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In Topic: Realm Chest Update Ideas.

21 June 2024 - 21:17

Hey there.


So, what we're looking at for the Crates is as follows. 


Possible Potions: 


Conserve 800. 60m. Yes
Adept Learner 800. 60m. Yes
Light Foot 1500. 60m. Yes, but maybe last longer, similar to global, or 120/180 so it's now as powerful. Most players that hunt chests/SE are on/off throughout the day, so be good to get real value.
Overkill 1100. 60m. Yes, I know it drops from an SE, but that's EoC exclusive. Needs to be available for most/all players, new players need things like this as encouragement to continue playing.
Titan Doubler 300. 60m. I still think Teleport 200 would be more beneficial, or Titan Immobiliser. 
Counter Attack 300. 60m. Don't know
Invigorate 1000. 720m. Yes
Also think a higher Distil would be good, somewhere between 200-300, and/or a higher level Stalker
Frag stashes:
Worldly Frag Stashes, Bronze to Ruby. These are the mixed frags, similar to those in the Globals, just with more Frags and unbound.
Then we have : 
Worldly SE Frag Stash
Worldly Crystal Frag Stash
Worldly Legendary Frag Stash
Worldly Unique Frag Stash
Worldly Rare Frag Stash
Worldly Common Frag Stash
Frag Stashes with a single type of Frag. Higher quantity and unbound.
As someone rather new to the game, they would benefit someone like me and other newer players.
Loyalty Point Crates
Probably going to be able to do Loyalty Point crates, similar to the Mystic Shard Crates. Would be released without any fanfare, same as the Mystics. (Though we'd announce them if/when implemented.)  Absolutely




Would we want these added to existing Crates? Or brand new ones? Maybe a bit of both, depends on how much you plan on adding to the game?


Quest Items. Used for inventing upgraded Epics? If so, likely one of due to rarity/scarcity? One per new Epic?


~ Grim

In Topic: Realm Chest Update Ideas.

30 May 2024 - 19:37

The larger frag stashes are a great idea, I do believe potions should be confined to bronze and silver chests. 1000 loyalty is a lot of days/donated money and to open something for 1000 loyalty, or 55 dots worth of gold and get any type of potion seems a kick in the teeth.


Unless you were to implement some 'overpowered' pots as you put it, Teleport 200, Titan Immobiliser, LF 1500, Conserve 800-900(?), Distil 250-300 for example. All the rewards should greatly outweigh the costs of things such as 'loyalty' points, especially as they're such a rarity (as are the chests). At least the bronze and silver can be bought for a reasonable amount of gold.


Loyalty stashes also great and would help counter the issue above.


Anything to do with Epics is a win, always need more upgradable Epics. If anything to add value to most obsolete Epics/Crystal/SE items!

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