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In Topic: (Another) Titan Idea

08 January 2015 - 19:24

Sounds good to me. I've never heard of the decay idea and will except it was ruled out for a good reason. But surely I'd rather have the Titan decay out and if it does decay after specified time no one gets the drop. Forcing the 51% guild to clear it. But this idea sounds okay it's just..

A few weeks ago I tried to explain to my brother on how Fs works and what you can do playing it. I then began to realise how complex this game really is. I think this will add to it and make it harder for new starters to get into the game I feel things should be simpler. I don't understand why people must have the game change every few months to keep it interesting. But if this is what people want then sure :)

In Topic: Location of spawning of seasonal titans

31 December 2014 - 06:38

Yep, happened to me :/ next time just get a low level lightfoot buffs and travel there just to be safe. I had a 600 lightfoot buff on with distil to find I can't reach lestus because 3 years ago I dropped a rune :( I couldn't even do a long quest I had to submit a ticket.

In Topic: medal ....

21 December 2014 - 18:43

Medals are many months behind. He was in a guild im guessing but been kicked since hes gotten it. 

In Topic: Santa Claus joins FallenSword!?

16 December 2014 - 07:35

Let it slide? No way!
Either the rules are for all of us or I want to know why one/some are over it.

I know I agree. But HCS have changed the rules and must know that *slaps their wrists*

I prefer if people never change the names. Sorry about that guys but I find finding people easier as I've memorised so many names and messing that up would be nightmarish. I don't want that rule in what so ever :/ it's like xbox live as someone changes their gamer tag and unless they tell you who it is, your sat there wondering who the hell that is.

Like I said I agree and an answer should be given. But unless they have a really fair and reasonable answer (doubt it) then people will never forget it a always request for the rules to broken.

In Topic: Santa Claus joins FallenSword!?

16 December 2014 - 07:22

Yes I know that it should have never happened but it's temp :S but not a good move... Purely as when the next holiday comes around and everyone wants a name change as it's festive ( just like bildor) HCS will disapprove and then they won't have a leg to stand on. But just let it slide I guess.

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