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#947977 Suggestion: Saved Blocked Skills Sets

Posted by Yuuzhan on 08 September 2015 - 15:24

It is annoying to tick / untick all those buffs every time you want to switch your buffs (yes, i know FSH does tick all, un tick all.  That would be an easy add to HCS code though)


However my suggestion is more to allow users to save their current blocked buffs as a "Set".  I am fully OK with HCS adding Tick all / UnTick all for free, then saved sets are purchased with Gold or FSP.


Just my 2 cents!

#935815 FSH Update 1499 - Composing and other enhancements

Posted by Yuuzhan on 16 June 2015 - 22:14

Good Job PointyHair.  Glad you reached out to me all those months ago :)

#927784 Unsold Auction House Items go Straight to Backpack Option

Posted by Yuuzhan on 09 April 2015 - 22:01

I got this idea reading the other Auction House Thread.  What if something happens and you cant get back online?


Can we have an option to have expired auctions go straight to our backpack if there is room, otherwise they stay in your mailbox?  This would be a nice catch all for people who have bought the BP, but have something come up and cant come online for a few days.


I personally cannot see any downside / abuse with this option, and it will save a bit of headache at least!

#921498 Quit setting us up for failure ..

Posted by Yuuzhan on 25 February 2015 - 14:10

And I wanted this to be a seperate post.


By no means lower the kills required.  We had enough stam to do it, just not enough intensive for some players to run.  If the community refuses to pull together, then we dont deserve ruby.  period.  none of this "oh lower the ruby because its tooo haaaaaarrrdd".  Put in the work, get the reward.


But with an online count hovering around 500, and assuming that all active players are not active 24/7 I would assume that there is at least 4 times that number of active people.  With a light 10k stamina donated by 2000 people that would be 20,000,000 kills.  Even if there is only 1500 people that would be 15 million kills if people only donated 10k staminna.  And looking at the top 100 list donating 5,751,724 kills, that would easily get us to ruby (assuming only 100 people got to top 100, and everyone else only donated 10k stamina)


If you think there is less then 2,000 players in this game at the moment, then the question is not "Should we lower the tiers" but "how do we get people to revive the game from death"

#921494 Quit setting us up for failure ..

Posted by Yuuzhan on 25 February 2015 - 14:03

Dont hide the lists - people like them.


However instead of 101 to 250 based rewards (where users could theoretically spend 50k stam and fall short) - do kill based reward.


5k is currently minimum, so how about 50k kills gives you 1 ruby chest.  I would even be ok with you doing the following:

at least 10k guarantees 1 jigsaw box

at least 20k guarantees 1 rusted box

at least 30k guarantees 1 decorated box
at least 40k guarantees 1 crystalline box
at least 50k guarantees 1 ruby box
(if you get 50k, you dont get one of each, just 1 ruby box)
This will encourage someone to say "Yea, I will send 20k kills to get something as a thanks" instead of "I get nothing different if I spend 5k stam or enough stam to place 101st".  Keep the top 100 awards, because I think people have fun trying to snipe the top 100 (and like getting Two extra ruby boxes).
I would even be OK with you get the stam based awards if you are not in top 100, otherwise you get top 100 awards.  That means if you spend 20k stam and are in the top 100, you get 2 ruby boxes, and no extra rusted box.

#921337 Gargantuan Mosquitos IV (Global)

Posted by Yuuzhan on 24 February 2015 - 19:17


And we were millions short so an extra 10k kills would have meant absolutely nothing.

And then 200 people like you say the same thing, and all of the sudden we have 2 million kills extra.


Every drop counts.  If everyone said "I cant do it myself, so I wont participate" then we are really missing the idea of working together.

#920774 please extend pvp attack range

Posted by Yuuzhan on 20 February 2015 - 14:29

I have voted no as well.  There are way too many people in my range as it is.


The following is my opinion - I have not slogged through the 14 pages of PvP flame to see what has been said already, but I am entitled to state my opinion without having to research if someone else stated it first.  I just want my opinion on the record.  I will not be coming back to see if there are any replies, although I am sure some guild members will let me know if something juicy comes up.  




I am well over level 2,000 and have about 40 people within my current PVP range.


