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#981687 Unable to purchase "supporter"

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 12 June 2017 - 05:22

So far I've run into the usual toxic gaming community full of immature little kids with anger issues

I don't play anymore so I wouldn't know the state of the overall community now, sucks if what you're saying is true.



EDIT: Also, when you have other players in the game following you everywhere you go, clicking on anything and everything you may possibly click on so there is nothing left, spamming my chat, spamming my game with trade requests, and spamming the public chat with "TrofeoLover is a scammer! Spread the word!" THAT really doesn't encourage me to spend real money on this game either.

LOL those players must've been really bored... But it's odd that you'll find yourself unable to click stuff cuz others are clicking on it..... As for quest items and "seasonal event items" on the ground which disappear and WILL respawn in a few seconds to a minute, I don't think there's so many players in the game to contend with and for you not to be able to pick stuff up. I played at a time when the game had 300 players average at peak time and this was never a problem, compared to the current population of around 30-50 average LOL. So I don't know about that.


And to whoever was spamming about the scammer, I just wanna ask, whose fault was it that he/she was scammed lol It's IMPOSSIBLE to scam anyone or get scammed in this game without the actual victim being guilty of ALLOWING it to happen. BUT that doesn't mean you're off the hook ofc, if you really are a scammer :P


And now I'm being asked to file a "Support Ticket"? How the hell do you do that? Submitting a thread on these forums isn't a satisfactory method of receiving support? That probably upsets me more than anything else. *Shakes head*

Yeah I've also had this long standing problem of not being able to play level 50 content in the game, I don't know if anyone else has this problem. I'm gonna go file a ticket now. :D

#981591 Unable to purchase "supporter"

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 08 June 2017 - 23:24

I would truly be interested in how fast this issue is resolved.

It's a bird.... It's a plane... NO! It's HCS!! Moving faster than a speeding bullet!

#981468 Crannoch

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 05 June 2017 - 05:46

The persistence is remarkable. Keep fighting the good fight guys. I'm counting on you! :D

#979679 Job Vacancy - Unity Game Developer

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 17 April 2017 - 22:02

Ah the Unity game engine. Most of the games I've played on the Unity engine were well optimized and beautiful. Hopefully you guys can come up with an MMORPG on that engine. Hmm maybe an Eldevin revision? eh? eh? ;) ;) ;)

#979678 Events

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 17 April 2017 - 21:52

I don't care if the devs listen or not. I just wanna say that I want a Hooters somewhere near TR maybe at the northern side of EC. It's okay if you just put it outside the wall, maybe even next to Ben's statue. Thanks!


EDIT: That's one vote for "Others?".

#978763 Guild Funds

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 01 April 2017 - 19:54

Did you miss my 50 hours mute last week :)

Yeah, can they do that again for me? This time maybe make it weeks or months? Also let's not try to veer too far from the original argument that you were saying KBZoldyck should be banned cuz of some twisted reasoning. I mean you're only selecting the things that you read and never acknowledge your own faults LOL It's always like this with you gogs... That's why you're AWESOME!!!!

#978758 Guild Funds

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 01 April 2017 - 19:21

Lolwut hes been  guilty of stealing gold and ep from other players and you think a suitable punishment is just that people shouldn't run dungeons with him. If that's not worth a ban I don't know what is.

Oh! OFC a ban would be good too, for hunting that is. Definitely. I'll never argue against that. I'd say ban him ASAP even.

EDIT: While I'm at it and we're asking for bans to be thrown, you've also been guilty of harassing numerous people over the years right? So I suppose that also warrants some punishment doesn't it? Not to divert the topic ofc, I'm just saying.

#978755 Guild Funds

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 01 April 2017 - 19:02

ok if KBZ is taking responsibility then ban him as well :)

When he said he was taking responsibility he meant he's going to cover for the amount of gold and EP his brother stole from Unit. Hunting actually used the gold/ep he stole LOL. Give the guy a break, it can be tough having a delinquent brother. I'd go as far as say that maybe as punishment people shouldn't run with hunting, but let's not start faulting someone who's just trying to fix things. :P


Gotta give credit where credit is due, same as I do when I say that you (gogsy) help new players and that's a good thing for the game, you're contributing. I always say that about you, even with all the other crap that we all know you do. ;)

#978744 Guild Funds

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 01 April 2017 - 16:01

Hes only doing this because he has been caught out.

LOL geez one of the rare moments that I agree with the gogsy.

On a side note though, I gotta say I admire KBZ's actions and taking responsibility for what his brother did.

#975950 LV 50 armor/wepons (if it be lv 50)

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 25 January 2017 - 12:20

not mixing in 20 old weapons into one superweapon


That's called a weapon smoothie. :lol:





dungeon specific vanities booyah what better way to show you mastered a certain dungeon? :P

If they do that and can only be worn by 1 who has mastered that 1 dungeon, psshh then you'll be in trouble having me as competition bud :angry: <--- see those eyes, they're dead serious.

