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#824140 Achievment idea: Collecting books

Posted by Mythic on 02 December 2013 - 07:04

Kaendor and I discussed an idea similar to this the other day while grinding (we were grinding out of choice, just so you know).

We thought it would be cool if pages from books were rare drops, and you could combine the pages to make a whole book.


The books could then be stored on a bookcase in a guild hall (if, of course, guild halls or something similar are added). 

If not book pages, then a boar's head for example that you could hang in the trophy room of the guild hall.


Just throwing that out there.  :)

#805097 Thread for Typos

Posted by Mythic on 08 August 2013 - 03:52

Here's another load that needs fixing.  :P 


1.) At the start of the quest 'Northern Volunteer', the Bulletin Board incorrectly capitalizes northThere are a lot more incorrectly capitalized directions that I didn't save, so just tell me if you think this kind needs to be fixed.




2.) During the quest 'A Study in Blood', Claude's dialogue is missing an apostrophe (painting's).




3.) I think that should be Southeast or South East Gate.




4.) The in i'll should be capitalized, and the word 'coarse' is misspelled twice.

This is in the first Farming quest.




5.) This is small, but it's been bugging me for a while. There should be a period at the end of the message that shows up whenever a Foraging resource is used up.




6.) There shouldn't be a third in Jewel(e)ry.

I believe this is in the first Jewelry quest.




7.) The word began should be changed to begunwere should be where, and there should be an e after the in larg(e)ly.

I believe this is at the start of the quest 'Public Enemy'.




8.) There is no reason for the apostrophe here.

This is during the quest 'Banking and Stashing'.




9.) There should be an apostrophe here (won't).

This is at the start of the quest 'Sewer Slime Time'.




10.) There is no reason for the apostrophe here.




11.) It should be separated, not seperated.

This is during the fight with the Dark Dragon.




12.) There should be an after Ingot, and the word an before the second Ingot (An Ingot...).




13.) It should be Mage Lucas, not Mage Osrun.

This is during the quest 'Advanced Magic'.




14.) It should just be I, not I'd.

This is during the quest 'Banking and Stashing' as well.




15.) It should say 'in need of supplies' in the first one. In the second one, the store is actually called 'A Stitch in Time', and I'm not sure that Bedding should be plural. In the last one, the store name is incorrect again.

This is during the quest 'Eldevin Hospital Resurrection'.




16.) It should be 'life as (P/p?)riest'.

This is during the quest 'Piety By Post'.




17.) I'm should be capitalized.

This is during the quest 'A Study in Blood'.




18.) It should be stoke and braziers instead of stroke and braizers.




19.) There should be a period after 'while it was open', and I think it would sound better if one of the stills in the following sentence were deleted. This is during the quest 'A History Lesson'.




20.) It should be cargo, not cargon, and the word back should be replaced with a word such as happy.




21.) I would make it Hides plural in both places.

This is during the first Skinning quest.




22.) It should be you're instead of your.

This is during the quest 'A Bridge Too Far'.




23.) There is no reason for the apostrophe in its, and I don't think north needs to be capitalized.

This is during the quest 'The Hidden Danger'.




24.) I'll should be capitalized in the player's response.




Whew! That took a while...


PS: I'm not 100% sure on the capitalization rules for directions, but it seems to me they don't look right.

If you could clear that up, that would be nice.  ^_^ 

Also, if you think any of my 'corrections' are wrong, they probably are.

You're the professional!  :P 

#804322 Bacon

Posted by Mythic on 04 August 2013 - 02:39

Haha, we used to be obsessed with bacon back in March and April sometime.

  • The #Bacon chat room (F6).
  • Planned "Bacon Brotherhood" guild (anyone still up for that?).
  • The statue.


Those were great times...  :D

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