As someone who used to invent on a regular basis (I am sure many of you remember my cheap Berserk / Acceleration / Lib potions).  I was counting for a while, and sold to over 2,000 different people if I recall correctly.  Then I got into the EOC crowd and was PvPed like crazy.  Whenever you have more then 1m gold on hand you got 100 stammed.  no one cares about loosing 5 levels when they attack for gold :P


So I had to quit making potions, as my slim "High volume, low margin" method was getting PvPed away.  I would set 100 potions up for the night and go to sleep, in the morning I would have been 100 stammed hourly until all my gold was gone.  Then you get on the PvPers watch list and you cant do anything with gold anymore.  After all I invested into Component slots and BP slots - I was forced out of what I enjoyed about the game because some PvPers wanted a bit of extra gold.  It is part of the game, I did not complain much.  It sucked, but what can you do?


Then HCS introduce PvP protection.  Those who want to avoid PvP can do so!  Excellent.  I will pay my tax to HCS and get my PvP Protection.  Then I can play the game that I want!


Oh wait, like all EoCers (and champions of greasy wheel gets oil via the forum) they only wanted to attack for Gold.  So PvP Protection was just XP Protection.  And like everyone in my PvP range, no one cared about XP anyways.  That tunred out to be a useless upgrade.  Good to buy if you are getting harassed hourly by a bully pvp guild, but otherwise little use.


So again, forced out of doing the part of the game that I enjoyed so PvPers could steal gold at will.


Now you want to extend the range that they can mug attack people?  I think not.


Now, how many of these champions would say Yes to extend the range you can PvP someone to 100, but you can only steal gold +/-10?


So, I am asking the PvPers to be honest with themselves: Do you really want to PvP, or are you really after the gold?



The ladder already gives you 100 level range that you can attack someone, is that not enough for you?  Or has one guild bullied scared everyone out of that band?  I think that in itself tells you something: people dont want +/- 100 levels, or else they would all join the Ladder





Off Topic, but I am curious how many PvP hits are done off the BB against a target who is both online, aware of a pending attack.  Because (in my mind) PvP is putting your strength against someone elses Strength.  Not knifing someone in the back while they sleep.  That is an assassination.



I really need to get back to work, but one final thought - With the PvP Arena and PvP Ladder being added for PvPers, why do you want to have a 3rd thing added for yourself?  Why not add something for the levelers!  Like the ability to opt out of PvP completely?



Do I expect to be 100 stammed for my opinion, yes.  Has fellow guild members been 100 stammed for their opinions, yes.  But, that is the current climate of bullies PvPers.

#920600 FSH Update 1494 - Do Not Kill Fix

Posted by Yuuzhan on 19 February 2015 - 15:48

Just a reminder to everyone, that Auto Update works for Greasemonkey and Tapermonkey.  Chrome users can go back to using Tapermonkey.
After pulling out most of his hair, PointHair has found the issue with the Do Not Kill list.  Feel free to test it out and confirm :)
==Revision 1494 (PointyHair via yuuzhan)==
  # (minor) FS: Fixed Do-Not-Kill list preventing you from killing Titan / Champions on same square
  # (minor) FS: Changed Inventory Filters to default to level 9999 from 2000
  # (minor) FS: Fixed a bug with displaying titan kill percentage
  # (minor) FS: Commented out some unused / broken code.

#918315 FSH Update 1493

Posted by Yuuzhan on 05 February 2015 - 17:34

Would it not be simpler to just click the preferences that you have already added of hiding creatures on the same realm as an active Titan?


That would make sense.  It is a known issue that if you put a creep on the Do Not Kill list, you are unable to attack a champ on the same square.  I would infer that this would apply to Titans as well.


Ill see if I can take a look at it over the weekend if Pointyhair is not around.

#917924 FSH Update 1493

Posted by Yuuzhan on 02 February 2015 - 13:33

As I am unable to edit the main issue list at the moment could people please post issues here for the time being thanks.


How many people are effected by the problem of losing settings? If you clear your cookies and/or browser history, for whatever reason, there is a very good chance that FSH settings will go with it. There is a possibility that 3rd party security software may be clearing this data for you without your knowledge. Equally I have seen misconfigured browsers fail to retain this data between sessions. If it is a major problem effecting many users it might be worthwhile tracking down the exact cause. Given that I am unable to reproduce it I suspect it may be isolated incidents.


How many people use the online players list and why?

I might be expriencing this, but havent looked closely.  I know every time I visit the Chat page, the "seen messages" highlighting always resets.  Ill try to look closer tonight.


Are we going to be able to queue composing potions in the next update? I have seen your bio and see there is a way that this

can be done.