LOL seriously though that'll be cool to have!!

#975938 Trappers Attoll Daily Tokens Bug

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 25 January 2017 - 07:47

Then indeed it is a bug, as a notification appeared on my screen that the quest had been reset whilst I was in TA at 13:00.  If the intention is that you must leave the island, then the notification of the reset should not appear.


Illuminati confirmed.

#975012 to all event

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 07 January 2017 - 14:51

Here is the thing, the thread is not about him. All he said is give everyone a chance. Get off his back. If you want to worship him, private pm him. 


I'm not even being serious LOL... How about you get off my back. Oh wait .... Conspiracy theory... ah nvm. And oh wait I ain't worthy to private pm him.


Edit: Forgot to say, All hail the gogsy! and by all that includes you Fable :lol:


Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 24 October 2016 - 15:38

Yes yes! My Eldevin brothers and sisters now is the time!!! We must act now to demonstrate and exercise our rights to receive an update!!!

As such... I call upon all level 49 brothers and sisters!!! 


Now is the time to act!!! ... As form of demonstration and express our frustration ... Delete all your characters!!!


Let us all be united in this fight against oppression!! Let's go!!!  I know that together we can make a difference!!!!


Delete all characters!! Go go go!!!





P. S.


Before deleting your characters please send all rare vanities/pets/mounts to BrenzloXate. Thanks!!!  :ph34r:


Ooops... Almost forgot!!! Don't forget to remove your Abs/Pure/Rad/Glor Gems then send them my way too!  :ph34r:  :ph34r:

#965584 Development Update

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 08 July 2016 - 10:11

Greetings friends!!!


I just wanna point out some key facts in this latest announcement, and try to give an opinion as best as I could coming from a neutral perspective. biggrin.png


Hey folks,


Sorry for the lack of updates as of late, unfortunately Eldevin never quite gained the following it required for us to justify allocating our full development team to it. As such we've had to scale down development time. However we intend to continue to fully support the game and still plan to release future updates, but currently we have no time-scale for these as of yet.


~The Eldevin Team


I've been checking the forums and been seeing the responses. Of course it's completely understandable why people would be disappointed. I for one though don't feel disappointed but rather sad for how the game has become. 

HCS did a great job in making this announcement as straight-forward as possible so as to avoid any misunderstanding and yet it seems people are coming to conclusions way too fast which causes misunderstandings anyway. 

So here is what I understand from this post.


1. Eldevin is currently struggling in terms of player base.


This is the truth, the REALITY of it. For me the struggle started mildly sometime in the late September of 2015 (Maybe it's even earlier for some.) may it be due to players taking a break or quitting entirely for reaching end game and having no progression whatsoever. Though the Halloween and Christmas events did seem to bring back old players. Also the EP trade in those times especially in the Halloween event really flourished again it was only temporary thus the game is at its current state which is even worse.


2. Game content updates will be coming in slower than we're even used to. <--- Let me just point out that they NEVER said that they're STOPPING or HALTING or CANCELLING the updates. This is very clear.


Most if not all the earlier Eldevin players including myself are quite used to the pace of updates coming from HCS. There are people who've been complaining about how slow updates were (and that is very understandable) and there are people including myself who are okay with it. I for one have always been aware that HCS isn't that big of a company just yet that I don't expect them to be doing magic. 


People would go as far as to say that HCS was being lazy, and again I don't blame them for feeling that way. I personally never saw it that way, not cuz I have a huge patience (Mind you, I do feel frustrated and sad about the game.) but because I'm also aware that behind all of the coding and programming and all the other fancy tech stuff... All this goes down to being a business. They have to make decisions that would be the least damaging. It's like choosing the lesser of two evils I suppose LOL.

Let's say.. for example, they push for the updates which will cost HCS... They'll most likely be taking the amount of money that it would cost to do that from the funds allocated for Eldevin which is most likely currently being focused on keeping the servers running. Meaning, there is a downside in that they could end up decreasing the life of the game when they could lengthen it prolonging the window to figure things out.


Imagine if they push the level 50 content, OFC!! Everybody happy! Yippeeee!! Yahooooo!!! Kapow!! Boom boom!!! ....... 


Then not even a week after release we get an announcement that the game is closing LOL. (And please before anyone reacts to this, it's just an exaggeration OFC.)


Now some might argue "Hey why not use the money you get from your other games!?!?!?!" perhaps maybe they have already done it before, and if they haven't done that yet IMO it would be completely logical. As I've mentioned above it is still business, before one decides to put money on something you have to see at least a bit of positive return.

(If you're selling cows and horses and it's the horses that are actually selling and the cows aren't selling as much... You don't buy more cows, YOU BUY MORE HORSES!!! vice versa biggrin.png). 


