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When can we expect servers to be back up?

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1. reinstall java 2. reinstall Eldevin 3.Search/open java.exe in folder, right click,properties>compatability> click run as admin box, save an close.  4.do the same for the eldevin shortcut, or right click run as admin. Also make sure everything is up to date as well, including drivers. And since its 'new' might as well download all your redistributables/dlls for other games. That quick fix doesnt help look up how to fix java through cmd/regedit, or javaRa. an make sure your installing eldevin in program files an shortcut isnt broke...



Why you gotta ruin all the fun? Woulda been hilarious to see him bump this topic forever with no help  :lol:  


The added benefit of not having him in game would be nice too... but noooooo you hadda go and help him.  :rolleyes:

In Topic: Howling Event Live!

Yesterday, 11:42



e/ Servers are down?  :(

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