Are you talking about my composing order tool?  If so the only way that this queues is by giving a static text string to the user to paste on a forum.  I then go into the forum and process the "Queue" (also known as posts) of orders 5 at a time :P


Also that tool is completly open source (html format, no server side scripting) so anyone can open up the code and confirm this :)

#916427 FSH Update 1493

Posted by Yuuzhan on 21 January 2015 - 23:34

Hello Everyone.


Another manual update for users, however lots more fixes including guild UI Parsing, Log Parsing and quick invent.


Many thanks to PointyHair!


Details below:


==Revision 1493 (PointyHair via yuuzhan)==
  # (minor) FS: Update download URL for GreaseMonkey auto-update
  # (minor) FS: Fix view other guilds
  # (minor) FS: Fix Log parser in Chrome
  # (minor) FS: Added ability to quick drop bound items
  # (minor) FS: Fix url of various images
  # (minor) FS: fix regression in gold upgrades
  # (minor) FS: Fix quick invent

#914967 FSH Update 1492 - Big update

Posted by Yuuzhan on 12 January 2015 - 23:55

PonityHair is getting good at jQuery now!  Lots of updates, with thanks to Kenwyl for providing some of them.
Please see more details about what is fixed below.  Again as always, you have to manually update.
==Revision 1492 (PointyHair via yuuzhan)==
  # (minor) FS: Bio Expander / Hider updates
  # (minor) FS: Fixed guild manage page on Chrome
  # (minor) FS: Fixed offline member check (kenwyl)
  # (minor) FS: Fix buff 16 in group page (kenwyl)
  # (minor) FS: Fix nulls in combat evaluator (kenwyl)
  # (minor) FS: Fix Krul portal icon in old map
  # (minor) FS: Fix Search FSG icon in new world map, map page, creature dialog
  # (minor) FS: Fix self and group stats in relic defence
  # (minor) FS: Fix for Scout Tower
  # (minor) FS: Fix for Recall button on Profile Page in Chrome
  # (minor) FS: Additional combat bias setting (Based on RJEMs suggestion)
  # (minor) FS: Fix/enhance PvP stat display
  # (minor) FS: Fix internal search parameters

#914419 Development Update 8th January 2015

Posted by Yuuzhan on 09 January 2015 - 13:35

Note Canada to the north.  That is where your cold monster lives.  You have T-Shirt weather ;)

#914343 FSH Update 1491

Posted by Yuuzhan on 09 January 2015 - 01:27

Anonther one from PointyHair, with a few small modifications myself!
Automatic update is disabled, so you will have to manually update your clients.
==Revision 1491 (yuuzhan)==
  # (minor) FS: Fixed bio compressor
  # (minor) FS: Shrunk Edit Bio box
  # (minor) FS: Mouseover on Settings Page, as well as a few other tweaks
  # (minor) FS: Inventory forge icon has been fixed on the Bio page
  # (minor) FS: Removed a few more broken functions

#914262 (Another) Titan Idea

Posted by Yuuzhan on 08 January 2015 - 19:49

I like this idea.  As long as the Titan is not getting additional TKP and allow guilds to continually farm for more TKP then I don't see any problems with this.

If you don't like the idea of loosing your hard earned TKP then don't let the Titan heal.  Of course, guilds will probably get players to go visit Titans daily and take a few hits to keep it from healing but this would help in the long run to clearing it out as many will opt to go ahead and finish it off...


I'm actually wondering if 24hrs would be better than 48hrs but lower the percentage to maybe 0.2% per hour for every hour after 24 hours.

(0.2% of 10,000 = 20 per hour)


Orignally I had thought that once it started healing, it wouldnt stop.  I thought of what you were saying, and wanted to plug the loophole of "hit once"  Perhaps you have to do 1% of its HP in damage to restart the timer.  If the timer restarts, I fully agree with 24h.  .2 per hour to me does not seem like enough.  Would take forever (10.5 days to heal 50% of health).  Personally I was thinking to make it much faster, so that any guild trying to snipe would have a better chance of sniping (which would in turn, encourage the securing guild to finish the job).


I am fully open to messing around with the percentages though!


My question about this idea is what if there are multiple guilds attacking the titan and some stop for whatever reason, where does the TK come from if there are multiple guilds with TK on that titan? How will the TK be split from each guild's TK?


It can go one of two ways.  The total healed is divided up equally among any guild (in my example, both guilds lost 500 HP).  But it could also be percentage based (Guild1 has 90% of active kills, Guild1 loses 90% of healed HP (900 in my example))

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