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Top Ten ways Sigmastorm2 is better than fallensword

04 October 2020 - 23:59

# 10


you start with 10 backpack spaces




# 9


the images in the ultimate guide work




# 8


every time you level, you get a free flux crystal (fsp)




# 7


‚Äčupdates to the app don't affect Sigmastorm




# 6


no waiting for mercenaries. hire the ones you want, when you want




# 5


i read complaints saying FS is too easy. playing Sigmastorm is playing a game in "difficult" mode




# 4


motion graphics on the world map

1566.gif 48_17.gif 55.gif 48_9.gif 67_1.gif 50_49.gif 1172.gif 1270_b.gif 564.gif 2936.gif




# 3


The default theme is "night mode"







# 2


"my eyes are up here" cyber goth chicks













I passed another inactive friend today

18 September 2020 - 14:13

yuuzhan .... yotwehc .... Shardoom .... Juggarnaut


mrw ... every time it happens





gonna pass leefylee soon :(




in another month or so, when I pass Egami ... 





new player questions

12 September 2020 - 19:26

I just started, what do i do?



**you have unlimited energy till level 5. your energy counter will stay 500/500 till then. Also, the "death penalty" doesn't start till level 5 (loss of xp and credits)




# 1  ...  "I don't need no tutorial, i'm here to kill stuff."


the level 1 creature drops pants and a helmet add-on. you need to wear a helmet to use the add-on. Starting with level 1 and each new level you go to, make your way to the store473.gif for gear upgrades (like a helmet). the store on most levels sell gear. Creatures level 2 - 9 don't drop gear.



the R button for repair only works if you are at a repair center 3634.gif

you don't get skill points for leveling, only by doing missions, so if you just go power leveling, you will never have any buffs or be able to choose a class




# 2



in the tutorial, follow the directions of the "my eyes are up here" cyber goth girl



to refresh your memory, click your mission log and click on the mission



if you get lost, click the overview map


the overview only shows a dot where you are (and behemoth monsters, but that's much later), it  doesn't show regular creatures, like the sprites



this video: mute ... also go to settings , use a slower playback speed ... disregard the part showing ways to get free crystals for doing offers




a link to a layout of the first 5 levels (thx to EdTheHead) 


there are 2 paths to level 5: one from the tutorial and one from "not the tutorial" (memory core):






a link to a walkthrough of the first 49 missions (thx to player Syl):





- the only way to get skill points is by completing missions (quests). you don't get skill points by leveling (not all missions reward skill points)


- each world map has a chat feature on it. only the people on that map will see it






i'm supposed to kill sprites, where are they?



the overview map only shows your location, not creatures (like the sprites)


 there are lots of sprites in that area, but they may not be right next to the combat instructor. EXPAND YOUR SEARCH AREA. I went there and found this group


when sprites (or a creature on any level) are killed, they respawn on a random spot somewhere on that map. Since the sprites nearest the combat instructor are always killed first, they're respawning somewhere else. walk around, you'll find some!




i have a blueprint to invent an item (to complete a mission, or a piece of gear). how do i invent it?



in your backpack, click on the blueprint to "learn" it.


it then it disappears from your backpack ohmy.png  unsure.png  huh.png 




actions ---> view blueprints, to now see the blueprint. 





click on the name of the blueprint to see what's needed




brings up the view blueprint screen



hover your mouse over an item needed, and note the yellow text:



"mission items" are usually creature drops


"parts" are usually sold in the store on that level


"resources" are creature drops




components are extracted from "resource" items


(resource items are creature drops)


when you get a resource item in your backpack, click on it to (hopefully) get the component you need


extracted components have their own section on your profile page,  under the backpack section






"I have way too many of one component, and not enough of one i need"



***you can "transmute" 2 unwanted components for 1 wanted component for some credits:






actions ---> transmute ... brings up the transmute screen, showing "available components"


1  " Select a component below to see what it can be converted into" ... click on the component you have too many of


2  brings up a new section "target component" ... click on the one you want


3  brings up the cost...to transmute 2 unwanted components into 1 that you want


4  hit the [transmute] button




once you have everything you need, go to any assembly building 482.gif and enter it





entering the building takes you to the "view blueprints" screen



click on the blueprint


the option is there to "invent".....not all inventions are successful  sad.png 


invented items show up in your mailbox (pink text on the left side bar) click on the text to collect




your mailbox will "hold" the item for 60 minutes, after which it's gone




***on your "view blueprints" screen, you can "add new folder" to store learnt blueprints


create one for "old missions" and "move blueprints" there...you'll probably never need them again


you can create more folders for other stuff




i need a hertz matrix / pulse line / surge vector ... where do i get these?


hertz matrix is a creature drop:


0.gifHertz Matrix (Unique)   Statistics Type: Resource Level: 1   Dropped By Energy Spike: 25%  (chance)   Failed Cyborg Unit: 9% (chance)


the surge vector 234b072f51.gif




pulse line 355d3924fb.gif


are extracted from the hertz matrix. in your backpack, click on it to (hopefully) extract.



extracted items show up in the "components" section of your profile page, under the backpack section





I was killing creatures just fine for a while, why did i suddenly start dying all the time?


most likely you need to repair your gear, as it gets damaged in battle. go to the round building with the wrench on top to repair, for a credit cost (use your overview map to find the nearest one)




on your data sheet (character page) hover your mouse over a piece of gear to see its' current condition (durability):


in this case, even though a stat may be listed as 100 when you hover your mouse, it's actually only 89


starting on level 5, there are repair kits you can buy - to repair without going to a repair center


starting on level 5 , there is a "death penalty" if you are killed. you lose some xp and some credits.


