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In Topic: relic capture

10 July 2020 - 17:44

But BG deemed such things forbidden in 2014, so things aren't as spicy as they were back then.  That a guild is still going to any lengths to retain a desirable relic is pretty cool if you ask me.  


Not quite. Relic Wars are fine. It's part of the game after all. What is not fine is using such functions to try and drive other players out of the game through abusive methodology. This is, after all, meant to be a game. Being abusive to others is not.


~ Grim

In Topic: Fallen Sword App Update (v0.8.1)

08 July 2020 - 13:47

Hi there.


No, you were informed you need to create an HCS account in the browser then link to it in the app.


~ Grim

In Topic: relic capture

07 July 2020 - 16:08

He has weighed in already look at the current state of PvP. I don't think a single cow understands PvP right now. The death of pvp really has scarred the game.


Excuse me? I've had very little to do with the direction of PvP. Please do not state your opinion as fact.


~ Grim

In Topic: Double XP Event Live!

07 July 2020 - 15:06

You're welcome. :)


~ Grim

In Topic: New Content. 4451 to 4550!

07 July 2020 - 13:02

The following are now active.
- New Master Realm 'Sargoth Desert'.
- New Master Realm 'Garanok Town'.
- New Master Realm 'Garanok Plains'.
- New Master Realm 'Karanak Woods'.
~ Grim

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