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Possible Relic Alterations

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#61 Toreth


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Posted 16 June 2021 - 15:49

i don't understand the implications, but seems like an important contribution to thread.

yet, no comments for or against.


is this the solution to balanced relic combat? or partial solution?

is it relatively fair?

does ROT need to be removed?

cooldowns added?

group attacks restricted?

relic combat without buffs counting?

whatever i failed to include?


Michael, all of your questions are good and valid. I think that adjusting the lead defender debuff is a great start.

#62 kitobas



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Posted 16 June 2021 - 16:24

you can either do ....


1.) the laziest method


simply add as many Stam Gain relics as you desire & ignore ALL other relic iusses !!!

you can even change ALL relics into "Super" Relics that have FULL +% Stam Gain, Max Stam, Stats, Enhancements


it's a band aid that ignores all other relic issues, gets rid of any competition & teamwork, relic battles, .....



2.) you actually do some work


A ) FIX the current relic battles which are a **** JOKE !!!


enough said, everyone who has ever captured / defended relics knows it !!!

from a low "1-man-guild" (who was a low lvl player himself with 2 low joiners) took 100+ relics without any "issue" to HCS admins kamicazer7 (was at the time lvl 50 or so) & hooftest taking our relic that had 50+ defenders also without any issues

granted most were not in pvp gear but still a lvl 50 beating 50+ defenders were at least half of them were EOC !!!


B ) Make capturing relics a permission !!!


I used to mentor some small guilds & the issue they ran into was that new players would simply capture relics their guild did not need (also happens to other guilds, regardless of size) & they could not get "rid of it" which brings me to my next point ...


C ) Add a "dismiss Relic" option !!!


As said, add a "dismiss Relic" option with a COOLDOWN to avoid abuse !!!


D ) preferred Relic value


Contrary to what many believe it is not Stam Gain Relics that low / new players actually need, as mentioned before: I used to mentor small guilds & what they needed the most was MAX STAM Relics !!!


of course do NOT take my word for it & please make a game poll that ONLY includes low players, NOT high players like me, EOC, afterall the "new relics" are for them !!!


E ) Supply & Demand !!!


I do not think I need to say anymore, just please make sure to NOT add too many & keep them at a decent number so they are still "attractive" / desired, encourage activity, teamwork & relic battles !!!


F ) "Optional" NEW Guild Relic WAR System !!!


Make TEAMWORK actually matter in relic battles & encourage TEAMWORK, please do NOT discourage it !!!



Guild A captures a relic from Guild B

Both Guild A + B will have 12h time to accept / decline "Relic War"

(new relic war permission to accept / decline will be added)

If after 12h no option has been choosen it will automatically count as a decline to avoid abuse !!!

If Guild A declines then they will be on a 30 day cooldown on that relic & Guild B will have control of that relic

If Guild A accepts + Guild B declines then then B will be on a 30 day cooldown on that relic & Guild A will have control of that relic

If both Guild A + Guild B accept then they will enter a 7-day-Relic-War that looks like this:


Attack Ranges: 

50 - 500 (+/- ??) 

601 - 1000 (+/- 100)    

1001 - 2000+ (+/- 300)

2001 - 3000+ (+/- 500)

3001+ (+/- 1000)

(the attack ranges can be changed by HCS / players who know their ranges better than me)


During those "7-day-Relic-War" both members of Guild A + Guild B will enter a "PvP-War" where they can hourly hit (look above for attack ranges) each other & even bounty each other !!!

they will get their own guild "Bounty-Board" where only Guild A + Guild B can participate in !!!

during the "7-day-Relic-War" time Guild A + Guild B can still capture / defend their relic like normal until the war is over !!!

(it has to be PvP aka xp loss involved, you have to pay a "price" & fight for the relic (bonuses) you get !!! hoof remember how relics were fought for, many guilds, regardless of size battled in PvP for them & generated high activity !!!


I will leave the Scoring System to HCS / the community

both Guild A + Guild B can retreat from the "7-day-Relic-War" at any time BUT it will count as a loss & they will be on a 30 day cooldown on that relic !!!


For every additional +1 relic those guilds battle about +1 day will be added to the "7-day-Relic-War"

so if they battle for 4 relics in (1+3) the war will last 10 days in total !!!


to make it even more exciting several guilds can get involved, either helping Guild A / B or even be against both biggrin.png

several guilds can war against each other for 1,2, ... relics or even "support" another guild (so small guilds can tackle a big guild, ....)

it will greatly encourage TEAMWORK, activity + many other things

  • NO guild can be forced against their will / permission to enter the "7-day-Relic-War" to PvP !!!
  • the "7-day-Relic-War" can only start if it has been accepted by someone who has the permission to !!!
  • at any time any guild can "retreat" from the "7-day-Relic-War" & it will be counted as a loss


this is just a "prototyp-system" so it is far from perfect (an EXAMPLE & everything is up for HCS / community to decide) so no need for me to go into details atm

ps: IF point (F) is implemented then it already takes care of point (A)
(+ after implementing strip ALL guilds of ALL relics & let the GAME begin smile.png  !!!)


