & Fast Track Draft
These creatures shall be available until 15:00 (Server Time) on Tuesday the 3rd of May 2022.
~ The Fallen Sword team.

#1007583 Game Update v3.8.2 / App Update v1.1.1

Posted by BigGrim on 27 April 2022 - 13:00

Bodyguard is now shown as Rage  :D

Huh. So it is.




Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand fixed.


~ Grim

#1007565 Game Update v3.8.2 / App Update v1.1.1

Posted by BigGrim on 25 April 2022 - 12:08

Hoofmaster is continuing to fix bugs here and there. 


Sent PMs can been seen again!


~ Grim

#1007483 Shadow Bunny Showdown IX!

Posted by BigGrim on 19 April 2022 - 15:04

85,189,278. Quite a total! Well done to everyone involved!


~ Grim

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