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An Open Letter to the Fallensword team

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#1 DeadParrot



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Posted 06 November 2014 - 20:33


An Open Letter to the Fallensword team,


The following statement is long over due and with the current state of the game, is appropriate and timely. ...you ask, who do I think I am? I am a long time player (very long) who wishes the larger community to understand what has truly gone wrong with Fallensword, not just the edited and deleted version that is put forth.


The current state of the game is in disrepair. EoC players are leaving, few new players are entering the fray, and those that do, leave with shocking velocity. The forums are an uninviting place, reserved for the elite (who are lauded for their views, others not so much), and the complacent; for those who dare not question the higher-uppers for fear of retribution or the all-too-frequent bans. Those who thank their lucky stars for ANYTHING to be done is this game have low standards and encourage the game designers to meet those low standards. Numbers in this game have declined in recent years, this is no coincidence as administration of this game passed from Hoof to others. Additionally, ideas such as composing, have come from players, not from administration, begging the question, who is watching this game from on-high? We all know that Fallensword boasts the most loyal and consistent player base in HCS-dom, so why has this game been neglected for the likes of iOS games and Eldevin? The questions may not be answered, and frankly, players are not owed an answer. However, developers have the option of respecting their player base...or losing it forever. Here are my observations in the last few years:


  • The Fallensword team has transferred administration from Hoof to mere moderators as the team sits now....coding and updates are not a priority, shown by empirical evidence.

  • The game and forum moderators are combative and engage in personal attacks, they lack professionalism, which is not required of the customer, but is an advisable trait of an employee.

  • Punitive measures have no consistency and extent is determined based on the party who complains.

  • There are frequent implementation and grammatical errors in events in recent years.

  • The game is constantly being watered down and convoluted based on the views of the few, who are now becoming the majority as active player numbers dwindle.

  • The real money to ingame currency is shockingly expensive is relation to the FSP to gold exchange rate from the early renditions of this game. There is very little value for the money.

  • Players, as mentioned, are leaving in droves, myself included. The results of this post is of no consequence to my game play or character.  I am not seeking change or results.  

  • The long range plans of the game are unclear, as evidenced by the constant slogging of leveling content, and re-hash of events; nothing truly changes. Each change seems patchwork.

  • Content and upgrade roadmaps are largely ignored or pushed off so far that deadlines have very little meaning, what message does this send to the remaining player base?

  • There are so many more issues, PvP, GvG, the vocal minority who continually steer the game, the pay-to-win gear system, Arena gear dominance, top guild titan dominance, scavenging (really??), the bounty board....and on and on. But the problems outlined above clearly indicate that the daily and periodic implementation of Fallen sword is faulty, broken, and clearly shows a lack of respect for the player base.

  • I care not to get into a game of semantics and minute detail.  Those who concern themselves with this are clouding the real core issues. I also don't welcome responses, as these items are not up for debate.  If you feel they are....again, you are clouding core issues.


Just because you disagree or are offended, doesn't mean you're right. You may not like the message or the messenger, but that doens't mean the message is flawed. So sad when a child doens't realize their obvious potential....


Good day, Fallen sword.




A former player

Swearing, even starred out, is not acceptable on the forums. Cheers!

#2 BadPenny



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Posted 06 November 2014 - 20:54

You really leave nothing left to say, dear dear deceased bird.  I am sad to see you go.  

Just one old lady's opinion




~Love, Penny


Have you hugged your Quango lately?

#3 mimdala



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Posted 06 November 2014 - 21:07

This is excellent, and SO VERY VERY true. Thank you for posting this! we love FS, so the points you listed above are all the more frustrating. Basically, if it were not for friends in the game, many players would have left long ago (I know this for a fact).


HCS, Please do not lock this thread and confirm everything written above :(


#4 johnagod



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Posted 06 November 2014 - 21:17

It will be interesting to see how this post is reacted to. Personally I find this very accurate and this is only because I've been around since 2008 and have also witnessed a huge change in recent years. Sad to see yet another veteran of this game leave, but I wish you luck in your life and future doings :)

#5 Hoofmaster


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Posted 06 November 2014 - 21:21

Hi DeadParrot,


I appreciate the feedback, however be assured that we plan to dedicate a lot of time to the improvement of Fallen Sword. I agree that we have been busy lately with the Eldevin release on Steam, but be assured that we intend fully to allocate more resources in the very near future to making improvements to Fallen Sword.


Radneto, Zorg and myself will be taking a much more active role in the game design and community in the coming months to help improve many aspects of the game going forward. I realise these are only words, but be assured that this is going to be a very high priority for us.



Andrew (Hoof)

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