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#916539 Fallen Sword Mobile - Development Preview

Posted by PhurieDae on 22 January 2015 - 14:29

Hey guys!
You don’t see me too often in this section of the forums, so hello!
Since we reopened after the holidays, Hoofmaster and I have been working hard on the Fallen Sword mobile app and I have some early previews of the main World layout to show you! Though I hope it’s obvious, the “art” is all basic placeholder graphics and the final app will look much, much cooler. But this should give you an idea of how we’re making Fallen Sword fit into the palm of your hand.
iPhone 5/5s Preview




The app will be available for tablets as well, but we’re beginning with the phone design so we’re sure the game will be fun to play on the smallest screens available. 
 And some details on what exactly everything is, for the curious:




1. Your userpic, name, level and experience.

2. Time until your next gold and stamina gain.

3. Your battle log. For those of you that don’t want to see every fight play out in full and plow through enemies quickly, this will record the detailed results so you can go back and view them whenever you like

4.  From left to right: Messages (this will include your private messages as well as your log), Character, Menu (access everything from your current Actions and Top Rated), Guild and Upgrades.

5.  Your current gold and FSP and quick buttons to add more.

6.  Movement D-pad.

7.  Action buttons. Some, like Instant Portal will be there permanently, while other buttons like stairways and shops will only appear when you’re on a map tile with those actions available.

8.  Current stamina and a button to get more quickly.

9.  Attack button and actions. These will change based on whether you have a creature or player selected - for example, Chat will only appear for players, and we could potentially have a Quick Buff button here as well.

10.  Equipment durability, so you can see when it’s getting low.

11.  Your present tile, available targets and the Refresh button. As you attack, the game will automatically target the next creature to the right, and you’ll be able to swipe the list across to see how many are lurking about.

12.  Other players. We won’t automatically target other players, to save everyone unintended PvP incidents from spamming the attack button!


We’re still working on how combat will play out but we want to make sure it’s quick, fluid and fun for the veterans who like to hack through creatures as swiftly as possible, but easy to understand for FS newbies as well. The Character panel is currently in progress so we should have something more to show you soon!

#900313 Please add Hud size option !

Posted by PhurieDae on 13 November 2014 - 10:39

Hey guys!


I fully agree! This is on our wishlist. When we originally designed the game it was going to be for a much smaller resolution. We've scaled it up a bit as we go and I'm hoping in the not-to-distance future that we can make some elements, such as the minimap, chat, and text automatically (or manually) scale. Since we're such a small team we don't have the functionality for this yet but it's one of many improvements we'd like for the user interface.

#889397 Confirm for BP sorting

Posted by PhurieDae on 12 September 2014 - 17:41

I've discussed this with Cygnus and our preferred idea at the moment is to move the Sort & Stack buttons out of the window header entirely - put them in the main window and make them nice and clear and large so they won't be clicked on by accident at all.


We might not get it done by the Steam release but we will work on a fix for this soon after (we are really, really, REALLY busy right now!) as we know how often it's come up recently. We'll talk it over more on Monday!

#886257 make it so you cant see friends list or who logs in when at trappers atol.

Posted by PhurieDae on 18 August 2014 - 16:46

aslways, higher up try to gang up on ppl to make it seem liek there opoin is right, give it up already you know its no cool in TA for us low lvls, and all that great stuff 


Technicolour posts and huge text doesn't make you any more "right" either. It just makes it harder to read. Please stop - you're making the thread extremely ugly to view.

#886255 make it so you cant see friends list or who logs in when at trappers atol.

Posted by PhurieDae on 18 August 2014 - 16:43



Killing lower levels in PvP is not "baby-killing". You accept the risk when you enter a PvP zone. Farm elsewhere if you don't think the risk is acceptable, or bank your materials more often.


We would like to improve the social system to allow people more control over who can and can't see them online - so, yes, this may allow players to go invisible, or control who can add them as a friend. This is a step we feel is needed to give players peace and privacy when playing. At the same time we are working on ways to improve PvP balance so that everyone is boosted to a more level playing field while in TA, giving even lower levels a stronger chance to fight back and increasing the risk for hunters.


You certainly shouldn't be losing 90% of your materials on death so if you are, please submit a ticket with screenshots and times/servers so we can check our logs. There was an issue where, if the player logged out or disconnected after dying and still in TA, they lost their materials twice (so around 50%, then around another 50% of what they had left). This was fixed in the last patch so it shouldn't be a problem any more.

#880759 Serious problem HCS

Posted by PhurieDae on 23 July 2014 - 13:54

You realise that you are basically asking for everyone to only have to earn an Ascended set once and then swap out the items as freely as they like with only a minor value loss? Meaning cheap and easy respecs to different classes without having to put in the work for a new Fabled set. These are supposed to be the most elite items in the game and this would seriously cheapen them. 

#880745 potion bar

Posted by PhurieDae on 23 July 2014 - 11:33

More skill bars and potion bars are definitely going on the list. We just need some programming time to do it and right now everyone's pretty swamped.

