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New Content! 4976 - 5000!

Yesterday, 20:48

Hi all,
Two things this evening!
Christmas Offer Update.
Due to player feedback the buff "Riposte" has been added to the potion at level 450.
Content Update!
This is a major content update, we have just added the following to the game...
-New Master Realm 'Zeranuth Plains'.
-New Master Realm 'Haaneth City'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Pride)'.
- New Area 'Pennuh Grasslands (Crawl)'.
- New Area 'Pennuh Grasslands (Range)'.
- New Area 'Pennuh Grasslands (Expanse)'.
- New Area 'Pennuh Grasslands (Stalk)'.
- New Area 'Pennuh Grasslands (Plains)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth Farms (Crops)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth Farms (Fields)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth Farms (Milking Shed)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth Farms (Barns)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth Farms (Sump)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth Farms (Sty)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth Farms (Kennels)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth City (Gates)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth City (Walls)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth City (Barracks)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth City (Guild)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth City (Temple)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth City (Slums)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth City (Alleys)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth City (Streets)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth City (Alchemy Guild)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth City (Guardhouse)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth City (Stable)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth City (Royal Barracks)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth Castle (Throne Room)'.
- New Area 'Haaneth Castle (Offices)'.
- 25 New Creatures.
- 2 New 'Champion' Creatures.
- 1 New 'Elite' Creature. 
- 1 New 'Common' Item.
- 2 New 'Rare' Items.
- 2 New 'Unique' Items.
- 2 New Item Sets.
- 2 New Portals.
- 3 New Relics.
- New Quest 'Harvest of Death'.
- New Quest 'Shadow Machinations'.
It is rumored that a new portal to the Zeranuth Plains (Pride) has been discovered in the Zeranuth Plains (Ritual Spot).
A new Feedback thread is open for all who wish to comment!
~The Fallen Sword Team

Content Update! 4951 to 4975!

12 November 2021 - 18:03

Hi all,
This is a major content update, we have just added the following to the game...
Attached File  4975 - Zeranuth Chieftain (Elite) Large.png   260.59KB   7 downloads
- New Area 'Vurnak Canyon (Valley)'.
- New Area 'Vurnak Canyon (Lair)'.
- New Area 'Vurnak Canyon (War Camp)'.
- New Area 'Vurnak Canyon (Slave Pits)'.
- New Area 'Vurnak Canyon (Front Line)'.
- New Area 'Kurak City (Killing Fields)'.
- New Area 'Kurak City (Gate)'.
- New Area 'Kurak City (Town Square)'.
- New Area 'Kurak City (Fighting Pits)'.
- New Area 'Kurak City (Alleys)'.
- New Area 'Kurak City (Blade School)'.
- New Area 'Kurak City (Senate)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Prowl)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Dawn)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Horror)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Stalk)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Stretch)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Dust)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Plains)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Trample)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Savannah)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Range)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Bulwark)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Barracks)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Ritual Spot)'.
- New Area 'Zeranuth Plains (Chief's Range)'.
- 25 New Creatures.
- 2 New 'Champion' Creatures.
- 1 New 'Elite' Creature. 
- 1 New 'Common' Item.
- 2 New 'Rare' Items.
- 2 New 'Unique' Items.
- 2 New Item Sets.
- 3 New Portals.
- 2 New Relics.
- New Quest 'Insidious Evil'.
- New Quest 'Urun Unrest'.
It is rumored that a new portal to the Vurnak Canyon (Valley) has been discovered in the Ornack Canyons (Village).
A new Feedback thread is open for all who wish to comment!
~The Fallen Sword Team

Proposed Loyalty Update III.

11 October 2021 - 13:17

Loyalty Update

Got through the thread today and here are the changes I've made. Changes are in bold.

Change Potion of Intensity to:
Doubler 1500 Loyalty 200

Change Auspice of Ancients to:
Conserve 400 Loyalty 100

Change Scholars Draft to:
Adept Learner 400 Loyalty 250
Librarian 400

Potion of Ultimate Global Acceleration Cost reduced to 1000.

Move Fast Track Draft from Caves and upgrade to buff level 200. Loyalty: 100.


Here are 13 new proposed potions and their loyalty costs.

Warriors Elixir. Loyalty: 150

Fury Level : 200 Duration : 120m
Berserk Level : 200 Duration : 120m
Dark Curse Level : 200 Duration : 120m
Enchanted Weapon Level : 200 Duration : 120m

Considering removing:
Wither Level : 200 Duration : 120m
Shatter Armor Level : 200 Duration : 120m

and replacing with:
Enchanted Armor Level : 200
Keen Edge Level : 200

Potion of the Quester. Loyalty: 300

Find Item Level : 1000 Duration : 120m
Quest Finder Level : 250 Duration : 120m
Quest Hunter Level : 250 Duration : 120m

Potion of Precision Strike. Loyalty: 500

Arterial Strike Level : 1000 Duration : 120m

Forgemaster Draft. Loyalty: 200

Epic Forge Level : 200 Duration : 120m
Epic Craft Level : 200 Duration :120m

Magical Carapace. Loyalty: 300

Defensive Aura Level : 250 Duration : 120m
Shield Wall Level : 250 Duration : 120m

