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In Topic: No Attention From HCS

18 August 2016 - 08:53



Just gonna leave this here. Cuz if HCS didn't even bother to respond to that or give Legacy any attention after that, then they have no intention of doing so.


All this will get is once again a small Zorg snippit post (if that) because once again, it's Legacy. Something that HCS itself had no intentions of putting forth a true effort to breathe new life into it.

In Topic: Legacy in general

24 September 2015 - 01:44

At this point, I believe the community is perfectly fine with anything. And Zorg, I'm sure you of all people are fully aware of this, but you cannot and will not please everyone. It's your game. If you think you have a way to make it better, then go for it. It's really easy to tune out the people who do nothing but logon to whine and complain about everything.


And like people have said, break the holy hell out of the Dev server is that's what it takes to make it happen.

In Topic: Legacy in general

20 September 2015 - 13:49

This thread has generated enough views to be in the top 10 most viewed threads on the front page alone. And honestly, I refuse to let it die down. Over 800 views later and so far only 1 HCS individual has taken the time to post, and yes, it was the one we wanted to hear from the most. But that doesn't take away from the fact that HCS itself should weigh in on this and be just as, if not more so, honest as Zorg was.


If the intent with HCS is to just let Legacy kind of float around just because Zorg is an employee with HCS, then please tell us so we can all stop hoping for something more to happen. Like I already stated, 4 years later and I had to be informed that HCS staff had left the company for reasons (of which I obviously cannot reveal) and I had to remove them from the Wiki as well as the Staff related systems since they were no longer there. Funny thing about that though: not a single person noticed. Because HCS has never had a true presence.


Someone logging in long enough to say "Hi" and then vanish literally right after that is not having a presence. 4 years I have been a VH and I have seen 2 different HCS members login and it was for all the 30 minutes. If that.


I have officially been a staff member for this game longer than I have been a player. And given the amount of frustration that I have had to put up with, it's honestly a miracle that I'm still around. While I'm not the only member on staff, I'm not going to speak for the others because they can do that for themselves if they so desire. But I have been around since the beginning of the HCS merge and I can honestly say: I am not impressed.


I'm sure you have heard this a few times already, but many promises were made. 80% of which were not adhered to. Myself and a bunch of others have given plenty of suggestions to try and rectify this, but we can't even get more than a few minutes of time in the forums to make that happen. Let alone in the game.


When LegCon (for those who are unaware, this was the equivalent of a small panel sitting down with Zorg to discuss things that the community would like to see done or added) was cancelled this year, I think it's safe to say that there were plenty of people who were shocked, but at the same time not surprised. That alone showed us that Legacy is literally in the background and on the backburner for HCS. And that the game honestly doesn't matter that much.


But there again: so long as there is a community that cares about the game and staff that are willing to help try and keep the game floating, until we are given official word of "Legacy's downfall" and that nothing will be done with it anymore, we aren't going to remain silent on the issue.


So please, anyone, at this point it doesn't matter who from HCS, could you PLEASE give us a no joke "this is what we intend on doing with Legacy" response to this?

In Topic: Legacy in general

16 September 2015 - 17:54

I can understand that the coding is ancient and something just short of what cavemen would've used at one point. I can almost sympathize with that to a degree as well. But at the same time, I have to ask: how difficult would it be to recode the game so that the coding you have is simpler to work with? I believe it'd also allow for new/different things to be added that you were unable to do before as well. And I'm sure one of the HCS coders would be happy to work on it with you. And you could do it safely as well. Just recode the game elsewhere and when it is stable, have a couple of people as "testers" to ensure that things don't break when moving around. And once it's confirmed to be safe and stable, move everyone over. Which, I am sure in and of itself would be a task. Because the playerbase is coded the same way. So finding a way to convert everyone would be tricky as hell.


But honestly, given the content of Legacy and how the game works, I think it's realistic to state that nobody is looking for you to wave a magic wand and change the look of the game entirely. And as stated before, it's mostly those who have stuck around the longest and the every so often new person who comes along and just likes the game. So really, it's just adding little things here and there to refresh things. Even if it's just a few different NPCs, weapons, armor, or upgrading system. At this point, everyone would be happy with just about anything really. And it doesn't have to be huge. As I stated, it could just be a couple hours here and there to let everyone know what is being worked on, where little projects are at, and potential things that can be expected.


I know you still love Legacy, Zorg. It's your baby. Something you created on a whim and frankly, you created a very unique community because of it. Show your face to it every once in a while would ya? :P

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