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In Topic: Fallen Sword Roadmap (July - October 2024)

Yesterday, 17:19

Is Arena never going to be in the road map anymore?

In Topic: Realm Chest Update Ideas.

20 June 2024 - 15:43

If so, why was it suggested then?
It could be ok to add TD 300 pot
Maybe 300? 400 is double the highest version at the moment. Plus that one is an inevitable.

well 300 is ok though, it will be a rare though from a regular realm chest

In individual potions or a combined potion? I don't have a problem with either buff.

Individual could be better

~ Grim


In Topic: Realm Chest Update Ideas.

20 June 2024 - 12:45

Huh. Must be missing from my document. What is it called again?

Generally, feedback has been it'd be helpful for those clearing the Titans.

Then what would MAKE it useful?

~ Grim

OK1100 drops from Murkwood Guardian SE

Regarding TD300
No one will use a rare potion to clear regular titans, they will use it to secure titan and it will be left uncleared  for days

Regarding CA300

why would we need it anyway? it's already easy to kill any SE without it


and whoever uses this buff for leveling plays inefficiently as they lose more stamina than they gain XP

  +0.25% per point to Attack and Damage at the cost of +0.25% per point Stamina (PvE only, casting level can be adjusted from your Preferences)


I'd suggest Reckoning 400 potion

also some pvp oriented buffs
Shield strike 400 & Savagery 300

In Topic: Realm Chest Update Ideas.

20 June 2024 - 11:22

Hey there.


So, what we're looking at for the Crates is as follows. 


Possible Potions: 


Conserve 800. 60m.  Looks good
Adept Learner 800. 60m. looks good
Light Foot 1500. 60m. looks good
Overkill 1100. 60m. Already available as drop from SE, keep it as SE drop only.
Titan Doubler 300. 60m. Titan hunting already going fast with TD 200, I dont see the need of this
Counter Attack 300. 60m. Pretty useless 
Invigorate 1000. 720m.  this is ok
Frag stashes:
Again, whats the point of handingover frags easily while originally it was implemented to reduce items flooding in the game ?

In Topic: PvP Event Crystal League!

07 June 2024 - 13:43

If you mean the old ranked PvP system we tried to implement, we've stated several times we no longer have the code, so no. It will not be returning, sorry.


~ Grim

Is it hard to create the codes again?  I mean it's your game and if you want to bring more activity... etc

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