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#983509 Unfinished legacy parts.

Posted by HappyDays on 04 August 2017 - 11:39

There are some things that could stand to be tied up at some stage, if Aldo has not addressed them before leaving. He has gear that drops on the strongest npc Aiden that is currently junk status if there is no upgrades for them.


If there are no upgrade paths for the gear in question, can we get their stats adjusted to reflect this is the end game boss and make the gear useful. The havoc launcher especially is seriously under powered and the Armour he drops are poor, and his table of drops also contain special blueprints that will not be needed if there is no upgrade paths. 


There is other small things I guess that could be cleaned if people want to add their opinions on this thread, some of the later npc tables are cluttered with a lot of things. void axes and other weaps need balance patches to make them useful in end game and most of the gear which costs a lot to upgrade such a crystal swords, rifts are under powered for end game gear. Other tables of drops for end game npc's such as gatekeepers could stand to have their tables cleaned up and drop rates checked for some things.


Boons could also be removed if unfinished. I do not know what he has finished before he left etc etc I am only trying to point out the bare bones things that could stand to be tied off for minimal effort. 


None of the game is demanding it be done instantly, but in the next few months would be cool or an acknowledgement for zorg if he will be fixing these things or they will be left as is. After that, the game is pretty much finished. 


Thank you. 

#981445 better reward from worldbosses

Posted by HappyDays on 04 June 2017 - 13:25

You don't need better drops, the game is dead and you can complete the game anyway regardless of what the world boss drops. Just be happy with what you have. 

#974671 better looot from dragon

Posted by HappyDays on 30 December 2016 - 18:56

I would hazard a guess you are probably one of the richest people playing this game left and one of the people always asking for more stuff. 



#971752 The Death of server Alpha

Posted by HappyDays on 13 November 2016 - 17:40

Maybe no one cares about nukes ?? Maybe humans have learned the real threat is the aliens, not each other.

#967542 Daily Events

Posted by HappyDays on 26 August 2016 - 14:14

Imaginary tommy was an example to display what a general player will probably do in two given scenarios just in my opinion, no one elses. Imaginary tommy was not at a restaurant. But I guess you had a pic laying around gathering dust and felt overwhelmed to try and jam it in somewhere . But your point of view from your pic and homeless dude portrays exactly what I assume you try to convey. One section of the game is better and they deserve to be catered to. 


I thought daily quests was about generating activity and keeping the game going, if it as just about catering to a specific section as the game winds down, my mistake. 

#967534 Daily Events

Posted by HappyDays on 26 August 2016 - 11:32

I wonder about the long term effects of this daily activities for reward, the game pits you against the rest of the game for said reward.  That would lead to the simple question, if it is all about giving people something to do and rewarding them to keep them active. Why are you throwing them into a pit against vastly more well equipped people with large stam banks who will probably hardcore grind this. 


Let me introduce imaginary Tommy, imaginary tommy gets a list for the day of his daily quests and if he does said quests get's x reward. Tommy goes off to do them and get's his reward helping him on his journey. 


Let me introduce you to imaginary Tommy, imaginary Tommy gets a list for the day of his daily quests where he must beat out the most hardcore rabid lot to get a top prize. imaginary Tommy as shown in the past, just stops doing them and ends participation. Reward to time wasted = no point.


Who will benefit of this "daily quests", the few hardcore you already have playing.


Who will you not gain, no one who has quit a game because they are bored of the mechanics are in my eyes ever returning to use said mechanics to gain rewards in a game they have gotten bored with/quit because of said mechanics. Daily quests will probably not retain new players in said format.  So essentially you are getting the people who already play, they play this and then of the playing population the people who have no chance will just pack it in after a while because of grind and no point.


Back to where you started.


Purely one mans opinion so don't feel the need to stab me to death. My words will not sway the end result and if it turns out to be a roaring success. I was just plain wrong. Happens. 

#967532 Development Update

Posted by HappyDays on 26 August 2016 - 11:03

In response to the fund the company for updates discussion. If they had asked a good while ago something like this : hey we can't dedicate this amount of time to the game as it is not economical. If you donate x amount amongst yourselves over x amount of time we can make this for you. I probably would have went, hey I will help donate a portion. Even if it was a care pack for a few dollars to just help. Lord knows I had subscription when I did not need it etc. 


