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Fallen Sword: Mobile Application (0.7.2)

05 August 2019 - 16:51

Good afternoon everyone,
I hope you are all looking forward to the next Fallen Sword Mobile update? 
Well, I am happy to announce that the next version of the Fallen Sword Mobile Application is now live! 
We have been working hard these past few months to convert as many panels as possible to portrait and I am happy to announce that we have a sizeable update for you all! This update will see the inclusion of buffs, skills, both daily and global quests, as well as a number of PvP and marketplace areas! On top of all this we also have a shiny new HUD for you all to use while exploring the realms of Fallen Sword! A full list of everything in this update can be found below!
We hope you continue to play and enjoy Fallen Sword on the go and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the new version!
From everyone at Hunted Cow,
Happy Hunting smile.png

New Features
Active Buffs Menu
Quick Buffs Menu
Daily Quests
Global Quests
Skill Tree
Marketplace (Auction House, FSP Market, Buff Market, Bazaar, Bank)
PvP Systems (Fight Players, Bounty Hunt, Ladder, Guild Conflicts)
PvP Stores (Rewards, Arena Store, Prestige, Bounty Tickets)
Find Player
Redesigned HUD
Enhanced Quest Progress Dialog.
Improved Portal System.
Visual Improvements on a number of panels
Performance enhancements when loading
Bug Fixes
Inventory actions not working properly
Buffs no longer duplicated on the buff bar
Guild permissions not being read correctly
Join The Beta
If you have yet to try the Fallen Sword Mobile Beta then you can join using the links below.
Android: Here
IOS: Here
~The Fallen Sword Team

Fallen Sword: Campfire Stories

16 July 2019 - 16:39

Good evening everyone,
With the mobile app development progressing and a new age approaching, it's time to gather around the campfire and tell your story. Tell us of your adventure from snowy mountain top to the dark depths below. Tell us the legendary tale of how you and your guild managed to bring down that titan of stone. Tell us of the time you entered the arena and emerged victorious! Tell us your story!
We are planning on putting a little something together for the launch of the Fallen Sword mobile application, and we want your stories front and centre! We want to celebrate 13 years of stories and the transformation the game has gone through since it went live back in 2006. We are still a good while away from mobile launch and don't currently have a date for when that will be, but we want to be prepared for when we do.
We want to know your most memorable moments over the years, your favourite quests, your greatest achievement, interactions with guild mates and conflicts with enemies! We want to know the reason for your continued interest in Fallen Sword, and why you still love the game after all these years! 
We are looking forwards to hearing all your stories and we hope you continue making more memories in the years to come! 
~The Fallen Sword Team

The Fallen Sword Mobile Beta (0.7) Is Here!

15 May 2019 - 10:46

Good Morning Everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying the Pinata Frenzy! It's good to see so many of you playing it on the app too!
I know many of you have been wondering when the next update for the Fallen Sword App Beta will be. Well, I am happy to announce that the wait is over, the next update is available now!
Team Sword have been working hard to convert the existing version of the app to a portrait perspective and we are really happy with the progress made! We have not yet been able to convert the whole game to portrait and as a result not all panels will be available in this update. We are really keen for you all to see our progress and to hear your feedback on our work as we work towards a final release. 
We understand that this update will remove a number of features from the app that you have come to rely on, but we are intending to release regular updates from this point on to get these areas back to you!
So this is where you come in! If you choose to update and participate in v0.7 of the App Beta, we'd like to ask you for feedback on any areas of the game you believe require improvements or if you encounter any bugs to let us know by sending a ticket, reaching us on Discord or the Forums.
We hope you all like the change of perspective in this new version and we look forward to hearing your feedback. 
Happy hunting everyone,
Team Sword.
v0.7 features
The following areas have been converted to portrait and are available to use in this update.
+ HUD,
+ Player Profile,
+ Quest Journal,
+ Player Inventory,
+ Upgrades,
+ Blacksmith,
+ Inventing,
+ Scavenging,
+ Social Area,
+ Guild,
+ Chat,
Join The Beta
If you have yet to try the Fallen Sword Mobile Beta then you can join using the links below.
Android: https://play.google....cow.fallensword
IOS: https://testflight.a...m/join/h1ukkxsO

~ The Fallen Sword Team

The Fallen Sword Mobile Beta (A Change of Perspective)

28 January 2019 - 15:36

Hi Everyone, Conix here to address a common concern.
"Can the game be Portrait?"
"I think the game will be better in Portrait!"
"Can we get a Portrait version?"
"Add Portrait!"
You have asked (repeatedly), and we have listened.
Fallen Sword Mobile Is changing to a Portrait Perspective!
Yes, that's right! We are hard at work converting the existing version of the app from landscape to portrait as well as giving everything a much needed makeover!
Graynight has been working tirelessly for the last couple of months recreating and redesigning the app to work in a portrait perspective. Implementation of these designs has now begun and we are aiming for the game to be fully portrait by the next update!
We hope you enjoy this small tease, expect more screens and images in the coming weeks, and as always, we welcome any and all feedback!
Happy Hunting Everyone!
~The Fallen Sword Team :)

Fallen Sword Mobile Update (v0.6.1)

19 December 2018 - 18:47

Hi All, 


I hope everyone is enjoying the double XP event that is happening right now! But that's not the only event today. This year we have a bonus Christmas present for you all! We have just updated the Fallen Sword Mobile App to v0.6.1! This update should hit both the Android and IOS stores in the coming hours.


This update addresses a number of bugs and issues that are present in the previous version of the app and addresses them just in time for Christmas. A number of these fixes can be found in the list below. We hope you all enjoy using the mobile version of Fallen Sword over the Christmas break, and as always, we look forward to all your thoughts and feedback!


Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy Hunting! 

The Fallen Sword Team :)


Global quest updates issue
Master Realm Stairway issue
Achievement images loading issue
Maximum Composing Slot count issue
Gold Total on Guild Advisor now correct
Tournament Results no longer crash upon load
Instant Finish Price now updates after an instant finish
Buying a Combat Move now updates select combat move
Quickbuff Rename
Guild Advisor sorting
Scout Tower added to Guild Menu
Timer added to Mercenary time remaining
Attacker/Defender Health added to Combat Viewer

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