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The Fallen Sword Mobile Beta (A Change of Perspective)

28 January 2019 - 15:36

Hi Everyone, Conix here to address a common concern.
"Can the game be Portrait?"
"I think the game will be better in Portrait!"
"Can we get a Portrait version?"
"Add Portrait!"
You have asked (repeatedly), and we have listened.
Fallen Sword Mobile Is changing to a Portrait Perspective!
Yes, that's right! We are hard at work converting the existing version of the app from landscape to portrait as well as giving everything a much needed makeover!
Graynight has been working tirelessly for the last couple of months recreating and redesigning the app to work in a portrait perspective. Implementation of these designs has now begun and we are aiming for the game to be fully portrait by the next update!
We hope you enjoy this small tease, expect more screens and images in the coming weeks, and as always, we welcome any and all feedback!
Happy Hunting Everyone!
~The Fallen Sword Team :)

Fallen Sword Mobile Update (v0.6.1)

19 December 2018 - 18:47

Hi All, 


I hope everyone is enjoying the double XP event that is happening right now! But that's not the only event today. This year we have a bonus Christmas present for you all! We have just updated the Fallen Sword Mobile App to v0.6.1! This update should hit both the Android and IOS stores in the coming hours.


This update addresses a number of bugs and issues that are present in the previous version of the app and addresses them just in time for Christmas. A number of these fixes can be found in the list below. We hope you all enjoy using the mobile version of Fallen Sword over the Christmas break, and as always, we look forward to all your thoughts and feedback!


Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy Hunting! 

The Fallen Sword Team :)


Global quest updates issue
Master Realm Stairway issue
Achievement images loading issue
Maximum Composing Slot count issue
Gold Total on Guild Advisor now correct
Tournament Results no longer crash upon load
Instant Finish Price now updates after an instant finish
Buying a Combat Move now updates select combat move
Quickbuff Rename
Guild Advisor sorting
Scout Tower added to Guild Menu
Timer added to Mercenary time remaining
Attacker/Defender Health added to Combat Viewer

The Fallen Sword Mobile Beta (0.6) Is Now Live!

04 December 2018 - 16:21

Hi All, we have just updated the Fallen Sword Mobile Application to v0.6!

This update sees the addition of Guilds! You can now create, join, manage and fight with guilds on the go! This version also adds Upgrades to to the game as well as a number of bug fixes and improvements, some of which are listed below. 

We hope you all enjoy The Fallen Sword Mobile Beta v0.6 and we look forwards to hearing your thoughts on the newest version! 

Team Sword! :)





Buff Guide.

Teleport Movement.



Increased Player Movement Speed.

Tournament Sorting Added To The Arena.

Stamina Now Displayed Before Quickbuff Cast.



Applying Points To Skills.

Invisible Text On Android Input.

Local Profile Now Displayed On PvP Ladder.

Local Profile Now Displayed On Quickfind Player. 


IOS: https://testflight.a...m/join/h1ukkxsO

Android: https://play.google....cow.fallensword

The Fallen Sword Mobile Beta (0.5) Is Now Live!

26 October 2018 - 15:52

I know many of you have been wondering when the next update for the Fallen Sword Mobile App will go live. Well I am happy to announce that the long wait is over. V0.5 is now live and available to download! We have been working hard these past few months and are more than happy with what we have just released.


This update will see the addition of the much requested composing panel which will allow you to make potions on the go (and get a notification when this process is complete!).


On top of this we have added PVP to the mobile application so all you blood thirsty players out there can enjoy the sense of victory over one another.


In this update we have enhanced the error report system so that we will automatically receive caught errors if and when they occur. This will allow us to look into any issue that is reported to us with more efficiency. Not all issues will be caught, so please continue to report any issues that you feel have avoided detection from the in game error catcher.


These are just a few additions to V0.5. A full list of what to expect in this update can be found in the list below and the newest versions of the Fallen Sword Mobile Application can be downloaded using the following links.


Android: https://play.google....cow.fallensword


IOS: https://testflight.a...m/join/h1ukkxsO


We hope you all enjoy the next stage of the fallen sword mobile beta and we look forwards to hearing your feedback on the latest version. 


Team Sword :)



Add Friend/Enemy's.
Bounty Board.
Buff Market.
FSP Box.
FSP Market.
Fight Player.
Full Screen Chat.
Potion Bazaar.
Profile Image Uploader.
Push Notifications.
PVP Ladder.
Titans/Relics/Chests/Footprints now on map.
Buffs now displayed after potion drink.
Issue displaying quest hints.
Profile Images now load correctly.
Quest Icons now remove from map after stage completion.
Quickbuffs now cast selected buffs on players.
Frag all option added.
Movement controls.
Online Status now displayed.
Updated Profile Panel.
Updated main menu.
Update to chat.
Known Issues:
Setting up Arena Combat Moves occasionally glitch.
Chat Guild Buttons are disabled in this build.

Fallen Sword Mobile Progress (Composing)

21 September 2018 - 17:05

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you are all excited for the weekend! 


I am happy to announce that one of the most asked for features of Fallen Sword is now complete!

Yes, Composing is done and will be included in the upcoming 0.5 update!


I am also happy to be able to show off some screens from this new and improved composing! 

There are a couple secrets in these screens, but I will let you find them yourselves!


One thing I will say thought is that all the potion stats can now be seen in real time! No more refreshing to see if your potion is complete or to reduce that instant finish cost. All values will tick down before your eyes! 


That is all I will say on this! I will let these screenshots do the rest of the talking!


Attached File  Composing Panel.png   321.25KB   6 downloadsAttached File  Create Potion Panel.png   431.27KB   7 downloads

Attached File  Breakdown Items Panel.png   315.27KB   7 downloadsAttached File  Level Guide Panel.png   436.24KB   6 downloads


I hope you enjoy these screens and I look forwards to hearing any and all feedback on them!

Happy hunting everyone and enjoy your weekend! 

Conix  :)



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