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07 December 2023 - 19:38

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this in the past - or someone else did anyways - and, unfortunately, nothing came from it - so I'm throwing it out there again.

When composing and having little to no gold on hand, you get a " you do not have sufficient gold to create this potion". Whilst this is obviously accurate, the message is, not to put too fine a point on it, as much use as an ash-tray on a motorbike.

For the player to GET that message, the game obviously knows how much gold is needed - so rather than just saying "you aint got enough gold on hand", how about actually TELLING the player how much extra gold he needs to make the potion(s)


UFSG Update

25 September 2023 - 08:36

Title says everything really - can it be updated to at least 5400 please ?

Last Realm currently is 5300

Last Master Realm currently is 5276

Last Creatures listed are 5300 (bar 1, somehow)


Other stuff is way behind the curve too....



Spook Central (off Cathedral of Ways)

10 June 2023 - 08:51

You can only access this at Halloween ?

I wanna buy one of the upgraded Epic recipes, but can't :(

Support Tickets

06 June 2023 - 18:28

I put in 2 tickets on the 25th May (#9168 / #9169) which got a reply asking for more details 8 days ago. That detail, or as much as i could give, was supplied 8 days ago. Subsequently, i've heard nothing, despite trying to chase up 1 of them.

can they please be actioned ?

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