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28 September 2016 - 10:06

I miss the Fallensword Graphics forums, it was the best thing about Fallensword in my opinion. I will never forget all the amazing signatures, avatars, and backgrounds created through contests and auctions over the years. I hope all the artists are doing great, I still have my Photo Bucket filled with dozens of pieces I saved. I use them now for other sites that allow me personal avatars since I had some done up with my name.



Edit: Didn't know which signature I had, FFIX dinner scene. One of my absolute favorite signatures I've got because of how much that game meant to me. Forgot who made it, wish my memory was better on remembering who made which avatar/signature. I only really remember a couple that LadyPike/GrimHawk did since I was guild members with them for a while. Hope anyone who read this is doing great.

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