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#1009148 Planned GvG Updates

Posted by Morgwyn on 16 March 2023 - 22:00

This is mostly great and should have been implemented many years ago. None of the proposed changes would "revitalize" GvG. The changes listed are only Quality of Life. GvG needs an entire revamp to be relevant - it will continue to be irrelevant even with the proposed changes.


It is unfortunate that half of the original post was ignored as it is the best part of the original post by Toreth.



"In addition to the minor quality of life type changes mentioned above, another change mentioned would be the resetting of the GvG rating every three months or so akin to the PvP ladder with the reward being a simple guild achievement displaying “1st Place in a GvG Season” with the reward potentially being an additional relic slot, or base stamina gain so as to incentivize actively pursuing 1st place repeatedly to keep others from achieving the same.

The ability to provide individuals a competitive aspect to partake in while being rewarded for doing well, coupled with multiple opportunities, over time, to climb and attempt to make the most of a “fresh start” at the start of the three months will also help inject that liveliness into an otherwise humdrum aspect. We already have the resetting of rating present in the game, as mentioned, so transitioning that into the GvG area seems like a relatively easy and feasible way to go about helping bolster individuals’ pride in their ability to conduct themselves at the pinnacle of guild activities."

I do not agree this is the most important section. GvG ladder will make it worse. It will only make the farming of the guilds that are currently not interested worse.


I really hope this is not the path HCS will walk. GvG will be fun, and interesting if many guilds participate because it has been made interesting.  GvG will continue to be not fun if it is just about a few top guilds farming the ones that are not interested or find it not worth it. You will just achieve the status we have now.

The real success of GvG was that all guilds could do it, and the rewards were just great. It should be about that, about living up the activity, not just lving up the activity of a few hardcore guilds.

#1009114 Planned GvG Updates

Posted by Morgwyn on 14 March 2023 - 20:51

For what it is worth, my 2 cents...


Overall, don't go for the changes that you suggest. It really won't help GvG.

A notification won't help, guilds that care and are active will respond to the guild log of initiation and start buffing and gearing up. Guilds that are not active or do not care, well they won't regardless of any earlier message.

What is next? We change PvP that way aswel? "Look out, player X will try to attack you in 2 hours!".

That will take the fun out, the unexpectedness is part of GvG/PvP.


Adjusting the activity timer, what exactly does it solve? An player that is offline for 36h is not very likely to come online because of a GvG notification. If he would even get that message while being offline.


Expanding level ranges could help a bit as there would be more targets and therefore more opportunities to initiate.


But it all depends on wether the targeted guild/players are interested in GvG.

Whatever you tweak, it will not do anything to those that are not interested.

Thus the ONLY solution is to make GvG interesting. And the ONLY way to do that is by making the rewards interesting by adding RP packs (though I think that adding buff packs only won't do that much), and adding more RP inventable items/epics that are good enough to compete with what is already out there.


Another option is to make the defensive RP gains higher than the attacking RP gains. The attacking guild is always into GvG, it is the defending guild you need to get interested. If the RP rewards are worth it and you get more RP by defending, then you have an incentive to actually defend. And maybe, just maybe get the players/guilds aboard that are currently not interested.



*edit* As I want to add something.

Probably not a very popular thought, but instead of having to add more and more powerfull buff packs and epics (unless you want stam gain to go up and up), you could consider being able to buy guild upgrades with RP. Not sure how much that would hurt the games income, though I would suspect most bought fsp is sinked into gear and personal upgrades rather than guild upgrades.
But it could remove some headaches on how to get more/better use for RP.

#1005277 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by Morgwyn on 15 September 2021 - 07:44

Since it is already fairly easy to fing quest items, or complete killing tasks with the current standard buffs, I really see no use for:

Quest Finder Level : 250 Duration : 120m
Quest Hunter Level : 250 Duration : 120m

These kind of buffs should remain in Global Event chests, so those remain interesting to all:

Adept Learner Level : 600 Duration : 120m
Librarian Level : 600 Duration : 120m



BM 500 is a bad idea. Ladder/relics/pvp only gets more interesting when you are NOT able to be buffed up to the max 24/7.


Same for Distil, Zombie Brew should be the max, unless you tweak it so Distil won't work on composed pots, you keep the Global Event also more relevant this way.

#1000851 relic capture

Posted by Morgwyn on 07 July 2020 - 16:54

I don't think you have ever actually defended a relic. The system is busted :). It's not so much showing your skill rather showing your wallet.

Yeah, what do I know, I just started playing... :P


But we can discuss all we want, the system may be broke or not, but it really comes down to what I said earlier, if you want to keep a relic, you need to defend it, simple as that. Even if that is hard.

#1000842 relic capture

Posted by Morgwyn on 07 July 2020 - 12:32


Exactly how does nerfing PvP (again) help?  There's been way too much of that in the past 13 years for my taste and I rarely PvP anymore....  I can't steal *xxxxx*'s gold if my guild and theirs are in a dispute over a relic?  Unacceptable.... 


How far would you take this?  Do you want to restrict GvG in the same way?  What about ladder participants?  If there's a disputed relic and the only players in that tier are in those respective guilds, do they not participate that round?  Do we not take a bounty on the opposing guild?  None of these options make any sense, not would they help.....

I wish BG would ring in on this. 


The point is and you refuse to see it, that bullying is not the way to keep a struggling game alive.

You and a few others in this thread are moving away from the core point:




Sorry for the capitals, but that is the bottom line.

