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In Topic: Spine Chompers, Wave 1!

31 July 2021 - 06:01

The last thing the game needs is your toxic approach towards the Fallensword team, you have played this game long enough to know new creatures are spread over waves in Crystal and Legendary events.


We finaly got a roadmap after years, please don't use it as ammunition ? They specifically said "Please note that everything is subject to change. "


you DID see the wink at the end, didn't you ? 


Lay of the personal attacks please ..

In Topic: Spine Chompers, Wave 1!

31 July 2021 - 01:06

since chompers come in waves i would still consider them a july event since it started in that month. idk thats just me...


Hope you're right - looking forward to the other 6 new ones to see what they are...

In Topic: Spine Chompers, Wave 1!

30 July 2021 - 23:39


Hello everyone!
Today we would like to share with you all the current roadmap for Jul - Oct 2021!
Please note that everything is subject to change. The next roadmap will be released in September.
~ Fallen Sword Team





Hi all!
A wretched rattling of teeth on Spines heralds the return of the voracious Spine Chompers! 
Stone Chomper (Legendary) (NEW!)
One of Vile Whites apprentices, the Stone Chomper is now an elemental monster, transformed into a beast reflecting it's former personality! A stoic, intractable individual has been transformed into a grinding, stone monster! This beast is a slow creature but is all but impervious to harm. Slow to anger, once engaged this Chomper is an unstoppable engine of destruction, allowing nothing to stand in it's way, crashing through every barrier in it's way.
Level: 4300+
Poison Chomper (Legendary) (NEW!)
One of Vile Whites apprentices, the Poison Chomper is now an elemental monster, transformed into a beast reflecting it's former personality! A craven backstabber and a underachiever, this individual has always used underhanded, deplorable methods to advance himself. Now, as an elemental of poison, this creature kills in an insidious manner, even though a Chomper is inherently powerful. Slowly killing with various poisons designed to cause slow, lingering deaths, it leaves it's prey until the last moment, when they can see the horror bearing down on their helpless form...
Level: 4800+
This event will be available until 15:00 hours (Server time) on Monday the 2nd of August.
~ The Fallen Sword team.



Does this mean the roadmap has already failed ? ;) 

8 New Chompers in July, but this one with 2 new ones runs until 2nd August ?

(do like the new ones tho ... ) :)

In Topic: [PvP] Feedback & Suggestions

27 July 2021 - 21:51

nicer, but start +/- 20 somewhere from 600-700.


I'm intrigued why PvP bands thousands of levels above you are of such concern ?

Increasing available targets for some bands is almost essential, but if you take it TOO far, then you start risking non-pvping-player activity.

I'm happy with the suggestion that Arztik made ..

In Topic: Feedback and Suggestions

27 July 2021 - 03:48

I just had another thought towards the map shops. There could be high-priced but relevant potions made available. Instant stamina, but consuming reduces the armor by x amount.


Instant Stamina ? - don't see that ever happening... But, then again, there were loads of things that we were all told would never happened that, over time, came to happen so ... who knows.


(other than the instant stam purchases thru "upgrades" of course ... )

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