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In Topic: The Forest of Yule opens!

16 December 2022 - 18:30


I think you forgot the stats on Perchtas shield  :(


Thanks for reporting this! It seems so. Team are now aware and will get it fixed soon  :)

In Topic: App Update v1.2.2!

15 November 2022 - 14:55

How about app getting the Christmas offer available for purchase on it?

I've passed your suggestion on, but it seems to be built into the browser version only.

In Topic: Double Composing XP LXXVIII

08 July 2022 - 15:34

Double Composing not working for me,


Even the countdown clock in composing page is not present.

Thanks, team are aware and it should be fixed really soon!

In Topic: Fallensword VR!

20 April 2022 - 12:33

Hi everyone!


This isn't something that Hunted Cow endorse, I'm afraid. We do think it's a cool project but it isn't something we want for our game and we definitely do not want players charging for something like this or creating extra accounts to try it out (both of those things would breach our Terms of Service).


Thanks for your understanding. :)

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