Scaring and bullying other players is just weakness really.


Show your SKILLS and keep the relic the way you should be doing it.

#1000822 relic capture

Posted by Morgwyn on 06 July 2020 - 20:49

Relics should always be open to take. If you find it boring to swap a relic then just give up on it.

It starts to get sad when you have to go around and bully players personally over it. Appearantly you are unable to see a relic fight from a personal fight. I guess it says enough about such players.


If you take a relic "war" out on personal players then it is just plain harrassment, and should be dealt with accordingly by a game admin.

#1000821 Fallen Sword App Update (v0.8.1)

Posted by Morgwyn on 06 July 2020 - 18:41

Another thing that needs fixing is the lower realms, while that may not look important in combination with the app, it actually is. App players get lost easily. They cannot find the maps they need to be and it is hard to explain they need to be in a level 40 map to kill a level 42 monster.

Browser players can have an extra tab open with the guide to check where they need to be. App players cannot.


Players that get stuck, do not stick around!

#1000770 Composing Poll 2020

Posted by Morgwyn on 03 July 2020 - 12:39

Regarding adding new skills/potions, I would prefer it much more if new ones were added for inventing, potion inventing has had no change at all, that area needs more improvement than composing.

#1000769 Fallen Sword App Update (v0.8.1)

Posted by Morgwyn on 03 July 2020 - 10:24

Just a few general remarks, if I need to be in another thread please let me know... been a while since I have been on the forums.


Invites to players that joined via the app is not working. Got several responses from players that they did not see/get the actual invite.


But in general, the app really looks beautiful, it has a really sleek look compared to the first version. However I feel the app starts in the wrong area, it should not be the map, it should be the player's profile and all the communication around it. Interaction with other players (which makes this game strong) should be more prominent.

Yes, world chat is there, but that chat is not even half so important than pm's and guild chat.

Speaking of the latter, please implement something that encourages/directs new app players toward a guild. If you want to keep those new players, they need guidance, and the best place to get that is guilds.


Just my 2 cents.

#991662 Fallen Sword App Beta (v0.3.0)

Posted by Morgwyn on 27 April 2018 - 12:12

Gratz on the update, looking forward to it.


But why again the overpowered TP200 in the chests?

#989827 Zorgrom vs Shroud VI

Posted by Morgwyn on 01 February 2018 - 09:10

I do agree that the kill values for this Global should remain as they are, however, adding LE's to future globals that include them might not be a bad idea. There are quite a few that believe that GE's in general have become stale and predictable.  Maybe a little spice would go a long way in enticing the bored and those at Composing EoC, and breathe new life into what's become to many just more mundane hunting.   After all we want the entire community to enjoy these events like we all once did.   


OFC, I strongly believe, like many have stated here, that GE's have gotten too frequent.   Just being the devil's advocate here, but bored players wander off to other things.


Frequency is not the problem, diversity is. Also we as community must step away from the idea that we "have" to reach ruby at all times. 

Rewards to be gotten from GE's also reflect the participation. For many the current reward is not worth the effort. Just something we should accept. 


So in short:

1) We should not be spoiled and have an easy ruby at all times

2) GE's could use more diversity, so they are not all the same. (however, I think BG is working on a new one like suggested in another chat, so that is great and being worked on!)

3) Rewards do not have to be overpowered. Actually, for the minimum effort needed the Zorgrom chest is not even that bad

#989550 SE Kill Log

Posted by Morgwyn on 19 January 2018 - 12:23

Well I thought it may be nice just to have a longer list.


Nothing wrong with that, wanting to keep a better track of things does not mean less effort is involved to hunt down a SE.

#989010 The Forest of Yule returns!

Posted by Morgwyn on 29 December 2017 - 15:28

Sorry did not do the math on that one, but let's say a potion level that equals the level you can cast it yourself. (when used with a ZB)

#989002 The Forest of Yule returns!

Posted by Morgwyn on 29 December 2017 - 10:13

Why should there be a disadvantage for being in a guild that happens to be larger or smaller. I wanna be able to game just the same way as everyone else with a bunch of my friends. At the end of the day everything really boils down to the individual anyway.

Because you already have advantages for being in a large guild? The cooldown system was implemented for a reason appearantly. 

However I do see your point aswel, but the current implementation makes it no fun for the mass, just for a few. 


Then again, some game aspects work out better with smaller guilds, titan hunting and GvG being two of them. Perhaps you need to make choices, be in a big levelling guild, or a smaller one focussed on titans or GvG. Why should everything fit any guild? That is what makes this game fun.


If they want a system like this, they should have gone with the elemental titans setup, where you can hunt it once for a personal gain. Then we would not need a silly bound epic either. 


As for TP200, I am not blaming anybody for using what is out there to be used. It just shouldn't have been implemented at all. It is a win button for a select few.

#988981 The Forest of Yule returns!

Posted by Morgwyn on 28 December 2017 - 23:18

Good my 2 cents on the new titan thingy.

First off, I noticed a strong NO from HCS against anything resembling personal TKP or ways to circumvent the cooldown system. 

Funny that we end up with the current situation, of which I think is a way to please those wanting personal TKP or ways around the cooldown. However, for the mere mortals around here, it is quite impossible to compete against the godlike who can afford to hunt with the instant teleport. 

And with a titan like the new one, well there are always plenty around with teleport 200. 


So with that in mind, I personally hope that this is not the new way to go, cause like this titan hunting will become a sport for the richest amongst us. 

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