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#903539 Make Deflected hits non-bountable

Posted by douglasj on 22 November 2014 - 10:17

Nope keep it the way it is. If you want to attack someone, then thats the risk. You have wanted to attack someone and failed so therefore you must pay the price. Also stops ninjas attacking you  :ph34r:

#902364 Making Titan Hunting more Popular

Posted by douglasj on 19 November 2014 - 22:22

As Nagoyaka says. More people, bigger team = quicker secure. As someone else said. You decrease the time/effort then epics are easy. 


Just fix that stupid pop up every 5 seconds and id be happy. If a potion is involved then here my opinion


Titan Magnetism = NO

Titan Doubler = Yes......... BUT there should be 1 level that isnt effected by distil or anything so it merely speeds up the process. Stick the potion in Special and sometimes the potion bazaar (Bound) so then everyone can have it for a set price and its fair.


But i dont want potions just stating ^ just incase a Cow wants a potion. I dont though. I like titan hunting the way it is 

#901105 Update v2.52

Posted by douglasj on 15 November 2014 - 15:32

I dont agree with the total kills for all creatures. But you must understand, the same reason the SE has a list there should be one for titans. I wanna see where i play out (Probably not of the list). But then i have a goal to stretch towards. Increase competition.


Dont lecture saying its a guild activity 

#900349 Movement script Warning (Titan Hunt).

Posted by douglasj on 13 November 2014 - 14:16

Hmm I too have got this message but couldn't be bothered to say anything. I used to use the auto walk but now I used keys :/ I agree with you penny. I'm not bothered about the functionality of the cool down to attack but more of the stacking message that take ages to disappear. Please remove the message and just make the button not work until the cool down has ended..... Or make it a preference to remove the message

#900226 Please Make this!

Posted by douglasj on 12 November 2014 - 22:55

Since you can hold 1000's of arrows. There should be low durability (Arrows) on the quiver and once the quiver runs out of durability it completely loses all stats for the bow and quiver unless the quiver is repaired. Make the set fairly powerfull but cost quite a bit to repair.


Would be fun though B)    

#899313 some sort of idea kinda gotta work it out however

Posted by douglasj on 09 November 2014 - 16:31

Before any new wild concepts are considered I would prefer the developers to concentrate on getting the development roadmap and its contents sorted out. Do we really want them to introduce another new concepts to the game when there are so many aspects of the game which already need attention? My answer is no, I would prefer the cows fixed what is currently broken in the game before adding additional concepts, which have the potential to add additional issues to the game.

 +1 I agree with Davros. I dont want to be the negative guy here but please do continue with working out most the kinks but i stress to any cows looking at this to read the above post again ^ I dont want another aspect of this game adding when there are broken ones. 


Please carry on discussing but please dont force this idea until the game is mostly fixed. 

#896345 2191 days old and still have not reached Xindroth

Posted by douglasj on 26 October 2014 - 21:23

Im level 339 and been playing for 7 years. If you go too fast you'll miss the scenery =) Quite enjoying titan hunting and helping out new comers now =D

#894488 'BLOOD' a possible idea for Grims intended removal of xp loss from pvp.

Posted by douglasj on 14 October 2014 - 23:02

I am a leveler.  Why should leveler complain, if the rewards from PvP are NOT bound PvPer can sell the rewards.  If they are bound then it will make levers join in to get them or deal with it. But I don't understand why you want them bound?

If potions are bound then there is not massive money making scheme so people have to join if they want them (Increasing pvp) however if somethings bound then levelers wont just 'Deal with it' but moan how they are forced into an aspect of the game. I think new armour using the bound token (The same) and also bound potions. 


But like i said levelers will moan. If the potions are worthless then nobody will play and if they are any good, levelers will complain. So but i do think potions should be added. Maybe the same as the arena potions.... maybe

#894072 Suggestions for new Arena, GvG and PvP Ladder Rewards?

Posted by douglasj on 12 October 2014 - 23:00

^ +1 I agree with Avvakum Back in the Day,what was the point of many guilds all fighting for 50% against FFS and failed as they are fighting each other, so what happened. Titan hunters merged, gained allegiance and beat them into the ground the grouped and became a better game style. I still remember Rise Against became the force to be reckon with alongside FFS and now its dead. I was going to join RA before going in Uni and thus becoming Inactive and i came back and they are all gone.


Yes someone comes along submits a 'Better' idea to help a small group and then the consequences unfold and end up crashing the gameplay but at least they have the small group. There's no challenge anymore just fixes that fix nothing



Also If Epics or (A good reward) is added ill bet i get gear and give them 'Masters' a run for there money same as pvp if the rewards wasnt so useless and profitless theres no point.


EG: in Pvp the rewards make items which are less than the cost to buy the rest of the ingredients. Whats the point playing when it cheaper to just buy it. And why would i 'go to town' buying super expensive buffs... to then win... for nothing.

#894061 Leveling... long time...

Posted by douglasj on 12 October 2014 - 20:52

There was more to the game than killing rats and then being demolished by "The Ethereal Guardian" 


Dont want to be off topic but that takes me back. When i was a very small level and BOOM level 1 again :'( 

#893088 Arena suggestion

Posted by douglasj on 07 October 2014 - 15:11

Nothing gets under my skin more than people making things easier. Okay im no die hard arena fan but thats not the point. If you hand over the rewards for nothing then its no fun. I love a challenge were your knocked on your feet and if someone calls quits then dont give them the prize they need to work for it. They need to get up and try and try again and look why they lost. Not 'oh i lost ill just level' if i fail i look why try see were i went wrong, like trying a different setup.


 'Masters' got there from lose a billion times and have probably lost more gold then made but thats the price they have paid. Stop handing out free win buttons every time a hurdle is met. Cant this game be challenging. If i can play evey aspect of this game easily i wouldnt play id go play somewhere else where id get beat. And if someone cant handle being beat they dont deserve to play. Its like playing a console game online, there are people that have put days/months into playing and you come along green as grass and beat them all, id get bored quickly. But thats just me. 


The only thing id change about the arena is that arena join levels should be concentrate around the majority of players. Okay the level 2200+ want to play and they can join every single arena there. I cant (Well i can and i do and i lose). And ive recently emerged back from inactivity and dont like the new token shop. Anything that did have rarity is now common as everyone wants to make money back. (E.g Fire stone of bothild has become common... Used to be 50+ Fsp) so there isnt much want to play. I dont compete in arena cause there is no point. What lose 5 times and maybe win 1 item. Or just buy every item for 5fsps and make my own armour. If there was some level 300 item that rare and bound id fight and blow all my fsps to gain it

#892902 My first TKP item

Posted by douglasj on 05 October 2014 - 21:25

I soley earned my first TKP item. 


I was in a solo guild and wanted to earn my own Epic. I settled on Kantec at the time as that seemed to have spawned when i made that decision. Anyways best part of 8000 Kills later i made it. 


Its a lot harder to earn anything with only 3.5k Stam and no troop of fellow titan hunters to help secure. 


Anyways nothing much to big guilds but quite a bit to me. Anyways just wanted to share :)

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