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Frequent Suggestions [Before posting a new idea, read here!]

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Posted 13 August 2012 - 20:22

Before you post a suggestion, check this list to see what ideas will NEVER happen. This will prevent players from duplicating posts and save the developers time.

Things that will not happen;
Raising player castable buffs above 150.

Stealing items from inactive players.

More stamina.
(As in more stamina for the price, IE; Instead of 10 stamina for 2 FSP, you'd get more.)

More stamina gain.
(The limit will stay at 25/25. Except for the Starter Pack which increases the limit to 27/25.)

More level-up or skill points.

Price restrictions in FSP marketplace.
(The price is a free-market, naturally evolving value that simply cannot be restricted effectively.)

Stamina trading or storing.
(Too easily abused.)

Shops that would buy out junk items from players.
(This is a market-based game. Sell them in the AH or drop them. There is too much gold anyway.)

Withdrawing FallenSword Points from the Guild Bank.
(Guild Theft and dodgy Mutineys would increase overnight if this were implemented.)

More free Fallensword Shards for my country.
(These offers come from a large, international, advertising company that specialise in finding companies willing to make offers such as these. If there are currently no offers for your country it means that there are currently no companies interested in advertising to somebody who plays online MMORPGs in your country. Sorry but that's the way it works, no amount of asking for it to happen will help, if you are able to find a company willing to take part in this kind of promotion then please by all means submit a Support Ticket to HCS. However, repeated posts asking for FSPs for your country will simply be locked.)

Free FallenSword Points.
[Hunted Cow Studios will NEVER give away free FSPs as quest rewards, downtime compensation, presents on special occasions or as creature drops. If you can think of any other way HCS might give away free FSPs (other than through free FallenSword Shard offers, see above) the answer to that is also no and your thread will be locked.)]

Music while you play, music on your profile or music while you battle.

Any method to repair Crystalline items.
(These items are designed to become unusable when their durability reaches zero, Hunted Cow want this to remain the case and will not be introducing any way to repair these items.)

Changing your in-game name.
(Hunted Cow Studios will NOT change your name in the game, not even for FSP. The name you registered under is the one you'll have to live with.)

Getting another players account.
(Hunted Cow Studios will not give you someone else's active account as a gift, raffle or otherwise. This violates the Code of Conduct which says you may only have 1 account.)

Stealing FSP.
(Self explanatory.)

Please note this is not a discussion thread, suggestions or posts made here are liable to be deleted.


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