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#1007501 Fallensword VR!

Posted by BMachine on 20 April 2022 - 14:44

Hi everyone!


This isn't something that Hunted Cow endorse, I'm afraid. We do think it's a cool project but it isn't something we want for our game and we definitely do not want players charging for something like this or creating extra accounts to try it out (both of those things would breach our Terms of Service).


Thanks for your understanding. :)

No worries, assets deleted. 

#1007448 Fallensword VR!

Posted by BMachine on 15 April 2022 - 20:39

Feel free to point out where I've done this. "may be" has followed every statement.

Feel free to go about your day.

#1007407 Fallensword VR!

Posted by BMachine on 11 April 2022 - 15:13

I'm saying, I doubt they will allow a different vessel to play the game be ran by someone other than them.

I'm not arguing for or against it, doesn't matter to me regardless.


Take this as an example, it's basically like someone putting up a separate application to access FS on the app store. Is it the same game sure, however the implications of abuse could be tremendous.


Seems like a passion project, so i say keep it up... looks cool... But don't get your hopes up for it being endorsed to be publicly distributed to the community. If this is the whole drive behind the project i say wrap it up as it's slim to none. 

The interactions between the game and the platform im using are streaming only. Meaning you an stream your browser to the VR simulation. You cannot perform any activities.

With the current platform i am working from they are just rooms posted to a community server. People outside of the game can join unless i set to invite only. It is browser based so you can have it run alongside your fallensword account. There is no buttons or links that can interact with your fallensword account only view the fallensword wiki. No buttons including these features have been planned for this platform. 

With the UNITY version owned by me it will require you to be logged in on the chrome browser or the mozilla browser and from there it will only be able to interact with the buttons on the game with a 1 click 1 action ratio. Meaning if i have an enemy i have listed on my screen i can attach an attack button underneath that will attack the target.

With the UNITY version owned by the cows you would be able to view the attack players tab clearly and interact with it smoothly. It would show everything in a better format because they already have the collections so it would just be making a template then filling it out using hyperlinks that they already have. They could also implement direct messaging other players or sending items etc when inspecting their avatar. They could also implement the shoutbox and FS Box.

As far as whether the public will enjoy my project or not i believe they will. I will more then likely see you on there, You say now it matters nothing but when 3 of your mates are streaming chats with rivals in a setting surrounded by fallensword memorabilia im sure you will swing around. When you see the items in the 'discontinued items' Section of the gallery you will want your name on the list of players/guilds that own that set or item.

Do you own a player created creature EpicPiety? would you like that displayed somewhere that is always accessible by the public in a 3D setting. Would you also like to show people the sets and creatures on a wall alongside others that have achieved a legendary creature.


What im offering cannot be abused because i created it with the intent of making the game easier to understand aswell as have a more interactive way of learning the game. This is better then being thrown 100 wikis on what to wear, what buff when after who which and why. Just 1 3D setting with portals to the setting you find relevant to the activity your doing or the person your trying to teach is doing. You go from hoping they have read that wiki to know they have seen that wall. 

With that type of interaction of learning it will entice players to look at every wall in that entire 3D setting to give them the upper hand aswell as show them important tools that we might see as common knowledge but its the first time they have seen it. With this type of library and accessibility to knowledge even veterans to this game will find it easier to navigate to the relevant info then going through pages of invention items or wiki pages during LE events. Save several FSP when searching for rare RP items, find lifetime buffers, travelling composers, Avi makers, list goes on.


#1007359 Fallensword VR!

Posted by BMachine on 07 April 2022 - 01:12

Look, making this whether it was easy or hard I will give you props. I know many are surprised maybe even shocked of this concept but for FS...na. FS is simple and with this you are trying to change it to make it seem something different. You may have a passion for the game in which I see you have brought it to VR but I think in my opinion, the community is fine with where the game is play at and (APP  :wacko: ). So keep up the good work and as you know, this is a big NO for me, some may like it but this aint chief. 

Dont knock it till you try it, imagine a room in your house filled with all the information on FS you could need with every screen around you rather then sitting behind tabs? my first thought was no to VR. but once i learnt the tools and used it myself i saw its capabilities. If Hoofmaster allows it i will post a public server for you to see for yourself and decide from there :) 
Best way to put it is imagine walking into a bar and being able to either talk to someone behind the counter for some compose potions or artisan potions and have them sent to your BP. If the players are offline or off VR you could leave a note which could ping all the 'bartenders' that there is a request for x potions from x player.
Another one could be you walk into a merchants store where you can send requests for items at x price and they can ST you the item if they like the offer.
The possibilities are endless.

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