#876685 Traps in Trappers Attol

Posted by PhurieDae on 30 June 2014 - 10:53

Just dropping in to say we love this idea :D.  We've got a fair bit on our plate at the moment, content-wise, and we want to spread the developer love around the whole game as well as TA. But this would be an awesome way to add some spice to PvP and fits in a nicely with another few ideas we had!


And as it happens, we used to have a trapping mechanism as part of hunting/skinning so we've already got a system in place we could use as a starting point.  :ph34r:

#875221 TOP LISTS

Posted by PhurieDae on 24 June 2014 - 15:16

Not an undocumented change at all, which you'll realise if and when you find the other legendaries :). Whoever said that the world bosses were the only legendaries was mistaken.


But I will lock this thread as requested.

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#874351 Incentive to kill people in TA

Posted by PhurieDae on 20 June 2014 - 09:30

I believe they should implement the pvp death system (which is very popular in a handful of games) and would suit this game, where you drop items you own on death.


As said before they would need to look at unbinding items to give a broader range of equipment loot.


Won't happen though, HCS only listen to the current community rather than seeing the advantages of an update for a potential community.


Honestly, the main reason we we're reluctant to implement this is that we're pretty sure most high level players would simply PvP naked, eliminating the risk to themselves while lower level players who would have to take gear to compete would be taking all the risk with no chance of reward.


The sniping about how you (incorrectly) believe HCS think, or who we listen to, is unnecessary. Please cut it out.

#872700 [Implemented] Backpack Locations

Posted by PhurieDae on 11 June 2014 - 09:26

We're planning out how to do this! I can't give you an ETA right now (the programmer working on it isn't here at the moment) but it can be done :)

#872698 Please add solo content

Posted by PhurieDae on 11 June 2014 - 09:22

Change the priorities before it's too late. :)


My views on twitch is more than the total online players, and youtube is more than the total players you have. been trying my best to get some people to get in, but they gradually quit.

I am not showing off, just telling the facts. :)


And that is why we are focusing on improving the game from the beginning and then moving up the levels - to keep as many players as possible. If people aren't having fun from the start, they're not going to stay until level 45.

#871505 What I feel would improve your game!

Posted by PhurieDae on 03 June 2014 - 10:57

Okay, I'm going to respond to the things here that I'm able to. I'm sorry if you're feeling like we don't care, but we DO respond to the forums, and frequently. We're not able to spend hours writing back and forth and sometimes ideas are suggested which are too complicated for us to make a decision on without a lot of meeting and discussion, which takes time away from priority work. Plus, imagine the time it takes you guys to write out a detailed post and then imagine the time it takes us to read, consider, discuss and then give a thoughtful response. So that's why we can't reply to absolutely everything.


I understand these recent changes have taken you guys by surprise, and caused a lot of frustration. Please believe me when I say we REALLY didn't expect such a reaction and didn't mean to cause anyone so much upset.



1. Stop programming useless stuff like "higher graphics" and stuff like that.

I mean useless atm as their are more urgent matters. E.g when you build a house you don't start with the roof either just cus you want to have a nice roof on your house. A nice roof doesn't mean it ain't gonna colapse.


The information we've gathered about the game indicates that a LOT of people leave the game very early because 1) They struggle with getting Java to work and have performance issues right off the bat and 2) They are put off by the restricted camera angle and graphics. The hardware renderer and downloadable client are therefore essential to fixing this early drop off, getting more people into the game and engaged, which will help to fill out the community and benefit everybody. This is why it's a priority for us. We don't have all of our coders tied up working on them, but those that are will not be moving onto other things until these are done - which will not be long now.


1.1 Yes i'm gonna say it again. The despair nerf, TA nerf and Adding of a sneak emote (Like what're you guys even thinking when you do such things.)


Despair was fixed, not nerfed. We honestly didn't expect that tanks had been relying on it so much, and now we know we're looking into how we can make up for it. 


TA, again, was a fix. The instant respawning of resources was a mistake and far too tasty for bots. However, a lot of you seem to be forgetting that we're not finished with TA yet - remember there is still a new boss to go in there. Anakiro has written a more in depth post on both these [topic='http://forums.hunted...showtopic=65299']here[/topic]


We've already said the Sneak emote was added by accident here and we're trying to sort it out today. Unfortunately it seems like it was done by a member of staff who is spending a few days moving house - that's just a piece of bad luck! But we'll let you know more as soon as we've got it sorted out.


1.3 Do not make changes like that kind of changes on friday 5.45pm (Yes it was around that time just before weekend)


It was, but again - we just thought they were fixes and genuinely didn't expect such a reaction! We avoid making major changes before a weekend in case they contain bugs we need to fix immediately, but small fixes generally don't cause a problem. Obviously this is an exception.


2.1 Some people like me for example do not like awefull suprises like that, that make my class suffer real bad. And if you'd play the game or have people ingame warning you for it. Those things can be prevented.


We're going to try and give everyone a bit more notice before we make changes to things that might affect their gameplay. We won't always be able to give you a full list of patch notes fully in advance (sometimes things just get noticed and fixed at the last minute) but we will be making an effort to keep you all informed about what we're working on. Mojawk and Cowboy are already pretty good at letting you know our aims and targets.