I would not do that now, obviously others may still want to do that, but the lack of communication and how stand off the company can get, it put me off ever considering something like that ever. I would just take a step back and if others wanted to risk, then I would go fair play, but I just could not justify even if it was only 20 dollars or something, handing it to a company which does not take its players seriously unless backed into a corner. More power to those that do. Even on this game alone I could list off a lot of things which alarm me from the first time it opened, which looking back now, show me they had no clear vision. Handing more money over for me at least, is not a way to reward them. 


Also rowbet, on the topic of hcs putting resources to ensure its future products. You mention common sense/business. It never makes sense to me that hcs spent a million dollars or whatever making eldevin, x amount of years, and then release it and from the get go, act like they have no clue/vision for what they are doing. One week they would state they were working on this and next week it was something else. Then this update will save the game, then next week it was a downloadable client. etc etc steam was a mess. Also they would just randomly blurt out at times something was almost done and then never hear about it again.


I just don't understand all of the above, then to top it off the mess of the steam release, then on top of that hcs are willing to blow supposedly a tonne of money making it, but then you are afraid to even advertise it. Also they are all about customer care when it suits, when it does not they are pretty quick to bin that mantra. They hoover their forums as well to alter perceptions, I have seen posts vanish and have heard long term bans for people for saying the wrong thing. No warnings just ban, then they don't answer customer tickets etc etc etc .


Let's see how well supported this app is after a few months. I genuinely mean that, let's see the level of customer care that game gets when the shine goes off it. 

#967456 Development Update

Posted by HappyDays on 24 August 2016 - 17:05

xbox one massively successful, ps4 massively successful, pc gaming, booming. You make it sound like they are on it's knees. Maybe the simple answer is hcs are not very good at running/developing games. shocking as it may sound.


Also their next new project is basically a copy paste of games currently out which will dominate them. They just refuse to stop urinating money away. Let them. 

#959952 HC what is happening to all the servs: random log outs, dcs, more then ever

Posted by HappyDays on 29 February 2016 - 17:53


Awesome we found all the staff :o they we are having a good thread watch right now  :ph34r:

#958422 Something to help combat the simplicity of levelling these days.

Posted by HappyDays on 02 February 2016 - 18:53

The level of omg moments reading this poo storm of make every thing harder becauase ........ reasonssssssssssss.


There is no reasons, it is probably neither hindering nor helping player count. People like to imagine things because they can. 


Not getting into a massive drawn out debate I would only get hammered on because some "old timers" want to tell me how it really is. You guys will need to accept that you are probably just being nostalgic and want to recapture your gaming youth. 


If you want challenge, get devs to have an extra door on new maps going forward. Have said maps lead onto a old map reused from a lower lvl range because it will mean hcs have to draw zero new things. Have old monsters from old map with op stats. Have a medal or something in your profile saying you killed 1000 monsters in there and you are truly elite. 


example : tom defeated terror portal for lvl 3000,  he is elite. You get your challenge. If you don't want to do it, then stop harping on because you want to drag the rest of the game with you. 


resources used zero and you get a shiny medal, title and devs use next to nothing in resources except editing some stats for old monsters.


Required resources :  door, enter, monsters, kill. the end.


Also, since hcs are going down the app route, get a grip and realise they will need the casual crowd, not the we want a hard game challenge. app games are causal, fast paced and friendly. Think about that. 

#949408 Legacy in general

Posted by HappyDays on 23 September 2015 - 13:54

I've been pretty burnt out on Legacy ever since the combat updates I was working on / planning got rolled back. Big changes just don't go down well, they always get negative feedback from most of the player base, and it's big changes Legacy would need to truly revitalize it.

Instead I'm stuck doing new "addon" systems, like sockets, item levels, expanded inventory, new end game items. These aren't remotely appealing to new players and barely entertain old players for more than a week or two.


Ok I am on board, let's do this. Let the big changes rolllllllllllllllllllllll. You will return to the game ?? and talk to us about stuff and get things going again and if people bash your efforts, then you can say I told you so and leave. Deal 

#948984 lower exp on story mode

Posted by HappyDays on 17 September 2015 - 20:06

Why lower exp ???  The extra exp is irrelevant, just do your extra runs if you need them to get the set.  Plus you have been doing group instances also for exp, you stated you are in asv. Maybe the extra levels will motivate the poor loner who is stuck just runnung bt, rg alone getting his set and does NOT HAVE ALTS.  

#948897 Legacy in general

Posted by HappyDays on 16 September 2015 - 18:30

Have I moved into some alternate reality or imagining things, I am pretty sure at some point wasn't a reason we were not getting updates ........because zorg said he was over hauling code for future updates and did that. Don't we have dev if the sky falls in for certain updates to test before hand. 


