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In Topic: Support Tickets

06 June 2023 - 23:43

I put in 2 tickets on the 25th May (#9168 / #9169) which got a reply asking for more details 8 days ago. That detail, or as much as i could give, was supplied 8 days ago. Subsequently, i've heard nothing, despite trying to chase up 1 of them.

can they please be actioned ?

i was going to do a ticket about the broken report button in the game about reporting a nasty message. which i had to google cause it was in txt code. but waiting a week for a real reply would piss me off. and its most likely been report it been like it for days. 

In Topic: Unbearable Lag

24 May 2023 - 15:48

5-7 seconds to load a page im kinda over it. been like it at less a week. i do hate coming here to moan but can you at less fix it? cows? 


not my end https://www.speedtes...14777884000.png

In Topic: Pvp ladders

07 April 2023 - 05:16

Theres not one comment from hcs on this. why? its still a problem and its unfair 

In Topic: Pvp ladders

25 December 2022 - 00:47

You are free to interpret it that way. But you are coming after me and rockit specifically when people have been doing the same thing for years.

Good day

not ladders on there own. where no one can join. mayb put both you into the same ladder then. then you have to share the medal and the pvp tokens. which is more fair, you just dont want it changed cause someone has bought it up. and your lose out on tokens. And as for rockitman5 he isnt even a pvp player hes join the ladder on his own to make fsp and its no cost to him to stay at first spot. hes a PVE Player not a PVP player his medals of no dominance proves this. also to the players who join a ladder and afk it cost them gold to repair there gear or epics and they lose levels. which nether of you do, so all you do is build stam and make money fsp buying fsp at high building gold and enlisting 500 fsp for 150k each yea i saw that lastnight ep. you had 60m you wouldnt do that if a player in your pvp range could hit you on a ladder. you dont want changes cause then you cant do what you want which is,


to build stam 

can wear epics 24-7 when not titan hunting

easy dominance medal

no cost to repair anything

cant lose levels cause no one can hit you

can have big lot of unbanked gold to get cheaper fsp in large fsp market sales

dont have to use any buffs or composing pots ladder pots or GE event pots or xmas pots


to me you and rockitman5 are using a explorts to do the above list. And you though no one would noticed 


i think the cows need to at less put you both in the same ladder which is 5550 to 6550. 

In Topic: Pvp ladders

24 December 2022 - 22:18

the ladders are a joke yes there are afker geting tokens cause most the time the players cant beat the guy who is potted up with xmas chests, yes you open your wallet and spent thousands of dollars as a leveler. good job. but why should rockitman5 get a free pvp medals hes a leveler doesnt even have a ladder medal. so all the years as a leveler and now since at a range no one can hit hes become a pvper player? to get free medals and tokens at the cost of what nothing? 


so your saying pay to win spent thousands of usa dollars to get a free ladder on your own?

almost every player that goes on the ladder has to spent stam. gold fsp composing pots and ladder pots goble pots and xmas pots that cost alot to stay at the top. mean while ep and rockitman can sit if epics have no one to hit them. spenting hours getting free medals. why cause you have a bigger bank or more real money than most others? 


the upper ladders need to change. and yes im calling this out. oh before you cry. but i earn this ladder. no not really you got there by being a PVE and now no one can hit your now a pvp player this the feeling this what rockitman5 is doing hes not a pvp ladder player. its a explort what rockitman5 is doing. 


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