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Yesterday, 22:08

i don't want to join a faction / creating your own faction


you can create your own faction when you reach level 5


it's free





* you can bank your credits, into the faction bank, without going to a bank building519.gif


* you can build 2 structures, including one that increases your max energy


* factions have 2 storage slots (faction store) = 2 free backpack spaces

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28 September 2020 - 22:48

this is an excellent read. should be pinned to the admin board



In Topic: Deleted

28 September 2020 - 22:13

It seems that people want new players to suffer just like they did when starting out.



do your research


there are multiple recent threads with suggestions to "save the game"

In Topic: relic def

24 September 2020 - 21:15

medals being farmed / bought / sold? 


In Fallensword?



In Topic: Haven't played for years, I have a question or two.

24 September 2020 - 17:43



It's been a long while since I've got my hands on this game.



FYI - the "listings" section of the fsp market is now upside down


unlike the "requests" section, where the cheapest option is at the top, easiest to find


the "listings" section has the most expensive option at the top - you must click a page or 2 to get to the best value 


if you haven't played for a while...or if you're in a rush or not paying attention, you may end up paying the max 1 million gold for an fsp, posted by some taking advantage of this 


BUT, as with some of the other current bug/exploits in the game, we have to ask:


"If a known bug/exploit is available to everyone, is it still called a bug/exploit ... or just normal gameplay?"

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