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Making new Avatars

11 May 2019 - 20:24

Any avatar will be priced at 2 fsp [or whatever you seem it worth]. Hope you guys might like them. C=


I'll have a few posted as reference. These are just for myself and I'm in need of FSP. lol 


Thank you


aia know they suck, please no hate pleaseeee




Will make edits for FSPs

07 April 2019 - 16:02

Hello, I am Liflin on FS. Here to see if anyone wants a 30-50 second edit made.

 I make multifandom edits on YouTube and I need fsp. I've been making edits with live-action clips for almost 8 years... So I think I'm pretty good.


My youtube is Romeo Blue.



So feel free to check out my editing quality. I use HD clips, no exceptions. I cannot download anymore new movies so what I have listed below in the Doc is what I have.

BUT, if you absolutely want a certain movie, I'll see what I can do. C=


I can do edits with any of the footage of your choosing. You can choose as many as you'd like plus the song. I am better with high paced songs with action. But I'll do whatever to please. C=


 If I make a 30 - 50 second video I would like at least 3-5 fsp for it. Or what you think it would be worth. My edits take from at least 2-7ish hours each. Maybe more. Depends on how much work I put into it.

I can not do edits longer than stated above, It's a lot of work and due to my mental health I have a hard time working on the same project for very long.


Below is a link to a good doc with all of the footage I have that can be used.




If you need help deciding on a song, here is a playlist of songs I can potentially work on.



If you don't like any of those I can suggest others based on what you might want. C=



I can also put a colouring of your choice on the finished edit. Which I will give you a playlist of colourings you can choose from. Or you can give me a certain colour you want and Ii will find a suitable colouring for it that looks good.


Hope some might be interested.


Thank you for reading. =D

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