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nothing loads, can someone help me?

29 January 2023 - 01:10

FS hasn't loaded anything for me in a week, so I figure my firewall, adblock, or something else must have been the cause. So I disable the firewall and disable adblockers/trackers, but the problem still exists. Again, nothing changed when I tried removing all cookies and caches. This only occurs when I play on a PC; however, on a mobile browser, everything functions normally and loads properly.


I was experiencing crashes and loading difficulties while accessing forums through in-game links before this problem started. The link hasn't worked for about a week, but now it does all of a sudden (started working on the 21st). Since the forum link is now functioning, I have been having new loading issues with various game features for the past week. Compose new potions, change gears, check guild side chat, view global chat, and item stats not loading are all things I can no longer see.


things I have done so far for a fix are...


1. use different browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

2. clear all cookies and caches

3. disable firewall, adblocker/trackers and tampermonkey

4. allowed notification permissions for fallensword


With the exception of Windows Defender, which I've even disabled, I do not use any antivirus software. Again, the game works absolutely fine on a mobile browser, proving that the problem is with my computer rather than the game.



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