Also is the code not ancient as hell on fallen sword, yet you manage just fine working around that ??


It has been to be fair even before hcs, vampire mode, for as long as humanly possible drain the game for money, then when the pressure cooker goes boom, do something or say something and plat sale time etc. I have no idea what happened to getting the scythe upgrades etc out the door, is that reliant on a code upgrade ? There are numerous tiny bits that can be done to polish up legacy.


Also the forums should have looser restrictions and be more free flowing, not lock lock lock. They seem to have had the life drained from them as not much can ever go astray/off topic. Over haul of rules and some mergers maybe to freshen them up. We could do with a staff over haul if some have become inactive and a chamber of elders review. 


I still think if your heart is not in it, let some players while we still have some left try and pool money together and buy you out. Be realistic on the cost. Probs will never happen. 


But I would imagine if a LEGCON ever occurred again and we all had a sit down and hashed out some stuff, if it was truthful and honest and everyone had a say, that your plat sales would go up as I know some players who do not buy anything anymore involving real money because the trust is lost and the promises and stalls that occur through out the years. 


Morale is game with players is low. 


But I still think being walled into this site is a killer also, this is not the paradise that was portrayed when merging with hcs. How many years now have we gone without advertising. Nothing is put back in, the odd bit of code. 


It was even a running joke on the game going around at one point how hcs don't deal with legacy, it is thrown to zorg, then to scott. Is that a good way for the way even if untrue for the players to feel how legacy is viewed by hcs.  


Also I still strongly believe even if a counter was put on legacy saying if we reach certain goals we get certain work done on the game. It would motivate people and give them something to at least view as tangible and work towards. Like once x amount of plat is bought by the player base you get this update AND IF IT WAS NOT A TRICK. I would buy plat to help that goal, at least you know if you chip in you get work on the game done and you help keep it alive. Not plat sales and uncertainty on when the next update comes or how long more we go before the next thread and more life is drained from the game due to never seeing anyone around the game. 

#929873 Legacy 10 year anniversary

Posted by HappyDays on 25 April 2015 - 14:41

In fallen sword an update thread was posted friday discussing their road map and new updates they are getting soon and when it is going live. In eldevin an update was posted on what they are working on and what is happening soon. In legacy ........ someone spotted someone looking at this thread ...........


Actions speak louder than words,(we don't seem to get even words) the only hope you have is zorg and his care cup lvl is debateable.. It has been stated numerous times even by scott. If anything comes to them legacy related, thrown to him. They don't want to get involved here. This game can be contrasted to gothador.


Just the way it is. Hopefully we still get something for 10th anniversary and all the silence is for a massive surprise :o


But in case it is not, I guess it falls to steven and these coe people who apparently have something cooking on player side.

#929618 Legacy 10 year anniversary

Posted by HappyDays on 23 April 2015 - 13:46

ummmmmmmmm no robert. You are grasping at straws/excuses. I have no idea what you re talking about in the sense you say badpenny nailed it. She stated for 8 years zorg has always been hcs and was a cow god....... I don't think that happened.


How many years has legacy always been on the back burner. The excuse the players are to blame is bull of the highest order. Players never forced zorg to say many times this is happening and this is happening ..... then hold a leg con when hcs took over and say an assistant was coming on etc. I woud say more than enough has been sucked out of the game for years without anything happening in game for large stages. Saying it is players attitude is a cheap cop out. But as long as you have your char designs, everything is cool right ??


The players attitude is what keeps the game going for how long it has been. we are reduced to a handfull of player staff that seem busy in real life and a blog every once in a while. That is what most would agree is the game drifting. The vent system was installed into game and then support system to bridge the gap were never finished. I hope steven is joking, but he stated in a post he asked zorg what was happening for the 10 year celebration and he said toolboxes and steven felt like giving up. Players push this game and hope for the best. People like steven. Apparently the coe were working on some stuff or so some keep saying. these are players ?


For the 10 year celebration I HOPE zorg brings out the upgrades he stated were coming to bridge the gap for the players who can not afford/find vent items. Scythes etc were supposed to be upgradeable and viable alternative for poorer players were supposed to come which steven had graphics for...... the system just did not come out.  So hopefully some cool things happen and this system gets finished to players can work in stages at upgrading gear or buying new viable alternartives to vent drops. I think a projective and scythes, chains, c swords etc etc were supposed to have upgrade paths.

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