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Quest Voice over narrating

17 July 2019 - 05:37

My idea would be to add quest voice over narrating - i know it would be a mega massive project but it would make questing a lot more interesting and appealing making every quest impossible to avoid, giving the game so so much more.


Even if you do it small bits at a time - when new new players see that, theyll get hooked instantly. Personally i love games that have voiceover narrating and its addicting.

Auction house data collection

11 July 2019 - 15:26

My idea would be to add a statistics section to AH,

where you can search for an item and it shows its statistics(can choose forges and craft too) - when people have bought the items average sell price, average lowest, average highest prices, sell/buy value in percentage.(only if bought not just listed - this excludes any item from the list thats been sold 200+% of its highest average sell price to avoid boosting up item prices on purpose).(gold conversion to sell/buy percentage would be based on avg. FSP market sell price - FSP market already has restrictions so it cant be abused to boost up the gold value in statistics).


In addition a history section where you can see your purchases and sales - for how much you bought and sold.


So if theres an item thats avg. lowest price is 2 FSP, avg. price 3, avg. highest price 4. And if someone sells the item for 16 FSP it wont affect the price in any way.

However selling at 15 does but not drastically since the lower sale values keep it in check - to abuse it you should spam mass sales just below the 200% border and since the statistics is keeping track of the buy/sell value in percentage the game can send a red flag message to staff that someone is mass selling items to boost its value. There would be 1 random reset during a 2 month period that resets the values but still keeps the current values as an example but the market prices would be more changable by the sales.


Ideally the market could keep the same UI but just add a new tab for the statistics search that displays avg. prices,buy/sell percentage instead of the bid and buy now and time left places.

Guild gear managing

06 March 2019 - 11:26

An idea, that guild leader/anyone with the permission can equip gear to a player that is guild tagged in anyones backback/guild store(replaced item goes into the players bag or if theres no space in hes bag, your bag or gs and worse case guild mailbox if its a tagged item, non tagged item goes to the players mailbox for x5 the duration of a regular mailbox item) this would be great for example guild conflicts to equip offline players with a setup(offers some extra excitement in gvgs rather than just attacking offline members with bad gear), help newbies with gear equipping etc.

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