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#980118 GvG rework proposal

Posted by Brice on 25 April 2017 - 00:57

I love it +1 ..... i hope that this can kick start a change in the GvG system, I know it would be much tougher for a larger guild to defend a GvG, but on the flip side there would be disadvantages to the smaller guilds too. This definitely has potential...even if we could get something close to what your asking would and could be a massive improvement to the GvG aspect of the game.

Best of Luck Rye!!! I will be following this thread with great interest ;)

And for the players that are whining about being paid for GvG's...FIGHT FOR YOUR GUILD!!! DEFEND FOR YOUR GUILD!!! :D that should be more rewarding than a couple of purple dots!!!

That's my 2 cents

#966396 Unable to join Arena

Posted by Brice on 31 July 2016 - 11:43

Here would be a simple fix to this (I think) I'm fine with the rule and always have stood by HCS on this, but I know this topic has come up multiple times over the years, in which, the most frustrating thing I hear is how players gear up for an Arena only to find they can't enter.....so, (if it is possible) why not make it possible to see on the Arena page that a player is unable to join an Arena by highlighting it in Red... kind of like how HCS shows you you can't enter the next realm until you complete a quest or level up... I am on board with helping the Arena but I don't think changing this rule would help much.


#961654 Updated and New Arena Potions

Posted by Brice on 01 April 2016 - 23:05

Just wanted to say THANKS BG for listening and thanks to all the Cows for the update ;)

#961144 Arena Potions...

Posted by Brice on 22 March 2016 - 22:31

Arena potions are certainly something I can look at. Just give some suggestions.
Fallen Sword is doing just fine, that's why there IS constant work done on it. Now, stay on topic please. 
Topic : Arena potions.

Thanks for looking into this BG :)

I wasn't asking for Arena pots to be as potent as composing pots..Composers have invested and worked very hard to get to the level they are at in composing and my hats off to them... I would just like to see a simple upgrade to existing potion that are currently in the Arena Store(but not going to argue about new ones either) ;) let's keep this as simple as possible....
Here are my suggestions on upgrades to the potions:

Enchanted boots lvl 100

Enchanted helm lvl 100

Enchanted weapon lvl 1250

Librarian lvl 350

Flinch lvl 300

Terrorize lvl 300

Last ditch lvl 300

Twinkle toes lvl 1250

Brew master is fine where it is...

See where I'm going here...I would like to see a few potions just below max composing pots but higher than they currently are, maybe a few that match but cost more to acquire them...this gives a simple boost in Arena activity and doesn't crash the value of composing

Thanks again for listening :)

#960997 Arena Potions...

Posted by Brice on 20 March 2016 - 19:41

I'm sure it was suggested before and probably missed it in some Forum somewhere....I am a consumer of the composing pots...I feel that they were a great addition to the game...but my point is the Arena Potions used to be the "mighty" potions of the game...just would like to see them upgraded so they were close to or competitive against the composed pots :)

#960973 Arena Potions...

Posted by Brice on 20 March 2016 - 14:24

Just throwing this out to the FS World :)

Since the evolution of composing pots( in which are great )it has unfortunately destroyed the value of the once great Arena potions. All of the Arena store items are now literally worth nothing I feel at the very least HCS can upgrade the Arena Potions to be competitive against composing Potions. The only 2 potions worth anything really are the Cloak and Brew Master pots in the Arena...besides those 2 I feel it is fair to ask for upgraded Arena Pots. ;)

Keep up the Great work HCS in improving the game we all love

#956801 PvP Season Renewal

Posted by Brice on 09 January 2016 - 20:09

I'm all in for another season ;) BUT I would like to stress that the biggest flaw with the last pvp season was that there wasn't any idle time between being able to hit the same player and unfortunately (not by our choice) everyone felt like a bully due to how often the same players kept popping up and you had no choice but to hit them because it starting getting too expensive to keep skipping them. If there was a way that they(HCS) could put a cool down time before you can hit the same player(like the PvP Ladder) I feel it would negate players feeling like they were being bullied AND it would add more strategy to it because it would eliminate players from coming in at the last 2 hours of the event and burning 75K stam to make a run to the top just like what happens in a Global Event with players wanting to be in the top 100. The PvP seasons should involve strategy and timing calculated hits to achieve being on the top not burning massive amounts of stam and swinging a sword wildly around to achieve being on top.

