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#888732 Legacy's Future

Posted by Aaron on 08 September 2014 - 10:31

First, HappyDays' idea about a buyout. It happened recently with the roliana community - it's not unheard of. I see it as a viable option at this point due to he following I see as sabotage to the game, already done by HCS. Sabotage in the sense that these would be seen as harmful to business on other games.



Little things like changing "turns" into "energy" because it's common in other games. The entire selling point of legacy was that it was unique - so a move to make it more generic is detracting from that point.


On top of that, the "free" offers. I don't want. I don't care. It takes you out of the game so you either have to re-enter through a few clicks, or use the back button. Clunky and inconvenient.

The majority of players feel the same But there's no option to disable. It's an extra annoyance on a regular basis. Players often talk on sidechat about ways to disable it's appearance with the browser and simple scripts. It'd be simple to have a checkbox in options to turn it off. All it'd need do is set the "new offers" check to always no.

The lack of said checkbox means unnecessary player frustration.


Then there's the lack of proper testing/balancing on recent updates.

There are multiple people who with basic math have already proven that certain item/crystal combinations have no reasonable counter except to use one of these setups yourself, extremely restrictive.

 eg: a single full acc crystal rift gun directly equals full dodge crystal totals on armour and both miscs (titan/dual infernos). And that's just one....


To top it all off, the move to "other" forums here. Yes there's an ingame forum, but without a subforum in the main site the game is already relegated as not as important as the others for someone glancing through. It makes the chances of getting new players through the site itself lower.


And neither does going well past deadlines on promised content without notice until well past it. It's just more reassurances that the community already expects to be lies due to a VERY long history of them turning out to be.



so in summary: lack of sufficient testing/math for balance purposes, more generic, extra player inconvenience, seen as lesser game from external viewpoint, update schedule not held to.



These moves would all be seen as damaging to player loyalty in any other game. So I ask, why were these moves made?


I'll forgive on the balance one as at least it added content, skip that even, but the rest - by what logic? I do not understand any possible benefit to any of those moves.



I need an assurance. I really do. As do others.

My only note is not to shoot the messenger. These are genuine concerns others are too fearful to voice their opinion of, which is yet another problem in itself.

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