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medals being farmed / bought / sold? 


In Fallensword?



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It's been a long while since I've got my hands on this game.



FYI - the "listings" section of the fsp market is now upside down


unlike the "requests" section, where the cheapest option is at the top, easiest to find


the "listings" section has the most expensive option at the top - you must click a page or 2 to get to the best value 


if you haven't played for a while...or if you're in a rush or not paying attention, you may end up paying the max 1 million gold for an fsp, posted by some taking advantage of this 


BUT, as with some of the other current bug/exploits in the game, we have to ask:


"If a known bug/exploit is available to everyone, is it still called a bug/exploit ... or just normal gameplay?"

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22 September 2020 - 18:12

allegiance tokens


you get 5 every 24 hours...IF you log on every day. if you're gone for 10 days, you don't get 50 tokens, you'll get 5


upgrade ---> loyalty


brings up the loyalty rewards page




best value:


micro generators: for every 25 points of the "skill" of the generator, you'll gain 1 point of each stat in the "bonus" section of equipped gear, for every level you are above the gears' level 


also, the limit of the gain is for every 25 points


the loyalty section has a level 75, and a level 100 .... so a gain of or points in each stat, if you are in fact at least 3 or 4 levels above that gear


if you use a level 100, and you are only 1 level above one piece of gear, you only get 1 stat gain...for that piece (when you get 4 levels above that piece, you'll get 4)


starting at level 200...might be 201? there is a level 50 for sale in the shops




repair drones: repairs your gear by 50 points (repair kits sold in stores only repair 25 points) 


an expensive option to the repair kits sold in stores....you'd probably be dying every battle if you're letting your gears' durability fall by 50 points




descriptions of the last 2 are in characters ---> skills ---> view skill guide

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21 September 2020 - 04:46

level 16 - Taulin city - Taulin City is a hubbub of activity with different peoples going about on their daily business.




a spaceship @ 1,4 takes you to an asteroid orbiting the planet. a (level 16) mission there rewards 1658 xp and a piece of body armor you'll probably throw away no skill points


ZEDs' merch shop @ 8,1 sells blueprints to legendary gear


a Taulin city guard @ 6,2 needs your help


Kuo Shens' treasures @ 4,8 sells blueprints for level 100 and 150 stims


Kiliks' boutique @ 3,4 sells  wacky useless gear with zero stats, only good for wearing while offline...and taking up backpack space when not worn


the market @ 3,7 sells stims you won't find anywhere else, including a level 100 intensifier




to easily get there, whatever your current location (you have to be above level 16):



***click character ---> config



at the bottom, there is an option to "instant teleport back to Taulin rad lands" for 25 energy. click that


you get 

INFORMATION ALERT You use the Instant Portal - you are now in the Taulin Rad Lands.



click ---> "world" <---


brings up the "master realm map" for the Taulin Rad lands


the option to enter Taulin city is there



when you've finished your business there, a portal is @ 5,7 to take you back to your area...but...

There are only portal entrances roughly every 3 levels...you might have to go to an area below your current level and walk a level or 2


click "resources" ---> "official guide" --> "areas"


to see how close you can get




you need to get to level 87 


you would choose

Orbital Station 1313                                   (level)    81


click "travel here" - next screen is the "master realm" map for Orbital Station 1313


your current level map might be there. if not,


using the areas section of the official guide, pick the area closest to 87...you can't travel to an area higher than your level

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