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In Topic: Pop ups

10 April 2015 - 22:12

You can quickly clear your screen with ctrl + spacebar.


You can also opt out of quest popups in options; fair warning that this applies to all quest popups, not just the ones for dailies.  I personally find it worth it, but just fyi.

In Topic: Highland Dress Kilt (blue) different worn than shown

02 February 2015 - 03:49

It's not a bug.  The Highland set is unique in that the vanity appears different depending on the gender of the character wearing it.  If you put that kilt on a male character, it would appear as shown in the preview.  The top changes as well.


This is what it looks like on male characters: e7c569.png


And this is what it looks like on my female character (sorry it's so small): dqlvs3.png

In Topic: Golden Reinedor Statue in fountain

30 December 2014 - 19:45

Go grovel to a statue that actually exists. >.<' xD


In Topic: Smarter PvP Matchmaking

23 November 2014 - 10:14

I agree that a better matchmaking system needs to be implemented, and this is a common sentiment among pvpers.  As HCS has a ton on their plate at the moment, I'd say putting in level tiers would be the most efficient solution for the time being.  I think the range you suggested in another post would be best in addressing concerns over population: dividing players by levels 10-29 and 30-45.


There have been enough level 45 pvpers (and some 30s-40s) recently that sometimes 2 matches will run at once.  With the Steam release, there's been enough of an influx of level 13-20s trying out pvp that I feel lower levels could fill up matches as well.  So no, the reason of insufficient population is no longer adequate justification.  Lower levels should also have somewhere to have an even playing ground for pvp; enough opportunities for curb-stomping exist on ta.


Wildly imbalanced teams are fun for no one.  If I wanted to shoot fish in a barrel, I'd go grind mobs.

In Topic: Thread for Typos

05 September 2014 - 05:50


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