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#999409 Fallen Sword: Mobile Application (0.7.6)

Posted by BadPenny on Yesterday, 00:17

Images in Mountain Path are still fractured:



#999322 Double Composing XP XLIX

Posted by BadPenny on 22 November 2019 - 15:44

Ooh, Maybe I'll hit level 40....

#999167 Lag

Posted by BadPenny on 05 November 2019 - 19:39


#999120 issue with server connection

Posted by BadPenny on 30 October 2019 - 13:06

Glad to see the game back up, but I join those that are disappointed that no announcement has been made.  Many are concerned due to no extensions for mailboxes or the event.  And I think I speak for everyone in asking when we can expect the customary reserves for this unexpected and quite disturbing downtime.....


Meanwhile, a candid shot of ducky attempting to patiently wait this out last night:



#999112 issue with server connection

Posted by BadPenny on 30 October 2019 - 03:31

:rolleyes: hmmm.... 




Guess I'll be fishing

or playing Legacy, which is working just fine

#999068 That Friday feeling

Posted by BadPenny on 24 October 2019 - 03:42


#999034 Restart the game on a new server but keep the old aswell.

Posted by BadPenny on 19 October 2019 - 23:54

This is a very real possibility when the App is out of Beta, but then our current accounts could also be reset.

That would sadly be my very last day.  I have 12 and a half years in this one, no way would I willingly start over.  If I was forced to do so, I'd definitely wander off to another game.

#998993 So.... Now we have a limit of buff packages

Posted by BadPenny on 14 October 2019 - 23:54

This is definitely not wonderful news.  I'm actually appalled.  I sell low price buffs so they are available to all.  Most are single buff packages, and the other day when I discovered this "limit" I actually deleted several low sales buffs.  I still had too many.  Although I do ultimately profit from this, that  is secondary, I do so because even the lowest level buff shopper can afford what I have.  So now, I have to do what, cut out single buff packages?  Drop my higher priced featured ones I occasionally offer?  I'm unable to decide.


FS has always been about the free market system.  I myself make a good income from selling my cheap buffs, and this change incurs not only on my own interest, but those of my customers.  I, myself, buy most if not all my buffs in 1 or 2 buff packages,  so this makes it bad for everybody, both seller and buyer.  What kind of free market system is that? 


What really irks me is that no advance warnings were given, and when I asked about this in Global, it appeared my question was pointedly ignored for the week-end.    


This among many things gives me cause for great concern for FS, which breaks my heart.  I love this game, but with recent bugs, sudden new changes, and the endless waiting for an app I was so happy to be getting, it's hard to know should I bail now or wait to see where the disappointment ends.   


Things are broken that have needed fixing for months, more and more happens to the game all the time, and the company line is always: 

All our resources are in the app right now.  We are working in the background.  


Don't we deserve a better response to that?  And if the games falls apart in the interim, what exactly will we be playing on the app?


My heart sinks that FS has suddenly devolved in favor of an app that depends on FS veterans to help steer new blood in the right direction.   How many more will wander off to other games, I wonder?

#998970 Temporary broken online/offline guild members/allies icon fix

Posted by BadPenny on 12 October 2019 - 01:55

I only wish I had his ^ skills.  All I can do is say +1 million and hope that you cow gods are listening to your ever dwindling pool of veterans eagerly awaiting the new blood the app is supposed to inspire. 


We can teach them nothing if what needs to work every day keeps developing more and more glitches.  New players aren't going to be interested in workarounds and player devised patches, and Prop and Pointy and the handful of other players with such talents can only do so much with FSH. css tweaks and the like.



As Duckie pointed out, I've been a die hard advocate of the app since before the first release of the beta so long ago.  But even I am beginning to lose hope that FS will survive long enough for the app to captivate new players as we were in the beginning.  For some of us it's an irritant, others, like me, it's ever burdening disappointment.  It's becoming increasingly more difficult to remain optimistic here.  

#998967 Temporary broken online/offline guild members/allies icon fix

Posted by BadPenny on 11 October 2019 - 20:59

There's a new issue.... maybe it's 2, but related.


Some people are saying when they use a potion it's not disappearing from their BP, or that when equipping an item, it shows up not only on their characters but remains in the BP.  I was able to duplicate the latter here, using Chrome, others say they're using Firefox


Others are saying that the Inv count for the BP is incorrect, and they cannot see items to equip them.  The players I've spoken to are using Firefox.  


Now I know BG is going to say these are display issues, but being unable to equip an item prevents a player from hunting or anything else.  I sincerely hope this is addressed soon.  


I fully understand the importance of the app, but to put it before these very obvious and seemingly growing problems seems to be putting the cart before the horse.  The app is useless if these glitches continue, as nobody will be left to play, no?

#998946 Fallen Sword: Mobile Application (0.7.4)

Posted by BadPenny on 06 October 2019 - 03:43


#998937 Fallen Sword: Mobile Application (0.7.4)

Posted by BadPenny on 04 October 2019 - 17:19

So far it looks pretty good.  I will try hunting on it next hunt critters DQ, or when I hunt for real, whichever comes first.  


One question though:

How do you toggle buff packages on and off for the buff market?  Am I just missing it?

#998912 Quest help please

Posted by BadPenny on 01 October 2019 - 20:46

And if you have completed the quest and lost/destroyed the Pouch of Nepeta Cataria, all you have to do is make a screenshot of the page of the Eternal Defiance quest, and submit it in a ticket, showing that you completed it, and  the cows will send you a replacement in a couple of business days.  If you have any other questions concerning the game, I'm a FS mentor, and you are welcome to PM me ingame any time. I will be glad to help you find the information you need.  

#998895 Welcome back :)

Posted by BadPenny on 26 September 2019 - 04:50

I think I may remember you

#998879 Spine Chomper Assault!

Posted by BadPenny on 23 September 2019 - 17:42

Although there were no chomper drops I could utilize at this time, I'm looking forward to those I will grow into soon.

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