when killed, you wake up at the pyramid building 480.gif, where you go to heal, for a credit cost


the pyramid building only heals health...does not repair gear




i finished level 7 ... where is level 8?


the maps don't always follow a straight line. sometimes the maps are something like this:












LINK TO MAPS 5 - 140 thanks to EdTheHead








how do i choose a class?



you don't need to choose right now, though you DO have to complete the crawling corruption mission to choose


you can stay a clone until you decide later, and you don't have to go back to the skill instructor to choose - thank him and move on. the first class-specific gear is level 9 and 10. Some stay a clone for dozens of levels deciding



when you DO decide:


go to skills




click on the class of your choice (cyborg, for example)


which brings up the skill tree for that class


to the right of the skill tree, a side bar says "[select a skill on the left panel]"


select the one at the top - the primary skill


the side bar changes, to show that skill description. underneath is the option to "add (skill) points"


add 5 skill points, then click "add points"


you get a dramatic log message saying "you are now a (whatever)!"


you get a new "skill power" bar


you get 1 skill power per kill, modified by the intensifier buff/stim (x2 or x3, etc). 


skill power is needed to cast the class-specific buffs on that page ... on yourself, or others of the same class (you can't cast a soldier buff on a mutant, for example).


when you get more skill points, i recommend putting 1 point (only), into whatever that class has as a healing skill (for cyborgs, it's patch)...you can only heal (patch) yourself on that page....click on the healing skill and "activate on self" ... saves backpack space from carrying med kits


skill power "decays" by 5 each hour



***go to upgrades --> use crystals. an option to reset and change your class is there...first one is free





which class should i choose?


all classes are equally amazing and awesome in their own way. the question we most often hear is "which one is easiest?", so....



tl;dr ... soldier or mutant (easiest, least hassle, least frustrating ,,,, mutant weapons need no ammo! your radioactivity is your ammo)



cyborg gear has the highest offensive stats, but - it uses up the most skill points of any class to use all the items available to get those killer stats (less points for core buffs)



purists are awesome! but - ammo for purists is a hassle (veteran purists reading this will say "no, it's not"). if you choose purist, it may be frustrating to use purist weapons till you reach maybe level 40:


on the level 9 map, the first purist weapon is the psi thorn. you have to build it (unless you're in a faction that has one), blueprint is for sale in the store.


purist ammo is mind shards 8456f3c8b8.gif which are sold in the store...only they're empty....you have to "charge" them using your psi skill power....58.gif.....



......to charge empty mind shards, you need to sink the skill points you've been saving into a new skill: Mind Shard (look at your purist skill tree):




58.gifMind Shard 0 / 100  (skill points) 


" +0.5% per point chance to charge a full stack of empty Mind Shards, allowing them to be used as ammo. "


a level 9 purist has maybe 40 available skill points. if you sink all of those into this skill, 40 x .5% = 20%...


...you would only have a 20% chance to charge your shards




after building your psi thorn weapon (or getting one from your factions' store), buy a stack (25) of mind shards


to charge mind shards:


-go to the purist skill tree (character --> skills)


-for example let's say you've put 20 points into mind shard skill


-click on the mind shard skill, and "activate on self". each attempt to charge a stack costs you 10 psi. if you have no psi skill power, you gotta go kill some creatures to build up your psi (you get 1 psi per kill, modified by the intensifier buff/stim... x2, x3, etc. )


with 20 points in "mind shard" , you have a 10% chance to charge the shards....even with the skill maxed 100/100, a 50% chance


an option here is to stay with regular weapons for now, save your skill points till you have enough to feel comfortable with the mind shard skill


if you have no ammo, your psi weapon is useless, you may not be able to kill creatures on your level, so you might have to travel to a lower level to build up your psi


you can buy extra stacks of shards and charge them as you hunt, but this takes up extra backpack space.


***this is the point: other classes simply buy their ammo (mutant weapons need no ammo) at the store with one click





where should i put my evolution points?



each new level you get 2 evolution points - to add to your stats. the left side bar will pop up a message when you level "you have 2 evolution points available". click on it, or go to "Evolve"



my opinion:


put 1 in damage and 1 in attack for now


a rough suggestion of what your points should look like over time


40% damage

30% attack

10% health

10% armor

10% defense


if you just "put all points into damage" you'll regret it later on


***go to upgrades --> use crystals. an option is there to reset your points. first one is free. The game is easy enough in the beginning, you shouldn't feel a need (if any) to reset till you're maybe level 1 or 2 hundred





I leveled up and got a "bound crystal" pp_button_2.gif what should i do with it?


you get 1 pp_button_2.gif bound crystal for each level you gain


upgrade ---> use crystals ... takes you to the character upgrade page ... this is the only page where you can use these crystals


Best value is to increase things that are permanent, like your maximum energy or skill power = it's a permanent upgrade that will benefit you forever





how do i get more skill points?



*only way to get skill points is to complete missions


*you do not get skill points for leveling, only for completing missions



**there is a total of 2,200 skill points in the game. there are a total of 440 levels. 2,200 divided by 440 levels = 5. so, on average, you'll gain 5 skill points per level


**there is a total of 203 missions. not all missions reward skill points




character ---> skills ---> view skill guide


to see an alphabetical list of all buffs and stims

Welcome to the upside down

09 August 2020 - 15:29

Managed to avoid buying an fsp for 1,000,000 gold in the new listing section of the fsp market


I did, however, buy one from the bottom for 300,000 before seeing there was a page 2


net savings of 700,000 gold so, i got that going for me



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