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#1010058 Composing

Posted by Edith3000 on 09 December 2023 - 17:37

But I think a better way would be to simply have the money taken from the bank (as is done for buff market). Same should apply to auction house too. Auction house gives the message of "you need X more gold to make this purchase" but that amount is always incorrect, because it doesn't factor in the gold at hand.

#1009883 Realm Chest Update Ideas.

Posted by Edith3000 on 25 October 2023 - 16:49

Definitely yes to more frag chests (and yes to cheaper and more chests).


EpicPiety makes a good point. Have powerful potions through chests. Not necessarily "more" powerful than the existing ones, but have the rarer potions available through chests.


I like the idea of sets spread across different chests. More opportunity to create trades between players (and to fleece each other :P). Have new sets, and then have medals for players who complete a specific number of sets.


Add some dangerous chests as well. You open one and you lose 100 stam. You open one and your realm goes dark (require vision to be activated) (I don't know if this would be feasible though :D). You open one and you lose 1000 gold. You open one and your gear gets rusted and needs repairs. Not too harmful and not impractical penalties either, but small scale and varied. And similar small scale gains would also be welcome (random common gear; arena tokens; stam refill of 100, one additional bank deposit for that day, etc.). More such "chance" chests to be found. These would need to be cheaper to open, though. Some can be empty as well for that matter.

#1009526 Double XP Event!

Posted by Edith3000 on 30 June 2023 - 07:35

I consider Dxp as one of the many globals. I don't have a justification of why it should stay for two editions in a year, but I certainly feel there is no need to remove it. I personally enjoy it,


However, as with other globals, it is not possible to altogether skip Dxp (you cannot switch it off). So those who don't want to breeze through several levels in one go, the only option is not to hunt for those four days.

#1009351 Unbearable Lag

Posted by Edith3000 on 14 May 2023 - 03:12

I've been on a break and returned to a worse lag :(

#1009071 Loyalty reward prices (mainly doubler)

Posted by Edith3000 on 03 March 2023 - 09:09

Well said, and I support this. I'd be happy with a gold payment for the pots in the loyalty tab. And yes, increasing the limit of the doubler composed pots is also a good alternative. Either of the two would be most welcome.

#1008908 The new Support system

Posted by Edith3000 on 16 January 2023 - 12:55

Apparently I dodged the new support system by clicking 


Contact our dedicated support team under game help on right panel.


Took me straight to tickets. View existing tickets just to the right  tickets icon

I tried it, and it does take me to the ticket creation page. But I can't see my existing tickets anywhere.


Edit: Nevermind, I found it :D

#1008491 This page isn’t workingwww.fallensword.com is currently unable to handle this...

Posted by Edith3000 on 13 October 2022 - 06:06

I pointed that out some time ago and the only explanation people had that I was misclicking by a teensy margin. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

#1008019 Cut Above The Rest (Level 943 and up)

Posted by Edith3000 on 20 July 2022 - 13:06

The Ultimate Fallen Sword Guide (v1.321) - Provided by Hunted Cow Studios Ltd.


This has everything you need to know about the components and resources. For anyone at level 900 onwards, they should be checking the guide frequently because they may need to carry one component for about 20 odd levels before it comes in use.


@GoHalos, you also find info about how and where to get the said components and resources.


(Edited to add: I just realised that the original post was of 2011  :o :lol: )

#1007697 App Update v.1.0.12!

Posted by Edith3000 on 23 May 2022 - 15:04

Sorry for the late reply, but screenshot attached.

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#1007608 App Update v.1.0.12!

Posted by Edith3000 on 03 May 2022 - 03:44

I can't see new direct messages. There's notification for two new unread messages, but I only see older ones.

#1007592 Is the server down?

Posted by Edith3000 on 30 April 2022 - 15:11

I am at the home page, and when I click on "Already have an account? Click here to login..." I just get a black screen and the page keeps loading.

#1007096 Fallen Sword Update 3.4 Live!

Posted by Edith3000 on 07 March 2022 - 07:06

I can't view the sent messages.

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#1007056 Thieves in the Night items

Posted by Edith3000 on 02 March 2022 - 08:47

Oh well! So here's what I have:


1 x Plagiarized Parchments

3 x Stolen Scepter

2 x Purloined Platemail

1 x Filched Finery

2 x Hijacked Heirloom

1 x Robbed Regalia

#1006943 Fallen Sword Update 3.4 Live!

Posted by Edith3000 on 18 February 2022 - 12:33

Mehteh Snow Fields (Edge) and Ymirheim Mountains (Base) have really poor color contrast. Can either of the colors be darkened slightly for these realms? Also, where the realm design uses a gif (for example Nis Port Center), is there an option in the preferences that those realms appear static?

#1006895 Creature drops

Posted by Edith3000 on 12 February 2022 - 03:31

I am on levels 1010+ and there are levels with no creature drops. There should be some.


The drops are already rare at higher levels, and for even those we need FI and several buffs. Last two hunts, I hardly got 50 odd drops.

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