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About the loss of Solarfleet

06 May 2014 - 23:30

Logged in a a couple of weeks ago and noticed that Solarfleet no longer exists. Which is a shame because even though as a non Supporter I was confined to a small portion of the game I actual enjoyed playing it and the community that was apart of Solarfleet. I spend my alot of free time in high school playing the game and chatting on the forums, and even after leaving high school I checked up on the forums from time to time.


With it's disappearance and shutdown I was wondering (this is directed at the Cows and the Admins) if you would be kind enough host up the server files and the other files required to host Solarfleet? I've ran into a couple of games/projects that when they go belly up the devs release the tool necessary for fans to continue playing the game and create their own underground communities. (A fine example of this is FOline: 2238). I know your a company and probably have alot of things to worry about, but I would really appreciate an answer. 


If this question offends you or you don't find it appropriate please contact me and I'll remove this post.


Thank you for your time

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