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#1007910 Storybook Forest Returns!

Posted by kokorog on 27 June 2022 - 13:39

Thank you for the swift fix Grim.  :)

#995485 Reserve Stamina!

Posted by kokorog on 20 January 2019 - 01:34

From the Reserve Stamina page: "Sometimes the game will experience downtime, or we may just be feeling generous! In such a situation, we will credit your character with 'reserve stamina' which can be used whenever you wish and will never expire."


As HCS declared, this was not a "burst of generosity" that brought about this last reserve stamina distribution. But rather HCS being true to their own pledge, to compensate their customers for 'denial of service' due to some technical issues. Do they have to do so? Well, if they say they will, they should.    


But this was not the issue. Rather the question was if the manner in which it was done is indeed the best way to do it ?


This is a legitimate question I think, and it does call for some discussion, and maybe even better ideas on how to do it.


In the far past, there were much more cases of 'down time' than we have today. Back then, as far as I recall,  the reserve stamina was given on an equal ground. At some point that changed. Why ? I do not know. Maybe for a good reason, and maybe just because. Still, it does deserve some attention since this method is, to my opinion, not good enough. 


Does HCS have to accept my opinion or that of anyone else ? Obviously they don't.  But if during a serious discussion a better idea pops up, they might embrace it, and hence the game just got better. 


This is, to my opinion, the main purpose of this forum. It was not meant for people that just kiss up to HCS no matter what, but it is a place where people raise issues that need to be fixed, or at least get some attention, in favor of improving this game. 


By that I don't mean that HCS do not deserve a 'thank you' or a good word, as they surely do,  but rather that if a person raise a legitimate issue here, he should not get a bunch of irrelevant reactions just because it is not all praises to HCS.


Thanks for reading.

#985264 Fallen Sword Administrator. Item [Potion of Elite Advancement]

Posted by kokorog on 23 September 2017 - 12:40

Many Thanks for the great potion !!! :D


Do not know the reason, but if it was some happy occasion for HCS people, I add my best wishes.  :)



#966637 Frag Market

Posted by kokorog on 04 August 2016 - 23:08

Well Ace, I think that the big difficulty is not with buying items for fragging.

I would like however, to use this opportunity to offer another possibility if I may.

The idea comes from SS2, where it was actually implemented for extracted components, and was called there 'Transmuting'.

Basically, this function will let you convert say 5 common frags to 1 rare, 5 rares to 1 unique, etc. and vis versa. i.e. 1 Legendary to 5 unique and so on...

Of course it might be some other ratio rather than 5, or even different ratios for different frag types at HCS discretion that will lead to best balance.

I want to say why I think this is a good idea:

1) It will mitigate to some extent the imbalance we have today regarding too few Legendary frags (and too much Rares, while we at it).

2) It will reinforce the frag farming market eventually, as high level composers/players will buy low rank frags for 'Transmuting'. This will provide a 'living' for low level player that will help hook them on this game.   
Hope this idea will catch on :)  Cheers!

#949153 Please Read!!!

Posted by kokorog on 19 September 2015 - 22:10

Well done Mac. I have little hope anyone is even listening, but little is better than none :P

HCS people decided to drop what is a sure and easy income that they could have got from SS2 and go chase the rainbow.

Maybe they will finally see that which is right before their eyes... and then maybe (and sadly most likely) they won't... :/

#912532 Why isn't sigmastorm being worked on?

Posted by kokorog on 28 December 2014 - 23:53

This is a quot from Hoof:


"Posted 12 July 2013 - 12:24

We're planning to do an update soon which will include several improvements to the game. I'm not sure about content but we could look at adding a few missions and enemies to bring the content up to level 500"


The sad story of SS2 is embedded here... It was practically abandoned several months after it was recreated. Lack of motivation, broken promises, delays in content updating, unfixed bugs, and general neglect. I guess that HCS was then looking into 'new horizons' (what sadly proved to be a blunder), instead of investing in something good they had at hand. Sad, for it could have been a very good game, with a steady income attached to it. The game 'engine' is already there from FS, and so are the dedicated hard core players, so what more do you need ?

#888593 Update v2.50

Posted by kokorog on 06 September 2014 - 13:53

Many thanks to HCS for their continuing effort to improve the game. :)


With that said, the new quick buff window has a huge drawback that it does not show already active buffs as highlighted.


This was mentioned here before several times by dowuones and others.


PLEASE fix it if possible.


Also let me suggest that while you are working that fix, it will be great to have different colors for:


1)      Buffs bellow lvl 175 – This will help identifying buffs you or others have that are not maxed.

2)      Buffs at lvl 175

3)      Buffs above lvl 175 - This will help noticing if you forgot to drink some of your potions.


I believe that this color-code can be implemented at the same IF in the fix that checks for activity of each buff, so it shouldn't be a huge hassle code-wise.


Thank you kindly    :)

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