Sorcerous Scales. Loyalty: 300

Layered Armor Level : 250 Duration : 120m
Armor Boost Level : 250 Duration : 120m

Hunting Lord Potion. Loyalty: 1000

Doubler Level : 3000 Duration : 120m

Potion of the Divine Hunter. Loyalty: 2000

Doubler Level : 5000 Duration : 120m

Potion of Divine Knowledge. Loyalty: 500

Adept Learner Level : 600 Duration : 120m
Librarian Level : 600 Duration : 120m

Rampage Potion. Loyalty: 1000

Animal Magnetism Level : 450 Duration : 120m
Conserve Level : 550 Duration : 120m

Alchemist Prized Potion. Removed.

Distil removed.
Brewing Master removed.

Potion of Supreme Global Acceleration. Loyalty 750
Global Booster 1000

Potion of Devilish Global Acceleration. Loyalty 1500.
Global Booster 2000

Potion of Godly Global Acceleration. Loyalty 3000.
Global Booster 3000

Reign of Rosmeriat I

23 September 2021 - 14:04

Hi there Everyone.
Tired of her life in the Web of Chaos, the gargantuan cosmic spider - Rosmeriat - left the void to lay claim to the lands of Erildath. Her children follow her like soldiers to a queen, laying waste to all that is living, and paving the foundations for her new world-shattering empire.
Brother Richard requires your presence at the Cathedral of Ways! The Quest, "Reign of Rosmeriat" awaits you!

Cosmic Spider (Level 25)



Counts as 1 kill.

Dark Cosmic Spider (Level 25)



Counts as 5 kills.
The latest Global Event in Fallen Sword is now underway! In the Event, the Community must work together to destroy the Cosmic Spiders infesting the Realms.
Each player must earn a personal target for increasingly powerful potion rewards (mouse over the event info on the World page for more details) while also helping the Community to attain the best total kills possible, unlocking the rewards for all.
Additionally, if you end the event in the Top 100 Contributors, you will receive 1 extra Nebulous Ruby Chest on top of what the Community unlocks!
There is a helpful forum post RIGHT HERE full of information on Global hunting grounds and so on compiled from the Community by Egami.
The Global Event shall be live until 14:00 Server Time on the 28th of September 2021.
Good luck everyone!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

Legendary Assault!

10 September 2021 - 14:16

Hi all,
The following creatures have been spotted stalking the Realms! The heroes have to step up and defend the innocents!
Frost Dragon (Legendary)
The Scrolls of Lore describe the elegant yet deadly Frost Dragons as non-aligned guardians of ancient treasures. These magnificently ancient beasts make the coldest and most inhospitable places their lairs, sleeping deep in icy caves with their treasure. To seek out a Frost Dragon is suicide, the ice hard scales upon its body are all but impervious to attack and its frozen breath can freeze a man solid in seconds.
Recommended Level : 15+
Zaria the Vengeful (Legendary)
Zaria the Vengeful is a terrifying spirit who has been attacking all in her path in a bitter rage. Never-the-less she is a victim herself. Murdered by the evil Doctor Morbidstein wasn't bad enough. He went on to use her corpse in the creation of his masterpiece. His Bride. Will you help put Zaria to her eternal rest and end her suffering?
Recommended Level : 55+
Bishamon Terror from the Deep (Legendary)
The giant creature known in legend as Bishamon the Terror of the Deep, has moved onto the land from the depths of the sea to look for new food as, in it's greed, it has nearly exhausted the local sea coast of fish, whales and seals. The Bishamon eats anything and everything it sees and is causing wide spread famine as well as death as it devours its way over the lands. 
Recommended Level : 80+
The Banshee of Dunale (Legendary)
The Banshee of Dunale is a creature who's coming into this plain of existence heralds a great doom that the Banshee herself will cause. What this great doom will be is unknown but it would be wise to send this being back to whence it came before it can complete the task.
Recommended Level : 170+
Tarbida (Legendary)
The evil being Tarbida has dwelt beneath the world for an age having been trapped in tunnels by the Elves. Now Tarbida has found a way out and now the creature has decided that it is time to come back to the surface and teach the peoples of the world the true meaning of suffering and pain once again.
Recommended Level : 200+
Night Wyvern (Legendary)
The dreaded creature known as the Night Wyvern has escaped from its cell in the dungeons of castle Valk. Lord Valk wants the Wyvern destroyed before it begins to hunt his people. The lord is renowned for his generosity and will reward the this evil beasts killer well.
Recommended Level : 300+
The Bride of Morbidstein (Legendary)
The culmination of Doctor Morbidsteins evil pacts and experiments, the Bride is an unholy construct, created from many unfortunate victims (including the tragic Zaria). A mighty opponent, she stands as a testament to a misguided intellect of terrifying scale. She must be destroyed at all costs.
Recommended Level : 484+
Marshman of Morbidstein (Legendary)

