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#1009529 Global Event - Zombie Yeomen XVII

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 05 July 2023 - 16:08

Hey everyone, thank you for the event.

Just checking, is the Darksun Global Event out of the rotation? It has been a good while since the last one.

#1009179 Planned GvG Updates

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 27 March 2023 - 16:08


Actually it's quite the opposite, smaller guilds have a way easier time defending because it's less members, less possible targets.

Any big guilds full of EOCs are easily farmed, a single person can have like 10+ targets to hit.

It's easy to attack back, normally, due to the access to those things you mentioned, but if you're going against a GvG focused guild with a small team with access to the same benefits it's almost impossible without throwing some Epic pots in the mix...Which is fine if the two guilds want to compete at this level for brag rights/personal goals, it's a reasonable thing to do, but to spend so much just to get some RP with a draw, no one does it.

Limiting the use of high level potions in PvP/GvG defeat the purpose of those pots/composing even existing, I guarantee most of the players in the game have enough Epic levelling pots to hunt for years, the whole reason people buy them with real money is to use it on those occasions.

#1009113 Planned GvG Updates

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 14 March 2023 - 20:03

I agree with everything since it starts on a trial basis.

Expanding the ranges should go along with the reduce time for "inactives", otherwise you gonna reduce the available targets way too much to make the trial viable.

And I like the idea of a Ladder system for GvG, maybe create a separate area for it? So Guilds can still battle for an overall Top GvG guild, but in another area Guilds can fight for the Ladder part? Maybe with prizes/perks?

#1008842 Pvp ladders

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 26 December 2022 - 15:58

Kinda related to the topic, I think that after lvl 5000 the brackets can be extended to 1000 instead of 500.

About the topic itself, the system is in place for years, don't need to change just because someone did it, if people were really concerned about this, it should've been discussed way in the past

#1008091 Game Update v3.9 / App Update v1.2

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 05 August 2022 - 16:47

Golden Idol would take almost 2 years to get, that while holding 6 Relics.

I'd say it should be halved, some Guilds don't have 6 Relics, and 1 year to get it should be enough.

#1007801 GvG - The Rejuvenation

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 14 June 2022 - 23:35

[quote name="ColtColt" post="1007800"
2- Prevent any recruitment during a GVG (use your members to defend yourself)

With Titans, you can't hit any Titans through the first 7 days you join a guild (Still able to hit through personal cooldown), so the system already exists, just adapt something similar, and I think it's a good thing to have...Guilds can still recruit anyone, but that person cannot be hitted, or hit anyone in the conflict.

#1007780 Legendary Event!

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 12 June 2022 - 15:16

On that note, have seem multiple people saying that the left cave has no LE on it.

#1007429 Fallensword VR!

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 14 April 2022 - 13:52

Let's say someone creates a VR medium for Instagram, without a direct contract with Facebook/Meta, that person could get sued due to copyright infringement, you would be putting a content out there that let people know and interact with the product which wasn't approved by the creators.

Now imagine that person reaching Instagram VR for the first time never heard of normal Instagram before, that would be their first interaction with it, if they don't like it, Facebook/Meta lost a possible costumer due to something made by someone out of the company, and that would be a problem, a legal one.

It can be something similar happening here, but I believe HCS is more flexible with those terms, so I'd recommend you getting direct approval with the devs before going further with this.

(I believe that's what EP is trying to point out to you)

#1007416 Fallensword VR!

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 13 April 2022 - 00:24

I don't want to be pessimistic, but if you're using FS as a base to learn how to program and make VR stuff, then it's a fine project to have, even to share it and get other's opinions...But it isn't something the game needs, honestly, you won't really get much positive feedback about it....But again, as a study subject, something to train your mind with, then that's more than fine and I appreciate you're enthusiasm on it.

#1007325 Important News regarding the Update

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 02 April 2022 - 23:08

The whole idea of the buff Assist is flawed to start with, I don't think that buff is even needed on the game...Maybe if Assist could work with anyone around X level, not just on your friends list, then yeah, I could see it being reasonable (but still pretty useless)

I really like the idea behind Death Dealer, it's the only buff that takes your Kill Streak into consideration, if we had a Death Dealer that buffed other or multiple stats it could be useful for SE/Titan hunting (sometimes)...A Death Dealer that increased your XP Gain would be interesting to see, how people would work out the math of having that extra XP Gain against doing a suicide hunt...But I don't think any other XP Gain buff is needed.

#1007267 Defending and Attacking a relic.. Changes

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 28 March 2022 - 08:25

I think removing ROT would be the best scenario

I share the same opinion to be honest.

#1007262 Defending and Attacking a relic.. Changes

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 27 March 2022 - 13:51

One thing i think there should be atleast when a guild wins defending the attack other guild should have to wait out the 1 hr before they can attack again rather then just randomly hitting till they get it.

I think this, groups lasting 1 Relic attack, and a Reign of Terror buff for defending would be an easy step in the right direction to fix relics.

#1007205 App Update v.1.0.12!

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 20 March 2022 - 16:45

Just implement the change for 2 buttons everywhere "Attack with 10 stamina" and "Attack with 100 stamina", implement it on App and browser and that's it, good for everyone

#1006930 Defending and Attacking a relic.. Changes

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 15 February 2022 - 20:01

I would also say that the 5~10 attacks per group shouldn't count for Relic captures, Hoof said in the past the multiple attacks per group wouldn't count towards Relic attacks, no idea why that changed...Or never got fixed, for me the group should dissolve after 1 Relic attack, winning or losing, it's way too easy to make 1 group survives for 10 hours+ of Relic Captures... Having to create new groups would at least force the guild to be more active during Relic wars.

#1006490 DXP and Yuletide begin!

Posted by yghorbeviahn on 17 December 2021 - 23:26

Honestly, from a business point of view, there should be current stamina sale for the full length of the both DXP events, and a max stamina sale one week before it...That would be nice.

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