Just my 2 cents ;)

#953711 Its all TOM's fault

Posted by Brice on 22 November 2015 - 06:10

>_< dang it!!! I'm out of likes...thanks Tom

#947468 Old Arena System ( 2008 Style ) + Suggestions

Posted by Brice on 03 September 2015 - 01:25

I saw the poll and I voted a big fat NO....leave the 25% rule in place it's there for a reason ....there are advantages in boosting one player to excel in the Arena if 4 players are working together for one players benefit....want an example???? Here ya go....let's say a player wanted there bronze Arena medal and you had 3 other guildies willing to help you...3 players on purpose lose to excel that player into the final round to up the chances of winning in the final round...hence 1 Arena win tick...even if a random spawning of matching up players still leans in there favor...and if those 3 players purposely run a combat set move that will lose to the favoring player if they were to match up against one of there guildies in a final round...it also would be an automatic win....another way it can be abused is just simply by letting one player rack up Arena tokens by bumping them into the later rounds of an Arena....THE ARENA MEDAL IS ONE OF THE HARDEST TO ACHIEVE IN THIS GAME....Keep it that way....the Arena is now fine tuned with the blending of Gold Tourneys and Token Tourneys...this alone has helped move the Arena along greatly!!!!nice work on that HCS ;)



Just my opinion on the matter

#946043 PvP Ladder Rewards - what would you like to see?

Posted by Brice on 20 August 2015 - 23:28

I have a kind off topic Question....when HCS went back to the old PvP system I noticed that they reissued everyone's PvP Ladder tokens....BUT WHY DIDNT US PLAYERS THAT HORDED AND WORK HARK FOR OUR PRESTIGE BANK NOT GET IT BACK???? I like seeing 7,000+ PvP prestige in my stats...and would have loved to have been able to regulate it.....oh well...guess I will just have to rebuild it ;)

#946040 Update v2.84

Posted by Brice on 20 August 2015 - 23:23

Great work Hoof!!!! And all of HCS...I was happy when you all implemented the Token Arenas...but was really bummed when you took away the Gold Tourneys...I really lost all interest in the Arena and only played out of habit...Gold Tourneys were my main source of gold for making Deposits into my guild...yes..yes...could have exchanged tokens for gold...ya...ya...BUT IT WASNT THE SAME!!!! At least from this little simple player....YOU MADE MY MONTH!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!! :D :D

#946038 Old Arena System ( 2008 Style ) + Suggestions

Posted by Brice on 20 August 2015 - 23:17

Hoof...I personally want to thank you and HCS for intermixing Token and Gold Arenas...THIS IS WHAT I WANTED TO SEE :D now I am fully and completely happy with the Arena once again!!!!!!

#929700 Fallen Sword App Preview #1

Posted by Brice on 24 April 2015 - 02:40

1,000 thank you's for all the work you Cows are putting to this!!! Keep up the good work!! Looks great!!!

#927657 Old Arena Issuse

Posted by Brice on 09 April 2015 - 04:16

I think it's reasonable enough but we have other reasons for the removal of the old system. It's certainly something I can discuss with Hoofmaster, Zorg and Mojawk.

Thank you Grim for your reply on this thread...and thank you for talking with the other Cows on behalf of us Arena players...that is all we can ask... ;)
Although what you were replying to has no concern about this forum it still means a lot that your listening

#927171 Old Arena Issuse

Posted by Brice on 06 April 2015 - 11:06

Thats a good idea. Lets remove the restriction, or up it to 50% for a time, and see how it works.

Let's not say we do

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