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Suggestion: Saved Blocked Skills Sets

08 September 2015 - 15:24

It is annoying to tick / untick all those buffs every time you want to switch your buffs (yes, i know FSH does tick all, un tick all.  That would be an easy add to HCS code though)


However my suggestion is more to allow users to save their current blocked buffs as a "Set".  I am fully OK with HCS adding Tick all / UnTick all for free, then saved sets are purchased with Gold or FSP.


Just my 2 cents!

Unsold Auction House Items go Straight to Backpack Option

09 April 2015 - 22:01

I got this idea reading the other Auction House Thread.  What if something happens and you cant get back online?


Can we have an option to have expired auctions go straight to our backpack if there is room, otherwise they stay in your mailbox?  This would be a nice catch all for people who have bought the BP, but have something come up and cant come online for a few days.


I personally cannot see any downside / abuse with this option, and it will save a bit of headache at least!

FSH Update 1494 - Do Not Kill Fix

19 February 2015 - 15:48

Just a reminder to everyone, that Auto Update works for Greasemonkey and Tapermonkey.  Chrome users can go back to using Tapermonkey.
After pulling out most of his hair, PointHair has found the issue with the Do Not Kill list.  Feel free to test it out and confirm :)
==Revision 1494 (PointyHair via yuuzhan)==
  # (minor) FS: Fixed Do-Not-Kill list preventing you from killing Titan / Champions on same square
  # (minor) FS: Changed Inventory Filters to default to level 9999 from 2000
  # (minor) FS: Fixed a bug with displaying titan kill percentage
  # (minor) FS: Commented out some unused / broken code.

FSH Update 1493

21 January 2015 - 23:34

Hello Everyone.


Another manual update for users, however lots more fixes including guild UI Parsing, Log Parsing and quick invent.


Many thanks to PointyHair!


Details below:


==Revision 1493 (PointyHair via yuuzhan)==
  # (minor) FS: Update download URL for GreaseMonkey auto-update
  # (minor) FS: Fix view other guilds
  # (minor) FS: Fix Log parser in Chrome
  # (minor) FS: Added ability to quick drop bound items
  # (minor) FS: Fix url of various images
  # (minor) FS: fix regression in gold upgrades
  # (minor) FS: Fix quick invent

FSH Update 1492 - Big update

12 January 2015 - 23:55

PonityHair is getting good at jQuery now!  Lots of updates, with thanks to Kenwyl for providing some of them.
Please see more details about what is fixed below.  Again as always, you have to manually update.
==Revision 1492 (PointyHair via yuuzhan)==
  # (minor) FS: Bio Expander / Hider updates
  # (minor) FS: Fixed guild manage page on Chrome
  # (minor) FS: Fixed offline member check (kenwyl)
  # (minor) FS: Fix buff 16 in group page (kenwyl)
  # (minor) FS: Fix nulls in combat evaluator (kenwyl)
  # (minor) FS: Fix Krul portal icon in old map
  # (minor) FS: Fix Search FSG icon in new world map, map page, creature dialog
  # (minor) FS: Fix self and group stats in relic defence
  # (minor) FS: Fix for Scout Tower
  # (minor) FS: Fix for Recall button on Profile Page in Chrome
  # (minor) FS: Additional combat bias setting (Based on RJEMs suggestion)
  # (minor) FS: Fix/enhance PvP stat display
  # (minor) FS: Fix internal search parameters

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