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Springtime Forest opens!

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Posted 28 March 2024 - 16:05

Hi there everyone!


The Springtime Forest is open once again. The following beasts lurk in the dark......


Masaryk The Dark (STF Legendary)



Masaryk The Dark is a Unicorn of purest evil and is said to have at one point been the favoured steed of the Shadow Lord. Masaryk has a mind bent only on destruction and is a master of dark sorcery. The root of his powers are said to be held within his horn that he uses much like a wand in battle against the powers of light.


Recommended Level: 5+


Goldstrike (STF Legendary)



The greatest Opinicus to fly the sky’s is Goldstrike. He is the most ferocious of all his kind and is well known for his darting strikes from the clouds above. It is said he got his name from the last thing his victims ever see, a golden bolt of fur and feathers.


Recommended Level: 100+


Gullinkambi (STF Legendary)



Gullinkambi is a terror to behold. This monster is said to have been sent by the very gods themselves to punish mortals and its appearance signifies great doom upon the world. It is said the Gullinkambi was given the form of a giant Rooster so that any warrior killed by it would have the dishonour of being killed by a giant chicken. The gods are cruel indeed...


Recommended Level: 250+


Ammit the Devourer (STF Legendary)



Ammit the Devourer is a great reptilian beast that is said in ancient texts to savour the souls of its victims the most. Ammit is said to prefer the souls of those who sin, hunting these people across the world before killing them in a gruesome way and devouring their soul...


Recommended Level: 400+


Assiris the Lamassu (STF Legendary)



Assiris the Lamassu is a creature of great power from distant desert lands. Assiris is a magical mix of man, bull and eagle and swoops in his prey from the sky, crushing them with his hooves and great weight before snorting a victory bellow.


Recommended Level: 550+


Glauckii (STF Legendary)



The eerie beast known as Glauckii, after the only noise it makes as it crushes the skulls of its foes is one of the rarely seen race of Strigursa. The Strigursa are mysterious and few know about them but they are said to be peaceful. What spurs on Glauckii's rampage and apparent hate for any he come across is unknown but his rage knows no bounds...


Recommended Level: 700+


Master Barbnisis (STF Legendary)



Master Barbnisis is a Faun of legendary skill with the sword. When a warrior meets Barbnisis a duel will take place. The master has little time for the unskilled and will quickly beat them in combat but for the few he deems worthy and the even smaller number that fully beat him in a duel he rewards kindly.


Recommended Level: 850+


Sir Vakalem (STF Legendary)



Sir Vakalem was once one of the greatest yet controversial members of the Radiant Paladins of Karthak and a true warrior against Darkness. He believed that the best way to fight evil was to turn the weapons of the most powerful foes of the Order against themselves. He was wrong and although he was strong in his faith he became corrupted by the Darkness and committed unspeakable crimes against the innocent. To this day he is hunted by the very order he once belonged to who wish to bring this blemish on their order to an end. 


Recommended Level: 950+


Princess Naamah (STF Legendary)



To attract the gaze of Princess Naamah is said to invite a most pleasurable death. This Princess of the Succubus is amongst the most skilled and deadly of their kind. She has no preferences on who her victims are but insists they die with a smile on their faces, which she then flays and nails to the inside of her devilish home as decoration...


Recommended Level: 1100+


Su Kellos (STF Legendary)



Su Kellos is an ancient Elemental being charged by the God Osverin to protect groves and plants sacred to him. Su Kellos is said to be as of the seasons and is encountered mostly during the warm months when the plants and groves are full of life. Unfortunately this is when he is at his most dangerous for strangers treading upon a sacred flower or despoiling a holy place will invoke his wrath and it is mighty indeed!


Recommended Level: 1310+


Old Man Tapio (STF Legendary)



Old Man Tapio dwells deep in the forests rarely emerging until spring when he resumes his duty as carer and planter of new saplings and young trees. 

He is an extremely ancient being and like many old creatures prefers his peace and quiet. To disturb the Old man is to incur his wrath and his wrath is mighty indeed. 


Recommended Level: 1530+


Jarilo (STF Legendary)



A mysterious and dangerous Elf warrior dwells in these forests in spring. She is known to the the Wood Elves as Jarilo, The name of their fearsome forest goddess whom the Elves believe she is the chosen of. To enter the forest at this time is said to unleash the Goddess's fury, it is best to stay out of the trees till summer...


Recommended Level: 1810+


Freyana (STF Legendary)



Freyana is a heathen goddess, one who symbolises the wild and untamed forces of nature. This blonde Goddess is frequently seen wearing her horned helm and wielding her rune-encrusted sword, sweeping into battle on her chariot drawn by large cats, her cloak of feathers billowing behind her.


Recommended Level: 2100+


Artiorious (STF Legendary)



Artiorious is another heathen goddess of the forest. A creature that wanes during the winter and waxs in spring. Her usual form is that of a vast bear with a strange, tree like form growing from her back. As spring has arrived, Artiorious has awoken from the winter hibernation and is full of life, though very, very hungry!


Recommended Level: 2380+


Cernuthraas (STF Legendary)



Cernuthraas is a forest spirit of prodigious power and influence. Shifting between a horned humanoid, clad in cloaks and robes of greenery and a stag like beast, with a wood like flesh and antlers that look like young trees or saplings. He is a gentle soul but careless abuse of the forest and it's myriad forms of life can transform him into a ferocious foe!


Recommended Level: 2650+


Argillaceous (STF Legendary)



The vast Earthen Elemental Argillaceous roams throughout the Realms, granting life and strength where needed through the clay-like earthy power of his own body. He is a gentle giant but can be roused to terrible anger by the careless actions of others, or the appearance of dark forces.


