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#1001455 new player questions

Posted by duktayp on 12 September 2020 - 19:26

most common new player questions:


i just started, what do i do?


follow the directions of the cyber goth girl



if you need to refresh your memory, click your mission log and click on the mission



if you get lost, click the overview map


the overview only shows a dot where you are (and behemoth monsters, but that's much later), it  doesn't show regular creatures


a link to a layout of the first 5 levels (thx to EdTheHead):





a link to a walkthrough of the first 49 missions (thx to player Syl):








i'm supposed to kill sprites, where are they?


plenty of sprites in that area, but they may not be right next to the combat instructor. EXPAND YOUR SEARCH AREA. I went there and found this group


when sprites (or a creature on any level) are killed, they respawn on a random spot somewhere on that map. since the ones nearest the combat instructor are always killed first, they're respawning somewhere else. walk around, you'll find some!





I was killing creatures just fine for a while, why did i suddenly start dying all the time?


most likely you need to repair your gear, as it gets damaged in battle. go to the round building with the wrench on top to repair, for a credit cost (use your overview map to find the nearest one)


on your data sheet (character page) hover your mouse over a piece of gear to see its' current condition (durability):


in this case, even though a stat may be listed as 100 when you hover your mouse, it's actually only 89


later in the game, there are repair kits you can buy - to repair without going to a repair center





how do i choose a class?



you don't need to choose right now, though you DO have to complete the crawling corruption mission to choose


you can stay a clone until you decide later, and you don't have to go back to the skill instructor to choose - thank him and move on. the first class-specific gear is level 10(?). Some stay a clone for dozens of levels deciding



when you DO decide:


go to skills




click on the class of your choice




which brings up the skill tree for that class


to the right of the skill tree, a side bar says "[select a skill on the left panel]"


select the one at the top - the primary skill


the side bar changes, to show that skill description. underneath is the option to "add (skill) points"


add 5 skill points, then click "add points"


you then get a dramatic log message saying "you are now a (whatever)!"


you get a new "skill power" bar


you get 1 skill power per kill, modified by the intensifier buff/stim (x2 or x3, etc). 


skill power is needed to cast the class-specific buffs on that page ... on yourself, or others of the same class (you can't cast a soldier buff on a mutant, for example).


skill power "decays" by 5 each hour



***go to upgrades --> use crystals. an option to reset and change your class is there...first one is free






which class should i choose?



tl;dr ... soldier or mutant


cyborg - best damage and cool stuff, but needs lots of skill points - leaving less points available for leveling skills (the core skills)


purist - takes up a lot of backpack space for ammo



or read centurions' thread (keep in mind it was written when the game was alive and active)







where should i put my evolution points?



each new level you get 2 evolution points - to add to your stats. the left side bar will pop up a message when you level "you have 2 evolution points available". click on it, or go to "Evolve"



my opinion:


put 1 in damage and 1 in attack for now


a rough suggestion of what your points should look like over time


50% damage

20% attack

10% health

10% armor

10% defense


different classes might suggest different numbers, you'll get a feel


***go to upgrades --> use crystals. an option is there to reset your points. first one is free. The game is easy enough in the beginning, you shouldn't feel a need (if any) to reset till you're maybe level 1 or 2 hundred






how do i get more skill points?



*only way to get skill points is to complete missions


*you do not get skill points for leveling, only for completing missions



**there is a total of 2,200 skill points in the game. there are a total of 440 levels. 2,200 divided by 440 levels = 5. so, on average, you'll gain 5 skill points per level


**there is a total of 190 missions. not all missions reward skill points

#1001443 Where do I go to kill Sprites???

Posted by duktayp on 11 September 2020 - 15:56

 where are the sprites? is a question we hear often


from our experiences trying to help new players i'm starting to think i have the answer:



Expand your search area



when you kill a creature, it respawns (after a few minutes?) in a random area on that map...if that map is 20 x 20, there's only a 1/400 chance it will respawn on your spot....actually, with all the walls and stuff, maybe more like 1/150


if creature are all always killed in one area on a map, after a while they will bunch up/respawn somewhere else on the map:



#1001435 What Are You Listening To?

Posted by duktayp on 08 September 2020 - 21:41

#1001421 Wow it's still here in 2020

Posted by duktayp on 06 September 2020 - 14:57


#1001398 What Are You Listening To?

Posted by duktayp on 01 September 2020 - 20:01

#1001168 Welcome to the upside down

Posted by duktayp on 09 August 2020 - 15:29

Managed to avoid buying an fsp for 1,000,000 gold in the new listing section of the fsp market


I did, however, buy one from the bottom for 300,000 before seeing there was a page 2


net savings of 700,000 gold so, i got that going for me



#1000758 What Are You Listening To?

Posted by duktayp on 02 July 2020 - 11:26

#1000633 What Are You Listening To?

Posted by duktayp on 16 June 2020 - 18:16

#1000626 What Are You Listening To?

Posted by duktayp on 15 June 2020 - 03:43

#999719 Guild Achievements Revamp

Posted by duktayp on 01 February 2020 - 01:18

good idea but :( breaks my heart to see you putting so much effort into ideas like this...since the devs are thinking *only app* at this time


if/when devs ever get back to coding this game again, there's a lengthy list of *broken* stuff ... before they work on "revamp" stuff

#999444 Stamina Glitch

Posted by duktayp on 16 December 2019 - 22:01

if they're damaged - taken durability loss - it might lower some of the numbers of an item = my first guess


so if damaged, those 2 items might only be giving you +55 and +67 stamina, for example, to add up to the 672 (even though they still say 60 and 70)


edit: yes, i see on your profile page your gloves and rune are damaged, so your max stamina reads 674/674

#999403 Minor bug?

Posted by duktayp on 09 December 2019 - 17:31

k, thanks y'all :)

#999195 Lag Update.

Posted by duktayp on 10 November 2019 - 02:14

can't move; cannot move

more than 1 square at a time

walking on the map

#999190 ?????

Posted by duktayp on 09 November 2019 - 04:39

"team" is singular


1 team


so, it should be "has" been notified

#999108 issue with server connection

Posted by duktayp on 30 October 2019 - 02:30


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