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16 September 2015 - 13:58

Hello, Renshi here. Longtime follower, first time caller. In the scheme of things, I'm a newer player in Legacy. My account is just over 4 years old and I've logged in almost everyday unless work or vacation has prevented me from it. I've played Legacy longer and more frequently than any other game I've ever played. Honestly, I don't know why. There are no great and flashy graphics, there's no "Congratulations! You've beaten Legacy!" endgame. But there is a great community, most of which I just watch act like fools in sidechat, and then get beaten up by them in the wasteland.


The bottom line here is that there is a great community, a small group of dedicated players, that just want a little attention and some recognition from Zorg and HCS. Throw us a random update once in a while, or at least just jump in from timt to time and talk for a few minutes in side chat so that we know you're still alive and we cross your mind every once in a while.

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