Recommended Level: 2925+


Typhonicus (STF Legendary)



Typhonicus is a vast monster of prodigious power. This beast has a human torso, with wings erupting from his back and twin snake-like bodies tapering from his waist. With a body like this, he is inhumanly fast which, coupled with his vast strength makes him a potent terror in the Realms!


Recommended Level: 3225+


Chloria Budblossom (STF Legendary)



Chloria Budblossom is a spirit of Spring. Everywhere she goes, life erupts in bountiful glory. She can turn near-dead landscapes into flourishing green meadows. Wildlife spontaneously arrives, mostly hares and birds but occasionally deer! This wildlife defends her on her trek.


Recommended Level: 3525+


Kokotecas (STF Legendary)



Kokotecas is a trickster. She delights in causing trouble and playing mischievous pranks. She skips through unsuspecting villages, hiding tools, food and toys from the poor villagers! She appears in spring, when new life is appearing after the hard winter months.


Recommended Level: 3825+


Flowerheart (STF Legendary)



Flowerheart is a flower dryad. Her lithe form is supple and flexible, covered in flower blooms. For all of her innocuous appearance, she is still a dryad. She is able to morph her form into a war aspect, limbs shifting into whips or piercing lances. Those who invade her realm will come to fear her wrath!


Recommended Level: 4125+


Gowdie the Were Hare (STF Legendary)



Gowdie the Were Hare used to be a simple country witch. She found herself at loggerheads with Fae in the area. They felt she was causing too much trouble which was, rightly or wrongly, bringing attention upon the Fae. This did not stop her, thus the Fae turned her into a werehare. A strange creature, a were hare is superbly fast and magical. Unfortunately for the Fae, Gowdie caused ever more trouble, leading the townspeople to drive the Fae off. Gowdie continues to cause mischief to this day.


Recommended Level: 4425+


Auntie Hystamein (STF Legendary)



Auntie Hystamein was a kindly witch who used her considerable powers to heal all who needed her help. This changed when the Shadow Lord tainted her soul with the shroud! Now she reduces everyone to puffy-eyed, snotty-nosed misery with clouds of shroud-tinged pollen!


Recommended Level: 4725+


The Painted Monarch (STF Legendary)



An amphiptere resembling a large butterfly, the Painted Monarch is more foul than fair. Emerging during the spring, this dragon has a penchant for blood. Dark wizards covet the dreadful powder that falls from its wings.


Recommended Level: 5025+


Archfey Nilnerroth (STF Legendary)



A jealous Archfey commands power over the change of seasons. As fickle as the magic he wields, Nilnerroth is generous with his gifts but is quick to take them away. In preparation to wage war against his twin brother, Valnerroth, he promises power to warriors who cross his path in exchange for loyalty. Terrible things happen to those that refuse ...


Recommended Level: 5325+


Doomhedge Strangler (STF Legendary) (NEW!)



Walls of blossoms and bushes delight the verdant pathways of many a forest, inspiring poets and painters alike as they traverse the wild parts of the world. But, as this is Erildath, even these beautiful roads can hide terrible monsters. Meet the many-armed Doomhedge Strangler: a master of disguise that strikes silently when a tasty meal walks by.


Recommended Level: 5550+


Can you overcome these vile creatures?


The Legendaries will be roaming the Realms until 16:00 on the 10th of April.


Finally, four Seasonal Titans are stalking the realms!


Prodigious Pullus (STF Titan)



From the depths of the Springtime Forest, the demonic Prodigious Pullus looms! This vast Springtime Chick is a monster born of darkness! The purple flame of the Shadow Lord's minions flows off the gigantic, adorably fluffy feathers of this huge demonic chick!


Recommended Level:90


Skeletal Horror (STF Titan)



Around Springtime, a new horror is making it's presence known.This immense skeletal rabbit is hopping around, shedding chunks of it's rotting body around the realms, spreading disease and plague. This horrible creature must be destroyed!


Recommended Level: 400+


The Choco Glob (STF Titan)



A famous chocolatier once snubbed a powerful mage. This mage, outraged at such treatment, cast an unusual and highly powerful spell, granting the high quality chocolate anima. The first act of the ensorcelled chocolate was to absorb the doomed chocolatier, adding his tortured soul to its own. Now, it is dragging its deliciously dangerous form through the streets, looking for more sweet tooths victims.


Recommended Level: 800+


Abominable Springtime Lamb (STF Titan)



An adorable wee lamb was frolicking in his field, enjoying life, when an evil (and bad tempered) wizard wandered past. Seeing such happiness, he drew vast power into himself and and poured the dark power into the lamb. The vile power made the lamb swell into titanic proportions and it's agonised mind made the poor creature turn and destroy all around it. The abominable springtime lamb now appears at this time of year bringing death and destruction to all in it's path.


Recommended Level: 1300


Weregiant Rabbit (STF Titan)



When the springtime festivities descend upon the realms, there is a 1 in 1,000,000 chance that an innocent little rabbit will suddenly transform into a Weregiant monstrosity. Of course, with just how many rabbits there are in the world, 1,000,000 isn't that much at all!


Recommended Level: 3100+


The Egg (STF Titan)



It's a giant egg...


Recommended Level: 3600+


The Seasonal Titans will be roaming the Realms until 16:00 on the 10th of April.


Good luck everyone!


~ The Fallen Sword Team

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Posted 12 April 2024 - 11:28

Hi there.
The Springtime Forest has closed for another year and the old Season Titans have respawned.
All players in the Forest have been teleported to the Mountain Path. 
We hope you enjoyed the event!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

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