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18 September 2015 - 06:59

Oh and I agree with HD. If you are really not in it anymore and HCS will not support Legacy then let us crowdsource and pull resources and buy it out.


This ensures that your baby doesnt just die and you can see it flourish (maybe even join us as a player)

In Topic: Legacy in general

18 September 2015 - 06:49

That was a really round about way to ask me to unlock 4 tickets...


Jokes aside, 10 years is a long time. I was a teenager back when I started this journey and we've all changed a lot since then.  The code base at this point is very old and working on it is a laborious task, that anyone who has maintained a project for a long period of time will understand.


‚ÄčIt wouldnt be so laborious if you had stuck to the timelines instead of putting it off all the time. Heck even if things were a little behind it wouldnt be bad. The concepts for this game are great and that is why people keep coming back. That and it has attracted a strong community that has been supporting it despite your lack of follow through.


Major updates and complete system overhauls are just unrealistic at this point, as the large amount of work required is just not worth the poor reception such large changes generally receive.  If I was to take combat and entirely revamp it with new equations, better UI and design, at least 50% of players would hate it and I'd be more likely to kill the game entirely that revitalize it.  As has been shown recently on Fallen Sword with our attempts to revamp PVP Combat to a newer more modern system.  Players think they want updates, but they're also set in their ways and change often just serves to annoy them.


This is what a dev server is useful for. Our current Dev server is a joke because so very little is ever developed on it. Players reach avatar and are given access to it and it would be best to let these players actually help you test ideas. Testing on the Dev server gives you free feedback without breaking the game or making people run for the hills if an idea isnt well received.


As for getting new players in to the game, I'd say that's impossible at this point.  Back when Legacy started free games were few and far between, players sat and gave considerable effort and leeway to the games they tried, but those days are past.  Today's players give 1-2 minutes to a free game before deciding if they like it.  The bar has been significantly raised and the ocean Legacy now lives in has far more fish in it.  When Legacy launched I could count the competition on one hand, I was 1 guy coding in my bedroom and my biggest rival was a few guys coding in theirs, now there are hundreds of thousands of free alternatives made by massive international corporations of thousands of people.


Give us something to work with and new players will stick around. New people are coming all the time. they just arent staying. this is partly because you fail to cater toward new players most of the time. In most of the DTD threads explanations in requests for new player improvements are that Legacy caters to avatars. I will say you did a nice attempts with removing the shops and giving free gear. However I think it had the opposite affect that you wanted. It made the game too easy for them and gave them no variety and cheap mistakes that they could make on their own as they learned by picking weapons that looked great but sucked.


Having said all that, smaller changes to entertain the existing players are completely viable.   I'm not remotely against adding new items Steven makes, whenever he is ready, or making tweaks / changes to existing systems that make them more fun and enjoyable.


New Items are great but tweaks and the ability for staff to take care of the day to day are important. As is continued development. The best thing that can be done is allowing ideas to be tried in the DEV server to see what works and what doesnt.


I know I am not one to shy from saying what I feel and sometimes yea that may piss you off but you gave us all a lot of great entertainment, thank you for that. I just ask that you dont give up on us because we have not given up on you through all these years (even if we may poke fun at your expense ...well mostly westham....omg check his logs lol)

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