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Super Elite Sets

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#1 basti7


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Posted 22 October 2022 - 11:45


as always my english is not that good but I try my best.


We all know the good old times when SE items were pretty expensive like Malphas with 50-80 fsps AND useful.

Now new Legendary and the Tier 5 break all SE sets below 500 - sure, HCS tries to make them better with a new buff and some items are now worth to farm them because of new recipes. Just as an example: The earth hammer destroyed the whole Malphas Set. Sekhs set the Steep Nojor, Malphas and Triclopse. 

But if you see the ladder nearly nobody uses SE items - they do not fit in setups or are weaker (or maybe just useful for some lvls). Especially the old setup like Vexus, Samurai, Cockatrice, Steep Nojor, Xinderoth or Lishka need an update / boost. 

I tried to make a list and want to show you some facts.


Level Gaps:

There are many Level Gaps which could be filled with new ones.


SE set to next SE set






















All red marked ones are more than 175 lvls without new SE sets!



2 / 3 / 4 piece-setups:

1-780: only 3x2-piece setups. The rest is mostly 3. 4 is rare (3x).

781-5000: 4x3-piece setups. The rest is mostly 2. No 4-piece-setup.


Boots, Amulet, Ring and Rune are rare.



-I tried to assign but sometimes it is difficult so the list is NOT 100% accurate-


60 SE sets


ATT/ARM - 10



ATT/DAM - 10

ATT/DEF - 10



HP/ARM - 1

HP/DEF - 1


HP/DAM - 0
HP/ATT - 0


10 / 20 on stat X are the most.

I am not sure why nowadays the "real set category" is hidden until you wear the whole set. I want to see first if this setup gives me more attack or more defense (like Corbalz).

"Boosting buffs" shoud be stronger without the +10/20 stats. But correct me if I am wrong.





1. Tier 5

Yes, Tier 5. Hunt X Sets to create a "new" set. Maybe for new higher level. Amakiri Level 60 to Tier 1 lvl 100, Tier 2 lvl 200, Tier 3 lvl 300, Tier 4 400, Tier 5 500 (or even higher) - would be a possibility to break the Epics on ladder and to create new setups.


2. Customized Setups

Give us the possibility to create own setups. Design 9 pieces and each 2 give a bonus which you determine - like one Item gives + 600 STAT and 1 Set 2x + 1200 STAT BONUS

It will be complicated, I know. But often you find a good setup but 2 or 3 items are missing (like Boots and Ring/Rune) - so it would be a great possibility to decide which items and stats I need. 

Make them breakable, untradeable, rare ressources, low drop, low inventing or other options to make them rare.


3. Cave Setups 

The dwarven setups need an update.

Deathspinner (no set, okay) would be as a 4 piece set in higher levels maybe interesting too


4. Combine SE with Ladder or GvG or Arena

Using small amounts of RP, Ladder points or Arena tokens to create new SE setups + SE ressources. 

Make them breakable, untradeable, rare ressources, low drop, low inventing or other options to make them rare. 


5. Offline Stam-Gain setups

Grim said we do not make Epic-Setups. But "Stamina + Stam Gain" setups already exist. So my last suggestion is to make SE sets with Stam Gain or Stamina (less than Epics) - so you can stay offline in PvP gear without losing all Stam Gain.

Maybe 9 pieces too like the Hoof-Setup and combined with customizing. Would be a REAL NEW thing. Sure, we can make them super rare / hard to get / low inventing + drop chances and maybe non tradeable too.



Have a nice weekend,



not allowed to upload a file so here the screens:


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#2 gapukas



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Posted 05 November 2022 - 05:20

It would be so perfect to make our own sets like basically we make potions with composing. Every lvl would basically have its points budget to allocate.

#3 asterxemil



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Posted 08 November 2022 - 04:54

I could see maybe creating a few new sets in various level ranges + the new All for One buff being a thing. Really though, a lot of the sets that see huge level gaps often give stupid high stats for the set anyways. An example of this would be the Undead King set at 666, the Armor set bonus is the best Armor giving set for like, 400 levels almost. (the damage is ok but holy balls is that Armor stupid nice).

#4 TheCount


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Posted 12 November 2022 - 02:41

Undead Kings is a 3 piece set. It's going to have higher overall stats than 2 piece sets.


I am all for the idea of filling the gaps with SE sets. Especially with All For One being more readily available. Typically avoiding a weapon slot is enough to make an SE set at least somewhat viable.

#5 asterxemil



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Posted 13 November 2022 - 00:48

Honestly, it would've been neat to make really powerful new SE sets to fill the gaps, only them being seasonal spawns, like Halloween SE, or Xmas SE and whatnot. A lot of the really nice lower leveled GvG sets, or good sets in general, are Halloween LE based anyways

#6 basti7


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Posted 13 November 2022 - 12:51

They took a long time ago Samurai (?) and Cockatrice from game - I miss that idea. They could make seasonal SE or weekly exchanges but like Count say: When they create more sets with weapons it is not worth to hunt or wear this setups.

And the Undead Set was an example how GOOD SE sets can be. You not have to fill every gap if you have a setup which you can wear longer than 50 or 100 lvls... (the Undead king set is up to 1k great so nearly 400 lvls)

But let's wait. The upgraded Epics are now a thing to burn all unwanted SE sets. Not really an upgrade for SE Setups themselves but at least a reason to hunt them.

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