2.2 Stop programming and play the game. I do understand that you guys want to make the game better but me and some others believe that you would do atleast 5x better if you play the game more instead of just programming stuff. Don't get me wrong I know you guys do alot of work i just feel like it's in vain.


This is a tricky one. We DO play the game, and while none of us have made it to top level on the life server, we have our own client and server which we use to test higher level content as best we can. However, the fact is we just do not have the time to play every single aspect of the game as thoroughly as we'd like, and players will always find new ways to approach things that we don't think of. Being a top level, dedicated MMORPG player is practically a full time job in itself and we all already work full-time (and then some). 


2.3 Host Ingame Events: This might be hard to figure out now but ain't really a priority (I know you're a small team but so is the community) 
2.4 Get people on the ground: let people with great ingame experience aid you guys by giving feedback on things you change. Or even create or existing features. Make for example a Youtube channel and let people make "Video content" (Can't believe i'm saying this but... Neon for example did a great job on that. He made loads of content.)  You can easely encourage that by making little contests like as easy as 250 ep or loyalty points. E.g. Make a contest "Fastest dungeon run, Screenshot of Achievements etc etc. Let the communty vote for best screenshot weekly, funniests or biggest achievement (A team finally has the dedication to kill Rumble in arg)


We're currently working on a few ideas for this and we'll keep you posted with what we come up with! Keeping the community engaged IS a priority for us, especially since the events we've done in the past have been a big hit.


I really like the idea of having fan content that we can feature on the website and these are great ideas for contests/events to run. Having community voting would be pretty good too!


3.1 You can either advertise the game yourself or let us do it. Personally i think the second one would be the best for you. Chose a few people of the community to promote the game for you. Give them some ingame benefits ( see point 2.4) If you have some people ingame who can write great feedbacks. Let them make texts to post on MMORPG forums. 


There's absolutely nothing stopping our players from giving us reviews and feedback on other sites, but there's something pretty iffy about actually paying them to give us good reviews - don't you think? I definitely agree there's something in giving players rewards for making videos/screenshots/participating in competitions but that's a little different. This is just my personal opinion - the rest of the team may want to chip in on this.


4. Tutorship


As has been mentioned, this has come up before and the reason we haven't given any concrete response is that honestly, we don't have one. It's an idea with merit, and certainly other games have used it with success but it's also a difficult one to manage. Appointing tutors, making them visible to the community, choosing what they can and can't do, figuring out how to reward them, and how we'd monitor them to make sure they aren't abusing their position (just off the top of my head) requires a lot of planning and ongoing management on our part and at the moment it's not something we're ready to get into.

#865123 Vanity Wardobe/Closet - For storage of (Bound) vanity items

Posted by PhurieDae on 25 April 2014 - 09:04

L3fty and I were just discussing this yesterday. As we've said elsewhere, our programmers are pretty tied up right now finishing the client/hardware rendering but we do like the idea of a wardrobe/vanity storage feature!

#846015 Official Stance on Profanity

Posted by PhurieDae on 03 February 2014 - 15:22

Ok, it's come up a few times now so hopefully this will be useful reference for Hunted Cow's official stance on profanity.


We want to keep Eldevin a friendly place for all ages, the game and forums being rated 13+. At the same time, we recognise that we have plenty of adults who play too and for that reason, we have an in-game swear filter. It's in your options panel in game, and it's turned on by default. If you don't like seeing profanity, leave it turned on.


That being said, use your common sense if you're going to use profanity. The swear filter is designed to catch most common swear words and offensive language but it cannot catch everything. If we programmed it to block every possible combination and variation of bad language, nobody would be able to say anything. If you find something that gets past the filter, it doesn't mean we're ok with you using it. If in doubt, report the loophole to check with us.


We also don't tolerate being directly abusive of other players, or the use of discriminatory language ever. It doesn't make a different whether you use profanity or not, or whether the other person uses their swear filter or not. Don't harass or abuse others.


So, to sum up, here are the guidelines:


  • If you don't want to see profanity, use your swear filter and if you want to use profanity, use common sense.
  • Don't deliberately miss-spell words or use innuendo to get stuff past the swear filter - it's not there as a personal challenge.
  • Don't use homophobic, racist, sexist or any other kind of discriminatory language in the world or realm chat ever, swear filter or not. 
  • Absolutely do not insult, berate or harass other players whether you use profanity or not.
  • Don't carry on obviously sexual or lewd conversations in public - if you want to have an adult conversation, make a private chat channel or take it to another form of chat outside of Eldevin.


We're still working on the report function, and we do recognize how important it is. In the meantime, reporting anyone being abusive or deliberately trying to offend or upset people and we'll do our best to sort it out.


If someone is attacking you personally, you can use the Block feature to ignore all their messages to you, which will also hide anything they post in the world chat. You can do this by going to your Social panel, clicking the Block tab at the bottom, and entering the name of the player you wish to ignore.

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