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In Topic: Legacy- Needs balanced or shut down

20 April 2022 - 14:26

While we're cherry-picking activity, I just want to put DF's current online members here. What an incredible opportunity for the other gangs, who have more members online right now, to do something.




Because DF was able to create a fun, welcoming community that interact over both Legacy and Discord, as well as play several different games together, does not mean that the game should be shut down. There are 3 different gangs who are fully capable of changing the tides of the game, however due to poor leadership and rally efforts, this has seemingly become an impossible task.


I may also remind the readers that the reign of the Dark Flame is not even the longest-lasting reign of power that the Wasteland has seen, with BOD still having the record of 8 maps, which at the time accumulated to 2 years of dominance. Dark Flame is still several months away from even matching this record.


Change comes from within, and asking for the game to be shut down as a result of your inability to rally your members is childish, and frankly should be laughed off by anyone who has the control that you are trying to reach.

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