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In Topic: Minor bug?

Yesterday, 16:56

spooky potions from halloween - these are the potions i bought

Wait, they were Spooky Potion II? But the first screenshot said merely "spooky". That's why I thought they were composed.

In any event, Kore has fixed it so the image works for Composed Potions.


Spooky Potion and Spooky Potion II are both displaying correctly in my backpack and the manage pages.

~ Grim

In Topic: Minor bug?

Yesterday, 16:32

this is what i see now when i click "manage" backpack (same folder)
6dCUA48.jpg a mysterious invisible spooky potion

Are Guild Locked potions? Or just Composed Potions? I thought we got that fixed. Lemme have a look and I'll prod the guys.

Alrighty, my Composed potions are not showing at all. These ones are Guild Locked.

Let's try a non-Guild Locked Composing.

*Edit the second*
Yup. Non-Guild Tagged Composing Potions are not displaying in Manage Backpack. Will see if we can get that sorted.

~ Grim

In Topic: Pinata Frenzy XVII

04 December 2019 - 14:32

Hi there everyone!

Congrats to the Fallen Sword community for unlocking the Ruby Tier in the Global Event! Once again the community worked together as a team to achieve this!

If you qualified during the event, your reward is now awaiting collection in your character mailbox :)

We hope you all enjoyed the event!

Note: You can see the 'Top 100 Global Quest Contributors' for this event by clicking here.

~ The Fallen Sword Team

In Topic: Spell Leech Broken

04 December 2019 - 09:20

Hi there.

As stated and as the skill itself says, it's not broken.

I will discuss possible changes based off of constructive feedback.

~ Grim

In Topic: Spell Leech Broken

28 November 2019 - 16:01

Well, the code for buffs has not been touched in a very long time and cannot randomly change.

~ Grim

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