The Marshman of Morbidstein is a foul beast that was once but a pet tadpole in Dr Morbidsteins lab. It was the only thing he cared for not to experiment on. However tragedy struck when the Tadpole was spilled down a drain by one of the Dr's brainless servants and ended up in a toxic swamp. The Tadpole grew in the swamp and became a dangerous mutant aquatic beast that to this day is still loyal to its master.
Recommended Level : 650+
Otaktay the Inviolate (Legendary)
Otakay the Inviolate comes from the west river area. He roams the open plains ravaging all that make claim to his land. He is vengeance incarnate for all the wrongs that have ever been inflicted upon his people!
Designed by : JKlundt
Recommended Level : 850+
Valgotic Golem Engine (Legendary)
The Valgotic Dwarves have not been idle since the destruction of the abominable Doom Maw. Further refinement of their considerable Golem technology, the Golem Engine is a formidable addition to the Valgotic arsenal. This monstrous defensive golem reacts to attack by replicating itself, though this does weaken each new Golem as whatever demonic entity is originally bound to each newborn golem splits the demons soul fire. The blazing red runes in each golems skin glows a little duller. This is seen as an acceptable means of fuelling these new Golems as they have to bind less demons to their original golem stock!
Designed by : UrzasRage
Recommended Level : 1180+
Frackenstein (Legendary)
Frackenstein. No one knows where this beast came from. Some speculate that this was created by an infamous Guild of warriors, though whether this lumbering, undead monstrosity was created from this Guild's enemies or their own honored dead is up for debate.
Designed by : skidoodle
Recommended Level : 1780+
Caldrax the EverFrozen (Legendary)
Born to a race of icy warriors called the Thradrul, Caldrax left his people to explore the unknown world. During his travels, he came across a crystal formation that the indigenous people call the Despair Crystal. As Caldrax approached the formation, it started glowing red, magical energy bleeding from it. rnrnFor Caldrax, the world turned black and he collapsed. When he awoke, he felt naught but overwhelming power. No pain, no emotions, only an insatiable desire to see blood. Caldrax's only urge was to stalk the most powerful warriors in the land and kill them in combat. Submission isn’t enough, he shall paint the lands red with warrior blood. Bloodthirsty and violent, Caldrex is the ultimate opponent.
Designed by : iceman66
Recommended Level : 2000+
Jebat the Vengeful (Legendary)
Jebat was regarded as one of the greatest warriors in the realm. Together with his childhood friends, they served their King with absolute and unfaltering loyalty. After one of his friends being accused of having an illicit affair with one of the King's court stewardesses, he was put to death without trial for the offence. The King then bestowed the rank of head of palace security upon Jebat. With this came an ancient magical weapon, believed to grant its wielder invulnerability. Jebat, believing his friend had been killed unjustly, decided to avenge his friend's death. This vengeance became a palace killing spree. Unable to calm his anger and hatred, he continues his amok in the realm.
Designed by : Profumo
Recommended Level : 2450+
Byaphros (Legendary)
Byaphros is a strange beast. The upper body of a man with a truly monstrous face which, from the waist down is actually the front legs and chest of a horse terminating in a vast, powerful fish's tail. This is a vile and malicious creature who will rear out of water near prey and to the surprise of all, will chase his target onto the land before beating them and dragging them back into the soon to be bloody surf!
Recommended Level : 2880+
The Cerulean Queen (Legendary)
The Cerulean Queen is a demonic creature, always lurking behind every choice made by the souls wandering the lands of Erildath. She is always trying to influence the bravest of heroes to succumb to their deepest desires. She has been known to walk the lands, tempting warriors to give into their blood lust with the promise of great rewards. Little do they realize, her rewards are best used for their guilty pleasures.
<b>Designed by : KitiaraLi</b>
Recommended Level : 3025+
Druugkiel The Annihilator (Legendary)
Far from Erildath, there is a dead land that goes by the name of Scorn.  This land was ravaged by war and famine and is uninhabitable.  But, there is one creature that lives there, the dreaded Druugkiel.  Massive in stature, and brutal in nature, Druugkiel is profoundly savage.  This monstrosity moves from realm to realm devouring all Chompers as it survives off their life-force.rnrnChompers are an unsustainable food source for Druugkiel, so it always searches far away realms for more life energy.  Recently, there has been whispers that Druugkiel is on the hunt for a more, accessible, food source. As Druugkiel approaches Erildath, we must prepare for the coming onslaught of destruction, malice and pain. To Arms! To victory!
Designed by : iceman66
Recommended Level : 3550+
Kulkan Vigilscale (Legendary)
From deep within the depths of Erildath, Kulkan Vigilscale slumbered. A Lord and Protector of draconic kind, a recent slaughter of his kin has awoken him in a fearsome rage. He has erupted from his lair, vengeance incarnate! All who have slain his kind shall suffer!
Designed by : killerz15
Recommended Level : 4025+
These creatures shall be available until 15:00 on Monday the 13th of September 2021.
~ The Fallen Sword team.

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