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#864251 Bound items and other characters on my account

Posted by Tarnos on 21 April 2014 - 12:15

Well, even if unbinding wont be free and will cost "gold" only not EP then that would be good idea, but I dont want to unbind items since hcs made it that way..so u cant sell items u already used, but i want them to be used by other characters from my own account...what is the problem with that :D I paid money to buy bagpacks and other stuff and cant even use it with my own characters? :(  I can understand hcs wants to earn money and all...but if they made some changes to the game which will make it a better game for us, then why not? I might even consider buying EP again if they make something that will convice me to spend my time with this game again. I want to even unlock 10 character slots or something for EP and play them all as long as i can use my bagpacks with every account :)

#864074 Bound items and other characters on my account

Posted by Tarnos on 20 April 2014 - 18:26

Hey, my suggestion is simple, allow me to use my bound items with other characters on my account, i buy bagpacks for EP and want my other character to use them. You probably have to change it somehow so quest releated items which are bound or quest reward should be changed to something like "quest bound" so u wont be able to transfer them to other character. That is my suggestion, hope u can do something like that in the future :) I am not rich enough to spend 1200EP for 1 bagpack when i already bought 8 of them, and just want other character to use them. I just had to respec cuz i want to try other character, instead of creating a new one and giving it all bags. Which just makes me want to play this game even less( actually i didnt play for 2 months lol) I hope this game become different from other mmos(it is actually much better if we think about pay2win in other games). Thanks, hopefully u can understand me. ;)

#840039 Buff Market Improvements

Posted by Tarnos on 12 January 2014 - 13:50

Template for search buffs would help alot :) This way I can create few templates for hunting/pvp etc. and search for buffers this way much easier.

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