I will never understand why HCS keep avoiding / discouraging TEAMWORK / competitions !!! best ("worst") example is PvP

I mean are not games generally played to compete?


FS has great potential BUT has been declining for years, no matter how good the app is it will hardly matter when the actual game has many "broken" gamestyles which need to be updated & will struggle to keep the new ones or even the older ones !!!

honestly I have been hardly active for a long time, as have many others I noticed since aside from the 3 repetitiv main events (Global Event, LE Event, Leveling Content) there is nothing else to do since most if not all the other game aspects are "broken" & need to be updated + when I am online I chat which there are many other apps better for chatting than this one ...


others have already said it before, it is NOT that there are not any good ideas / suggestions (the community has provided numerous good ones over the years) but simply the  "communication" with HCS is lacking !!!

to put it bluntly: we simply get some "lip service" without any action ....


I have so much to say but let's 1st wait & see where this leads ...

you having very good but I knowing you not stupid but why you making mistake and writing here taboo words *compitition* and *teamwork*?

you knowing that writing this words will getting your postings ignoring from hcs, it your fault



# of Relics            Lead Defender Bonus

     1                                 150%

     2                                 120%

     3                                 100%

     4                                  90%

     5                                  85%

     6                                  80%

this one little step bro but alone it will not fixing relic battles, need more doing, taking care of crazy high skills, stats of defenders in group, .....



Any particular reason for that?

1. May I ask why?
2. How so. Can you give examples?

~ Grim

you knowing crazy high composing making joke about pvp, gvg, hunting but you not wanting changing for reason nobody knowing, it not logic (only answer I getting is composing is gold sink that why hcs ignoring damage it doing to pvp, gvg)

whatever you trying to doing changing it will not working making relic battle normal because you will keeping high crazy skills what making taking all relics joke, this for years players saying but always getting ignoring


I liking that mary trying doing new battle system but biggest mistake she doing is it increasing compitition and teamwork very much and it will 100% failing because of it

same with pvp, who beliving range you can attacking is only 10 levels when eoc is 4800 lol, it complete joke, players asking more 100 times in years and always getting ignoring


other players giving ideas how making relic battles normal but if not taking care of high skills it will not working, this saying for years but always ignoring again and they never learning, sad you will do same mistakes again and it will not improving relic battles, this very sad



to hcs, I will giving you way you can doing: it will removing compititon, teamwork and fighting for relics 

go changing very many relics to stamina

in end no relic battles and you not needing doing changing :)

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#63 EpicPiety



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Posted 16 June 2021 - 20:58

this one little step bro but alone it will not fixing relic battles, need more doing, taking care of crazy high skills, stats of defenders in group, .....

It's not going to fix it, although it's a good step. Cows are taking the approach so it seems to change things one at a time and see how it shakes out. What Toreth suggested would be a massive improvement for very little development time which as they have stated is focused on the app.

#64 Bujon


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Posted 18 June 2021 - 05:15

Bit late to the discussion on this one, so will keep it brief. If the update is to merely alter existing relics to have more stam gain stats, then do not waste your time. Why not just throw in more current stam daily quests?

#65 Bujon


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Posted 18 June 2021 - 05:32

Other enhancements to existing relics then absolutely, that would be an easy win. Remove the 10% cap on the attributes on them too, that at least would allow guilds to decide what they want at different periods of the game. But you have to be able to ditch unwanted relics, and there has to be more incentive than simply 1 hour on holding, otherwise he/she who sleeps the least wins in the silly tit for that on the hour game. Make it harder to capture, but worthwhile in obtaining.

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#66 Bujon


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Posted 18 June 2021 - 12:40

Opportunity to make relic combat an actual activity if done correctly.

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#67 Artzik


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Posted 18 June 2021 - 13:31

exactly bujon

#68 Alisa



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Posted 18 June 2021 - 19:36

range you can attacking is only 10 levels when eoc is 4800 lol, it complete joke, players asking more 100 times in years and always getting ignoring

I don't get how GvG has a better levels system than PvP. If it could be the same as GvG then I'm all for it. Players are hundreds of levels apart and the 10+/- is stopping them from playing a PvP-built game.

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