Side Note:


Just in case people get the impression that I'm siding with HCS on this one... Nope, hell nope. This is how I see it from a neutral standpoint. Again I repeat that I can understand why people are getting mad, angry, raging or however one wants to put it and they have reasons to do so. 


1.The updates were already quite slow even before you actually posted the announcement which even gives us the idea that the updates are going to get even SLOWER... 


2. There are also those who would argue INCLUDING MYSELF that the time, money and effort to make the guild update which in my opinion is completely useless to the game at this time should've gone to the level 50 content update instead. 


(TBH I have no idea how there were players in the game who even thought that the guild update would help the game LOL. It's probably cuz I'm stupid so yeah.)


3. Not to mention, there seems to be an issue with the response time on tickets as well. True or not I wouldn't know, but I've been seeing people say it in the game.

Boo ya! I hope I neutral'ed the hell out of this reply enough LOL. 



I have a lot of broken trust and disliking towards HCS because of Eldevin. Whatever their new game is, its most likely a replacement for Eldevin. HCS knows Eldevin is dead and only their loyal fans will continue to play it. There's no saving it now since the steam launch was wasted on a half finished game and they wont waste resources to advertise it.


I wasted time and money on the game, I gave it all to an inexperienced developer and feel worst for all the people that bought the founders pack (especially the dumb high priced ones, HCS acting like this was some sort of triple-A MMO title) even though there's free (or maybe even stolen) resources and assets (sounds/music is all that I have found) in the game.


Hey maybe this is good however for newcomers. At least those people in the future that play HCS's games wont be so open with their wallets, time, trust and love (unless of course HCS hides the truth from them, but I don't think that they are that low).


I don't care if this gets deleted or disliked by the white knights or people that have issues against me, its the truth.



Hey sap bud, c'mon man that was completely uncalled for... LOL. I understand the hate, but at the very least try to be logical about it.

Sure bud you did put money into the game, and that's really cool but you also did have your time in the game did you not? That's not to say that the money you put into the game will be enough to sustain the game for eternity and make it invincible to financial difficulties caused by changing variables wouldn't you agree?

As for the people who purchased the founder's pack, whether they're disappointed or not the fact remains they bought a founder's pack and if the terms of the founder's pack or the conditions in which the pack was bought is the same as the ones in other games wherein a Founder's Pack is offered early in game development and the buyers are made aware that it is still too early in the game to be buying this type of package then it goes without saying that it was a choice they made knowing that things might not go well for the game and they may end up unsatisfied. 

That been said, the founders in the game are one if not maybe even the main reason why the game is up for this long so yeah I really would like to extend my gratitude to them.  :D

Sap bud, we're cool man hope you understand my point of view. Wishing you well bud!

#964545 Development Update

Posted by Brenzlo Xate on 18 June 2016 - 03:06

Greetings friends!


I've only seen this post now cuz a friend told me about it, I'm glad that we finally got some info from the devs that addresses the elephant in the room... BTW The elephant has been sitting there for maybe 6-8 months now.  ;)


I really do appreciate the effort of HCS to try and keep the game going, this I have to say. Hopefully the game doesn't completely die out, I haven't been playing the game regularly in a long time for the same reason as most players. However, I didn't quit or anything, just taking a break and hoping for the best that the game will still be up when I go check on it and maybe even updated. I'd love to come back to regular playing, and I'm sure most of us who are on a break and even quit the game do TBH but I highly doubt that it's gonna happen if there are no content updates or maybe even just event updates.


From a business standpoint it is completely understandable that HCS decided to pull back on the game updates because these things cost money however from this point on I must say that it's like a domino effect.

"Less updates = more players taking a break or quitting from the game = even less players." This is the reality of it. It was already quite tough to find groups for most players back when the game was at its peak and even more so at its current state. Imagine if it even gets worse, by then it'd be clear where the game is heading.

Maybe, just maybe... It's time to address the other elephant in the room... That one that has the sign that says "Game is a hidden jewel, hidden away from potential players". Perhaps if there will be less funding on updates maybe a bit of funding can go to advertising the game. It's just a suggestion ofc, and I'd like to help financially but I'm no Bill Gates.


I'm still hoping for the best as always. Eldevin is a VERY VERY good game, it has a lot of potential. I even grade it on par with the other well funded and highly developed games I've played and that is at its current state. Just imagine if things go well for the game, man it'd be crazy awesome I tell ya.

Sid bud, this game would've been a freakin' awesome flagship for HCS alright. Still holding my breath on it, maybe it might still happen. 


:D Whatever happens I still thank HCS for providing us with this good game!! 


HCS/Eldevin, I wish you the best of luck! More power!!!!! 


Alright friends!! Sorry for the long post, see you guys in the game whenever I'm on!!! 


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