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I need a logo

11 January 2020 - 22:44

Read entire post up and down before working on it!



I need a team logo for a game im playing, Im going to show you an example, And then feed you what i want, And what you may be wondering. What will this logo pay?

112 FSP my entire collection that i have left.

This is for league of legends, and its important to me, So any artists that know me and want those points, and think they can impress me based on these examples then please do!











What im wanting is this new one for my specific roster to be themed around this image here



Heres the major details it wont be as easy as the one above. The team name is


Gods Of Herald

Which id like to be on the logo, Id also like you to incorporate a God into the picture, Maybe with this in its hand, Or something be as thoughtful as you can i know this one isn't Easy as of why im paying all my FSP that i own.

I will leave you to your creative freedom only giving an example. If you cant make it that way atleast Have a god in the picture looking for something nice that would look cool in a logo

God can be animated/realish/cartoonish, All i ask is that you can tell they are a god in some way.

[Even kratos ;)]

May the luck be on your side and please friends, Help me out. I need this asap as the tournament begins soon. Im not giving a cutoff date. if i like your submission i will send you FSP

Also the image doesnt need a background. Transparent is better as it can be used to make a jersey and stuff later if we choose to do so please and thank you <3


How many artists

10 October 2019 - 03:38

How many artists are left? I am just curious, thinking about using the remainder of my FSP to hold a contest because i haven't in years, Only issue is idk if there is enough people around still. Im  unable to make images now that my photoshop subscription expired. So unfortunately this poor man isn't able to continue his ark </3

RIP to the best portion of my fallensword career.

03 June 2019 - 04:23

I just want to say, That over the last 11 years, This forum has given me a lot of happiness surrounding this game. It pains me to say that im going to probably stop looking here as everytime i look the lack of activity actually brings me down. Im going to miss the graphics forums more then the next person, I miss the days that would allow us to all buy avatars from some of the best avatars and art. Where everyone was competing to get better. I was hoping id get a chance to one day make art that was as good as those that inspired me to try. I still don't feel there, and im at a time where the game is slowly going under. 

I want to say i love the graphics section, I love the game, and i will continue to make avatars in teh game as long as i can. 

But i believe the graphics forum is dead and with that being said i give ya'll a farewell on the forums atleast. 

Thank you every artist for the last 11 years. 

and to my biggest inspiration, DarkDyablo for making me want to start making art, I really do appreciate everything. 


You're still the best gimp artist ive ever met. 


And SlntScream For teaching me tricks when i was just a nobody, and a poor artist. If it wasn't for her i would of never made advancements as an artist.... Thank you for everthing you've done for me. 

So long



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